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Friday Is The Weekly Muslim Beggars Day.. When The Devoted Come To Pray

remembering god reverentially
on this auspicious day head bowed
in prayer ..outside muslim beggar
mothers children hands outstretched
life is so unfair a few coins miserly
pockets can spare , though they spend
a bomb on grooming attar and cutting
their hair ..white clothes from the laundry
a modi jacket a skull cap make a nice pair
friday good clothes they wear ..mind you
good footwear , though if it gets stolen
outside the mosque with the choicest
galis at the robbers they swear ..snippets
i share ,shooting muslim beggars with
poetic flair ..muslim beggars will always
be muslim beggars ..a thought that scares
some might just join the ghar wapsi bandwagon
a few hundred thousand rupees goes a long way
its about changing the  family name a new one
rare ..from mohomed shafi to ramchandar bharti
a moment ensnared ..on the other hand ghar ghar islam
is on hold in delhi elections the magic of the chief ministers
chair the loudspeakers blare for kiran bedi
vote for maken vote fo…

Archana ..Was Made A Criminal By An Anti Human Act Called Article 377

Archana is a Hijra who begs at the Traffic Signals of Bandra , first she begged at Turner Road , but than the cops made it tough now she has shifted to the the Pali Road signal.

She was born a man but decided to live as a woman , she prefers men as her companion..and men are her sexyual preference , but if she is caught soliciting she can be locked up.
I was meeting her after a long time and I was in the rickshah where she begs she asked about me my family ,, as I have been a very  good friend of her Guru Laxmi this is not the same high celebrity Laxmi from Thane ..Laxmi is a poor beggar hijra who has been begging at the Turner Road Signal for many years now a devotee of of Lord Tirupati.

I normally don make my hijra pictures public but this an exception.. and is dedicated to my very good friend Nitin Karani..of Humsafar a fighter for human rights and gender issues and their fight against a draconian law Article 377..

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Chapter XVI, Section 377 of …

For Whom The Bells Toll

For Once I Am Lucky That
Ello Does Not Have A Facebook
Wall..No Pokes To Assault ,,No
Notes For Dolts No Likes
Adding More Injury To Wound
With Epsom Salt ,,Yes I Am
Not on Facebook.. Its Marc
Zuckerburgs Fault ,,with money
to last for several generations
in familys Vault ,, this beggar
poet urban brown clown did a
somersault ,,..Control Delete Alt
A Cup of green herbal tea greater
than your MALT ,,, My only Commandment

Not Default

Guru Ghanteshwar Hanuman Temple Khar

Visit the temple .
Make a Wish
If The Wish
Comes True
Place A Bell
At the Guru
your dreams
as wishes
they sell
try it once
what the hell
time will tell

Wish for a wife
wish for a child
wish for a foreign
job.. wish for promotion
wish for Acche Din
wish for Swach Bharat
wish for Ab ki Bar
Hanuman ji ka pyar
wish for Delhi
the country's
 political underbelly
Kaun Banega ,,CM
Bedi Kejriwal Maken
plot gets smelly
Jo jeeta woh sikandar
nikalega rally ,,,kal ka dost
aj ka dushman be wary
dont ever be over pally

Bandra is the only drug addict friendly suburb of Mumbai..

the cops see them but turn the other way
simply because like other criminals drug addicts
do not pay ,, no hafta in simple common mans
language they say..why are the criminals not
scared of our cops snatching bags from ministers
wife of the ruling party daring defiance i must say
every mornings paper has a new crime on display
a builder shot , a van escapes with loot ,these are
not incidents every evil act attack the soul
of mumbai ,, as she weeps as always .. rape of children
molestation eve teasing , fake police more original than
the actual cops the fabric of peace hope humanity all
frayed , riots , hindu muslim animosity no healing hand
to give succor hate everywhere ,,everybody all the
prime ministers men busy with Swach Bharat , the real
garbage of crime criminals no brooms to drive the away

acche din ka intezar ,, ab ki bar has taken a lot of time
for good law order management .. good governance
to the god almighty we pray ,,,je suis Mumbaikar  in pain
seeing the sce…