Thursday, October 16, 2014

Samsung Technician Takes Rs 225 Service Charge Without Checking My LCD TV

We will never buy a Samsung Product  nor accept it even if it is given to us Free .. There was a problem with our Samsung LCD TV the guy said we had to change the speakers and we did that after paying Rs 734  Invoice number 121761 dtd 28 April 2014 and now again the  new speakers are giving us trouble ,,after barely 5 months .
We contacted Samsung they sent a technician without checking the TV he says I think the Motherboard is gone and you will have to replace by paying Rs 5000 ,,he took a service charge for visiting our house Rs 225. today.
We have had a Toshiba Tv that lasted us over 20 years without failing us and this Samsung Tv has been giving us problem from the day we bought it ,,
Model No LA 22C350DIMXL
SERIAL NO 1783ZNZ800868N
Technician Abbas 188B

We are totally dissatisfied with Samsung Customer Care attitude insensitivity .. and they have no respect for their clients .. they just want to make money at all costs and that is why in my Family we will never ever use a Samsung Mobile phone too..

Firoze Shakir International Blogger Photographer
Mumbai 15 October 2014

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