Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Blog So I Am

No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.
Ansel Adams

This Lady Is So Scared That I Dont Blame Her Anymore

I Dont Think Mumbai Is In Our Hands Anymore

End Of My Shoot -Dabbawalas Of Bandra Station

Pati Patni Kitchen Office .. Aur Time Bound Dabbawala

Bhai Saab Apka Khana Ham Time Par Pahunchate Hain..

The Dabbawalas of Bandra Station

Hassan S Ali best organised business model which serves thousand of office workers in Bombay - wish our Govt can learn from them to improve efficiency - Salute to them

The Dabbawalas of Bandra Station

The Passion And The Pathos Of The Dabbawalas of Mumbai

He Stoops To Conquer

The Body Language of The Dabbawala Is Service Before Self

If You Use Your Camera On The Right Things .. You Cant Go Wrong

I Try To Make a Mountain of a Molehill Through Street Pictures

The Dabbawala Handles Food Like You Handle Your Little Baby

Food For Thought At Your Office The Dabbawala Bought

Dane Dane Pe Likha Hai Khilanewale Ka Nam Allah Eshwar Jai Shree Ram

One Day When You Have Time Sit With Your Dabbawala And Ask Him If He Has Had His Food .. No Dont Share Your Food With Him

Can You Imagine The Pain of The Dabbawala When The Cycle Breaks Down

I Had Come To The Shastri Nagar Slums When I Shot All This

The tailor who works for me has just got his workshop in the slums at Shastri Nagar , he had his older one close to my house at Bandra Reclamation , his landlord was a crook one day the electric bill came to an outrageous amount , the landlord said dont worry he would have it sorted out with the touts but nothing happened and so the tailor lost his deposit and is now in a dump at Shastri Nagar the ugliest tenement on the Bandra Rail tracks once all this adjoining area was the Bandra abbatoir.

And he is a good man from Bihar and has his family at Bandra East slums ,,his workmansip is out of the world all my breeches are made by him..I make stuff from him without trial he is so good .. so for a migrant is a very tough job of survival.

With the price rise all rents in Bandra west are exorbitant and when slums burn down for the workshop , job workers it is impossible to survive.

Most of the embroidery workshops , tailoring workshops are in the slums predominantly Muslims and these are jobs only they can when politicians divide society they should see that their own people learn these jobs before driving the migrant force out or create an infrastructure of peace and mutual coexistence.

And women are safe in the slums at Bandra well protected , unlike Delhi where anyone picks a woman rapes her and throws her out of a moving car or bus after their friends too have pleasured her this is India Shining and crime in uncontrollable the cops catching young kids and artists against sedition and letting habitual offenders go scott free.

If you have a good defense lawyer good money than committing a crime is a childs play our lady justice with a cloth blindfold is tired holding the scales from time immemorial.. under trials sent to jails coming out as hardened criminals our system is to punish but not too correct,,

Even if you cut off a mans penis he will still fuck a woman with his evil mind .. Catch 22

People Complain There Is Nothing To Shoot In Mumbai I Prove Them Wrong

I am a street photographer I shoot the people a way of life on the streets , I accessorize my street photography with garbage dumps , sleeping dogs clothesline and street architecture ..

I shot sitting next to the cab driver the demolished silence of the slums at Dagdi Chawl.. barren walls and a few tents the homeless coming to terms ..I have shot the slums and when they get burnt it is a crazy situation of life and death for the tenant living in a loft in a shanty in the slums .. he loses his belongings hiss deposit everything the landlord refuses to pay him as he himself has lost everything ..Most of the people I get my work done live in the slums so I know their lives I always carry fruits excess food for their children,, they wait for me .

I miss my old days I visited Chor Bazar picked up old sarees for the hijras begging on the roads , copy books pencils etc for the slum kids ..and perhaps it is all this that has kept me in good stead this is my spirituality I would not want to pigeonholed with racists bigots .. and over sanctimonious blowing their trumpets day in day out on Facebook Twitter and other social networking sites ..I could not do justice to religiosity if it robbed me of my humanity or forced me to hate other religions I refuse to believe in a God that wants us to kill other ethnicity I would rather be a heretic I am what I am as fragmented as I am in faith and my beliefs centered around Hussain and Humanity .

I cannot shoot Moharam of majlis sozkhani , my Moharam is of rivers of blood our universal protest against oppression and tyranny ..and sometimes it can be within our own self too.. when the flesh tyrannizes the soul or vice versa.

The Dabbawala Has Always Inspired Me To Work And Deliver

I shoot the dabbawala and imbibe most of his qualities in my own work, his silence , his patience and his respect for commitment timing against all odds without excuse.

And whenever I meet him I talk to him ask him about life and honestly he never complains.. I do.

I have had one of the most strenuous days yesterday , my feet are in bad shape so I finally bought myself a pair of cloth shoes..though I love walking barefeet.. I was at Pydhonie than took a cab to CP tank with my wife , made her hang outside , as she was wears the hijab and entered Madhav Bagh I was searching for some accessories..for a film and could not believe a world within Madhav Bagh a unique temple complex but yet could not find a locket of Ma Vaishnodevi.. I am now getting it from a friend in Surat... I could not find it at Mumbadevi too a few days back.

So when I reached home I was in bad shape for dinner had boiled vegetables ,wife oiled my swollen feet I hit the sack,,,

I just got up now ..and I have to go back to town again this morning ..and I have to leave Mumbai for Chehlum I am not sure where I will be but certainly away from Mumbai come what may.

Dabbawalas Of Bandra Station..

Habib Nasser Is A Devout Shia Only The Shias Dont Know It

love to malign shias
insult humiliate
their near and dear
though we are
born from the same
bowl of ghame
hussain a bowl
of tears ..a mother
our wails she hears
to the rest of the world
we shut our ears
as the soul gets
immune to
all the spears
the jarring

Dabbwalas Of Bandra Station

Dabbawalas .. The Pride Of Amchi Mumbai

The humble , down to earth , Dabbawala , polite courteous and endearing to all.. his work serving society , the office goer the school kid all get their tiffin delivered on time come what may.

I have been shooting the Dabbawalas for many years now and my pictures are tribute to their profession , their selfless service.

Most of the dabbawalas in Mumbai know me and dont take offense to my shooting them..

I have also shot the Dabbawalas protesting against scams corruption at Azad Maidan supporting Anna Hazare .. this was the first time I shot so many dabbawalas at one place .

Dabbawalas of Mumbai is a set at my Flickr photostream.