Monday, June 8, 2015

The Open Gutter Since 5 Days At Bandra Bazar Road Opp Highland Court C

The Open Gutter Since 5 Days At Bandra Bazar Road Opp Highland Court C

I Walk 8 km at MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation

Yesterday I managed to talk to a lady at MET Gardens Bandra Reclamation..she comes in at the same time as I do.. and she jogs non stop for an hour .. so I added some courage and congratulated her I told her she inspired me too, and I am sure she must be inspiring the kids who see her drenched ..without the rains ,, Her name is Parinita ,, she does about 8 km like me ,, I walk she jogs ,,she must be in her 30s I am in my 60s ,,I began walking from 10 Feb 2015 .. and managed not to break the rhythm ,,I shall now leave ,, I use the Runner App.. I shoot pics near my house I also search for people to video shoot ,, add their stories to the story of my life ,,
There are other walkers to Col Sahbiz Singh Judge who has done 23 encounters with terrorists in Kashmir , retired now he trains elitist commandos and cops , there is Prakash Gadiya who greets Happy Morning to everyone ,, he plays badminton,, and than walks ,, he is a positive cool dude he distributes Rs 10 to all the watchmen in the park,,, than there is Milind Pitle an ex medicine scientist , Santosh Singh, Subhash Singh that I usually walk with ,, there is a group of Marathi ladies that chatter like sparrows lyrically , sharing recipes and snacks too I love hearing their chatter , there is a kid that comes with squeaky shoes with his mother , she dresses him up like a girl I get confused ,,there are many stories sub stories happening around me ,,The watchmen like me ,, I greet them with Hari Om..
Mr Chadrashekar Rao the wheat grass juice seller has gone missing,, adjacent to where I walk the other Municipal Park you can see guys smoking hash every morning cursing the weather cursing the beef ban cursing the politicians cursing the cops ,,and they are all Miyas ,,misplaced Miyas .. lost in time and space ,,
I used to work out at that park but I discontinued because of the pain and stones in my gall bladder .. and I am blogging this directly at Facebook,, My morning Utara..
So I will leave now ,,the picture of the MET Grounds where I walk,, sometimes I think in his brand new keds , starched white shorts , crispy tshirt the ghost of Mr Chaggan Bhujbal also walks behind me ,,and Mr Mukesh Parpiani is smiling .. he has a great equation with Bhujbal Sab.. the MET property belongs to Mr Bhujbal he got it for peanuts they say,, and the bhaiyya who sells peanuts for last 60 years at Bandra is still selling peanuts ..
And honestly dear Merck D'Silva all the foundations that you showcase have they ever done anything for the poor kids , every event of theirs is directed to the celebrity circle ,,and I am a Bandraite like you .. I would die a million deaths ever shooting their event I d rather shoot beggars .. Take Care Nothing Personal.The same people you showcase are the ones who come to bludgeon your Crosses and your East Indian Heritage ,,,Nobody knows that better than me..Live Let Live ..but first dear politicians learn to Forgive ,,,

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