Sunday, March 3, 2019

My Haji Abdul Rehman Shah Malang Urus Documentary..

posted at You Tube Community

I shot over 70 videos and 3300 images at Haji Malang Urus 2019 . I was there for just 3 days thanks to a room and food given to me without any payment by Hindu Khadim Abhijit Ketkar and support of my friend Sakib Mahimi. Sakib has a hotel and a florist shop at Haji Malang. And Rahim Bhai owner of Titanic Hotel.

I had serious injuries on both my legs I had recently returned from KumbhMela Prayagraj when I climbed the Malangad mountains at 3.5 hours arduous tough climb. So now I am uploading the images I shot on my Cabin DSLR 60 D as a slide show. Images I shot as still are story board by itself.

 Do like and subscribe.. Your love support patronage is the strength and humility of my unique You Tube Channel. This channel is a text book of education. It speaks promotes HinduMuslim Amity Bhaichara.. Peace and Brotherhood.

 It has no commercial appendage or purpose. I have no formal education in videography or editing.. But I am learning. I must once again strongly emphatically


 I am shooting the vast tapestry of diverse Indian Faith Culture Rituals. I am not a spokesperson for the people I shoot not even as an Indian born Shia.

Photographic truth honesty is the essence of my Vision. My family has been multi cultured in their views..

We are Lovers of Humanity. If there was Hussain in Hinduism well than you could call me a Hindu too.

Through the sacrifice of Hussain I learnt how to live and die. Ali Dum Dum Ali Marte Dum

I have respect for your views but I follow the traditions of my parents. I am the product of my upbringing and parentage.

 Though my parents lived in the beginning in the slums of Kurla in the 50 s they paved the way for where we are today. My brothers sisters are all well settled we still have our parents home at Colaba.

And all in all God has been great. He gave us even what we did not ask. Call him by any name He is our Benefactor Provider..