Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How To Manage Your YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube channel in 2008 I had just two videos I did not know how to shoot videos I swore by still photography ..I did not want to change ..I had changed from analogue to Digital.

My wife cribs as I still have my slides negs prints etc.. I have no heart to throw them out

I was inspired by video shooting watching my friends Fo Paris and Boaz Rottem who were documenting Moharam Ashura in Hyderabad with me 2012 I think..

The person who tutored me into videos was this whizkid Assad Dadan..he gave me tips .

The first thing I did was add Window Movie Maker and began making slideshows of my archives that were stored on my DVDS a huge Himalayan task I bought a DVD recorder and began uploading my finished work to Youtube ,

I did not know video editing I shot my videos mostly on my cell phone .

I first made playlists ..Shiasm Sufism Hope Hindutva than sub sets Naga Sadhus Malangs Khamakhya Street Photograpy.. my Garbage series of Bandra ..Muslim Beggars Hijras ..

As my videos were sensitive blood curdling I shut my Comment Box choked it as I cannot handle trolls mostly rabid Muslims who abused me for Shia Sufi videos calling it heresy bidat ..A healthy comment would have been fine but what they unleashed was bad words ugly language

I was certainly not a Muslim like them I was a photographer a documentarist amateur hobbyist showcasing diverse Faith Rituals Traditions of India
I was not a Muslim Shia or Sufi channel I posted mostly Hindu stuff that also got on their goats I dressed as a Hindu..and I told my late Naga Guru if I was not circumsized I would take off my clothes and take the dip in the Sangam.. So I had to moderate my dress code and my thoughts with the Naga Sadhus .

Well it was Assad who told me to use Cards I did than got tired but I liked End Screen Annotations I used the template for 2 videos and one subscriber ..this helped a lot .

My YouTube was linked to Twitter and Google +

I was given 2 penalty strikes one a Naga video shot at Kamakhya in 2016 and a Hijra video without nudity or exual intimacy .

So I age restricted most of my naked Naga Sadhu videos of Ling Kriya penile yoga and a few of my Hjra videos .

I age restricted videos of my Kama Mata during Moharam..and even vides of children doing Kama Matam.

I strictly follow YouTube dos and donts terms and regulations .

I had earlier deleted content I posted on YouTube Community tab for targeted harassment abuse and trolling ,,

I have given the community tab another chance ..not easy I moderate the comments and there are more vicious trolls on Youtube than Twitter

Recently Assad came home gave me another tip using 3 hashtags in the body post of my video description ,, so I began doing that and it is tough I have over 4220 videos ,,at the same time I am also reviewing my old videos adding tags changing titles .

I am not crazy about subscribers I follow just a handful.

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But I must shoot a video ...it has become more important than my photography ,I hardly use my DSLR unless it is photo shooting a religious feast or big event ,,

I dont have money or resources to join a editing school..

And luckily shooting Aghoris my new documentary I have no issues of nudity ..LOL

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