Friday, January 16, 2015

I Moderate My Art So It Does Not Hurt Others

or unintentionally
deliberately or
what is important
peace among brothers
art as freedom of speech
should not malign be
hateful a thought that
self introspects bothers

In the Beginning In India God Was With The Poor People Now He Changed Sides He Is God Of The Rich Only

I Was Inspired To Street Photography Shooting This Milk Selling Lady of Kamatipura

We Were The Only Two Strange Aliens At The Kamatipura Flea Market

There is an open ground , that the Vagri community uses as a meeting place , to sell the goods they have collected from homes , all kinds of items from old Parsi homes , from old bungalows  ..and rare paintings antiques books old jewelry old time teak furniture , cradles beds bookshelves and even rocking chairs .at Kamatipura close to 12 th Road,

And both Vinod Om a Yoga teacher and I were hooked to this market , Vinod bought old books etc that he gave to poor kids including old clothes .

I bought stuff for my film work, mainly accessories , boks and I was fucked neck deep into old cameras , I came here by cab every morning and from this early morning flea market I walked barefeet to Chor Bazar .

I came home by cab and carried a lot of junk with me that freaked my old lady , stuff she would never touch with a bargepole , I did not buy items for resale mainly for my collection .. And in the end when I got hit by space crunch , and bad times I gave away 275 old cameras for Rs 17000 to a dealer .

I gave away some rare books I still have some old books about 75 years old or more with me ..and mostly poetry and classics .

I bought some rare silver stuff , a Muscat dagger that I wear on my arm, weird silver studded belts ..  old shawls and everything that I liked and impulsively bought ,

I have stopped going to both these markets its been over  5 years or more .. but I would like to revisit the place for kicks . , maybe tomorrow I dont know catch up with old friends ..

I know so many of them and shoot pictures portraits etc

But I promised myself I wont buy anything  No I wont ,,

He Is A Hindu And I Am A Muslim Does It Matter

Street Portraiture ,,, Should Be Human Not Caricature ..

within the soul
of your shooting
lens you capture
his humility his
humanity his
spiritual stature
his inner angst
his dreams his
love for nature
as you shoot
as your learn
unlearn as you
mature ..

photography is a healing medium
against the disease of boredom
the only cure ,, you may die but
your images endure . for sure

beyond the circle of confusion
you etched on time and space
your signature .. of a thought
pristine and pure .. with hope
cinematic allure ..

You created a world full of Charlies what next ,,

A Few Sanctimonious Muslims get angry upset , when they see Shia men kids cutting their heads , so they file a case against our 1400 year old rituals our blood that we use as a protest instead of text .

We do not ask you to beat your chest , or cut your children s head is no part of your ideology or your temperament we know it is not our rituals but it is us that you know the rest ..

What beats me as a man who respects all religion culture is that you keep silent when kids are gunned down in Peshawar or 200  girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, the genocide of the Yezdis Shias by the ISIS ,,you are certainly not vocal enough ..or is it not part of your human interest .

You watch innocent people killed , beheaded , but you shut your conscience your instead blame Israel US and the West.. but the Taliban murderers misplaced Jehadi martyrs ,,suicide bombers you place on a try to silence the
freedom of the press ..

You created a world full of Charlies what next ,,