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Christians In Mumbai Form Human Chain On 14 March

This evening I was invited by my friends at the Catholic Sabha and my godfather Fr Juan to come and join them at Bandra SV Road .. to take part in the human chain  6pm to 6.15 pm.. This chain began at Churchgate till  Dahisar and Thane I shot the Bandra segment .

And I have always stood by the Christian community during their silent protest for the Demolitions of Crosses and Shrines and its time we stand united against oppression..and the oppressed are always the minorities .

The desecration of Churches in Delhi , the insulting remarks against Mother Theresa the Beef Ban without giving time to the butchers to get rid of their stocks or getting them alternative employment and here my heart goes out to the poor daily wage worker the butcher at the Beef Shops .

then they came for the Jews, And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew... When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.
Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller
 (14 January 1892 – 6 March 1984)

Some Jesus Q…

Maharashtra Government Is Protecting The Cow But When Will You Start Protecting 5 Year Old Girls Getting Raped


When I come back from my walks I say Hi to Catherine , chat with her for sometime and take her pictures on my mobile phone .

There is something about her face , her loneliness and her love for her cats that touches me as a photographer and as a poet .

And I used to see her earlier too but I hardly talked to her , but the walks have changed me I talk to people find out what makes them tick..

Once when Catherine was in good health she fed the stray cats at Bandra Bazar Road ,now bed ridden unable to walk she sits on this chair and watches the world from afar .

She sleeps outside her house on the chair instead of the comforts of her bed in her house , she does not get sleep in the house she tells me.

And do people in Mumbai care for the aged , I dont think so Mumbaikars are far too selfish by nature , they hate complications stay away from people ..I can imagine her joy if someone bought her a hot soup,,,someone from her building but her closest neighbor is a washing woman dhobis.

I giv…

Killing The Cow With Garbage Is Worse Than Slaughter

Protection Of Cow Has Been More Successful Than The Protection Of Women In India

Bhains Ki Vyamshala ..Beef Ban Ke Bad No Chara Ghotala

Today Is The Hungry Ragpickers Feast Day

He is searching for food among the plates thrown in the garbage  at Bandra Bazar Road and hunger can  make a man into an animal..he had hidden his face as he ate the left overs .. and the ragpicker even this guy is a drugaddict , I had shot him at Bandra Reclamation he is a migrant from Odisha.

Of late I have been shooting garbage sites as art form and the ragpickers the foot soldiers of Modijis Swach Bharat and perhaps they do a better job in keeping our Bandra  clean than Bandra Municipality ...whatever there shortcomings or their habits ,they scavenge the garbage sites and the dirty street corners of Bandra .

Cattle After The Beef Ban

shed tears on the soul
of the Indian butcher
now made a jobless
man-politics is about
vote bank appeasing
 the Hindus at the cost
of the Muslim man..
surely this was not part
of progress development
plan..5 years jail Rs 10000
fine for eating beef ,,,from
the fire into the saucepan