Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dam Madar Malangs

Dam Madar Malang Of Mumbai

Marc Malang .. My Malang Brother

Endangered Specie - Girl Child Of India

God Save The Girl Child...

Eye Ball Piercing Rafaee

Eye Ball Piercing Rafaee

The Malang From Karnataka

Masoom Ali Baba Rafaee

The Malangs From Karnataka

The Malangs Of India

The Eye Ball Piercing Rafaee

The Eye Ball Piercing Rafaee

Prof PKM Pillai Shot By Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

Prof PKM Pillai Shot By Marziya Shakir 5 Year Old

I met Mr PKM Pillai father of Madhvan Pillai editor Better Photography at Bandra Bazar Road , so I invited him home to meet Marziya Shakir and my other two grand daughters Nerjis and Zinnia .

There was a photo session at home , Mr Pillai shot my grand children , and Marziya Shakir shot Mr Pillai ...

Mr Pillai is a doyen of photography.. he is teaching kids at NCPA Piramal Gallery .. if you are interested call .. Mr Mukesh Parpiani curator .. or email him
Mukesh Parpiani.

We Are Not Born Equal

The Fakirs Of Ajmer

The Lion of Ajmer Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No 6

The Blessings Of Syed Masoom Ali Madari Asqan

Firoze Shakir Masoomi Madari Asqan...

Syed Masoom Ali Madari Asqan...

Syed Masoom Ali Madari Asqan...

Syed Masoom Ali Madari Asqan...

Syed Masoom Ali Madari Asqan...

Head of the Dam Madar Malangs , a very austere simple man.

I can not stop shooting his myriad moods , he is a spiritual holistic healer , very close to the poor , the needy the hopeless.

He touches everyone with a positive spark of life.

The Muslim Breathes Freely In India

The Young Waiters At Tea Stall In Ajmer

Hassan Ganda Rafaee

Hassan Ganda Rafaee

The Muslim Man And The Lurking Police

Mast Malang Ali Haq Ali Haq Ali Haq

Sayed Masoom Ali Shah Baba Malang Madari Asqan

The Bawas of Ajmer

The Dam Madar Malang

The Muslim Man Is Endangered Specie ...

Sufi Scholar

We Beg With Bleeding Hands Broken Legs

Begging Bawas of Ajmer

To Beg Or Not To Beg Feeble Hands Trembling Legs

We Were Born Thirsty

The Malang

Muslim Beggars God Forgot

to his creation
i solemnly shot
on the streets
where they live
dry and rot
like water
through 'an
earthen pot
night and day
humid and hot
on the soul
of humanity
a painful blot
broken wings
battered hope
part of a
cosmic plot
as an image
in a net
i caught

Enslaved Depraved World Of Human Beings

from morning
to night
a hundred
he dies
why was
i born
oh god
he cries
a river
of life
that runs
dry beneath
mans feet
his future
lies .. molten
fear frozen eyes

Ajmer From Taragadh

I climbed barefeet to shoot this , and on this path ahead are the most pathetic beggars with monstrous self inflicted burns wounds ... a journey into pain endless pain.

This World Is A Reflection Of Endless Unending Pain

The Beggar Bawas Of Tragadh

Dam Madar Malang

The Bawas Of Taragadh

The Mystical World Of Bawas

Shooting The World of Rafais At Ajmer

Shooting The World Of Malangs Rafais And Naga Sadhus