Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ya Ali Madad

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Main kiyon na kahoon sada YA ALI MADAD
Khaibar main jab nabee ne keha YA ALI MADAD
Zanjeer e mushkilaat ki sab kat ke gir gayee
Jaise hee mere dil ne keha YA ALI MADAD
Biddat nahin hai, sunnat e paighmbaree hai yeh
Hai kaamyabiyoon ka sila YA ALI MADAD

Bemarziye khuda jo kabhee, bolta nahin
Wallah usne dee hai sada, YA ALI MADAD
Kaampe qadam jo mere rahe mustaqeem per
Kano main mere aayee nida YA ALI MADAD

Rizwaan qudseeyon ne sahaara diya mujhe
Maine jo ladkhada ke keha YA ALI MADAD
Hotee hai jane kis liyae takleef aapko
Kehte hain jab bhee Ahle Aza YA ALI MADAD
Iss vaaste woh lete nahin hain ali ka naam
Kehte hain sirf ahleaza YA ALI MADAD

Daaman tera shikast na chodengee umer bhar
Toone jo ab na kaha YA ALI MADAD
Haider ne dali jab dare khaiber main ungliyaan
Charoon taraf se shoor utha YA ALI MADAD
Tareekh e khaibaree main ab tak likha hua
Her darde la dawa ki dawa YA ALI MADAD

40 din ka tajer who khaiber main dekh ker
ab tak na aaya lab pe zara YA ALI MADAD
Parcham khuda ka haath main aur dam ba dam shikast
toone na keha shaire khuda YA ALI MADAD
Rahmat hai doostoon ke liyae murteza ka naam
dushman ke vaaste hai saza YA ALI MADAD

Asgher ko le ke gaoad main jis dam chale husain
banoo ne dil hee dil main keha YA ALI MADAD
Usko bhi khuld main le jaoonga taqqee
mere kafan pe jisne likha YA ALI MADAD
Munkir nakeer teraa bigadein ge kya taqee
saare kafan pe hoga likha YA ALI MADAD

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The New Photographer No 1 - Nerjis Asif Shakir

When I Come Home From Work..

She is 5 month old ..second child of my eldest son Asif Shakir, she was born on the same day as her father , so her father spends a lot of time with her , but yes Marziya Shakir is the beacon of our family.. Zaira Saif Shakir is very tiny daughter of my youngest son Saif Shakir..but very perceptive and attached to her dad.,..

Nerjis Asif Shakir and this old man share a unique bond simply because we are both Malangs .. we read communicate through our eyes and invariably through the the soul of silence and the camera.

Nerjis Asif Shakir might like toys but the camera is what fascinates her completely she wont let go the camera strap , she know the shutter button...and she anticipates my shots gives the right response ..

When I return from work and if she is asleep than I let go but in the evenings she waits for me excitedly , and last night I was to go for a Moharam juloos I was in very bad shape, I thought a cup of black tea might revive me but it made me more tired my legs and my shoes and the long standing hours at my new workspace ..

I shoot Nerjis Asif Shakir but know when to stop.. and this grand child does not have the liberty that Marziya had.. daughter in law does not want her taking liking to cats dogs and goats ..

So I have yet to take my grand child down to the streets show her my world that will soon be her world her father works on the laptop she knows the cyber savvy world .. sitting in his laps..

Nerjis Asif Shakir wants to walk.. straightaway.. I dont think she will ever crawl...and she loves my jewelry that hangs on a wall in the corridor she loves turbans .. and will stare at it mesmerized bowled over for hours.

And in the mornings I hop to get a glimpse of her face but I have to rush to work.. so this cosmic relationship keeps my body soul alive her presence nurtures my flagging tired restless spirit.

i sold my soul to keep my body alive

the death of a malang...

the death of a malang...

if i did not blog I would die in my sleep

its another thing that i do not sleep

indians love blowing their nose in public

they love digging
their nose a few great
indian tricks
squeezing their balls
a thought that makes
others sick
you cant build a wall
without a brick
indians born
love eave teasing
chicks roadside
romeos at street corners
take their pick
spare the child
spoil the stick
god gave man brains
but accidentally
they got lodged
in the head
of his prick
the soul of mankind
he gets his kick

khuda bhi aasmaan se jab zameen par dekhta hoga

mere bandra ko kisne bigada sochta hoga