Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Evening With Coach Surendra Pawar

I had come to meet Mr Tushar Aphale he stays at Bandra Reclamation and heads the MNS Shakha at Bandra we have been friends for a very long time his erstwhile wife a educationist has played tennis under my Coach.
I came for some work and to inform him about the recent robbery of the tennis nets balls and other stuff from the room near the tennis courts by some unknown people ..ever since the grounds were taken over from the MET by the Municipality there is chaos as the Municipality is clueless about garden park management there are no security guards. Property is destroyed outsiders pass lewd remarks at women walkers open abuse by those who come to play football and cricket .
But the man who suffers the most is Coach Surendra Pawar on holidays ruffians enter the court break the tennis poles play football destroy the tennis ground .
I was there last evening and saw kids playing football in the next court ..Coach told me if you try to talk to them they use threatening gestures and use abusive language .
So for the safety of his instructors and tennis wards he keeps quiet ..he has spoken to Mr Sudesh Dubey Shaka Pramukh Shiv Sena and is waiting for some constructive help.
In the evenings Coach Surendra Pawar teaches kids as old as 2 and there are a few kids very talented who are poor Coach hardly charges them .
For the kids he supplies the racquets too.
So when I asked a grandparent Mr Damji to take my picture with his talented grandson Drash ...but Drash ran away as he could not recognize me with my bald head ..
There are some great kids playing tennis here and joining them on the court were some mothers too.
I am thankful to my tennis coach for giving me a new lease on life ..I was never a sports person all these 60 years never played cricket football never flew a kite no hockey no nothing.
And now I play rigorous tennis with a permanently damaged right hand ..sometimes as I cannot grip the raquet it flies off my right hand .
My granddaughters have their exams or they too came to play tennis and Coach would let them play without taking a dime from me .
Last night I slept without taking my dinner I am suffering from acute diarrhea and waiting for my stool culture report to find out what ails me most probably my new diabetic medications under Dr Shashank
Joshi I think I take them three times a day .
So with a blurred picture I give you the story of my blurred life .I was at Bandra Talao area yesterday had gone for some work but stayed away from the ear cleaners and the pigeons .
Happy Morning from Bandra .

The Tenniwalas of Coach Surendra Pawar

We are blessed to have a brilliant tennis coach and those who have been bitten by the tennis bug can be found here at the tennis courts Bandra Reclamation Municipal Grounds .
The early morning session has the hardcore veterans and seniors young Diyaan Chheda plays with the seniors .
The next batch at 7.45 am includes the incorrigible amateurs like me ..playing this end of the court is fun we get to learn every day as Coach Pawar takes over from the innstructors Darshan Bendal Rohan Pawar andMangesh Dhotre. All three leave no stone unturned to teach us .
I will be completing an year at the tennis court a year of great physical activity my life all these years was couch potato like and sedentary.
There are some great people in my batch Manoj Ailani his friends the Bhatias ...there is young Aryan Bele best player and Arnab Daryani.
Mrs Manisha Narke Amma who brings us the best .Dr Tanmay he is an ace hardhitter ..Dr Rajani his wife and two daughters .Rima she is playing very well than there is my good friend Fabian Namory he plays on both sides of the court pro and amateur .
Besides these are the ball pickers doing a great job Praful Maneesh and Michael .
Sanket Kamble helps out on the other court with Razak Khan the most dynamic prolific player along with all rounder Ahmed Khan .
But I should not miss out Vish Sawant the tennis hero of our court who teaches the kids in the evenings with Coach Surendra Pawar .
The two senior who play like young studs are Jeet Chugani and Mr Shekhar .
Deepak Chheda and Naresh Gupta and Tiger Prakash H Gadiya are the others in the early morning group with Varun who make up the excitement level at our tennis court
There is Manishas husband Amit Narke .
There are many others mind you but this post is more about our Coach our team work and our super mornings .
Incase I missed out any name forgive me .
We certainly miss Rana Jaideep Rastogi the captain of our tennis ship .
There is an actor Anand who plays Sitas father in a Tele serial.
So if any of you guys girls want to join our team don't hesitate I will connect you with Coach Surendra Pawar till you are learning he gives the racquets too his fees are the lowest but you have to pay for 3 months in advance fair enough .
So see you all on the tennis courts ..
Happy Morning Jai Maharashtra Amchi Tennis Amchi Mumbai.
If you want your kids grandkids to learn tennis there are a few batches in the evenings..
You can also contact his son Sahil Pawar a tennis dude dude .

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