Friday, October 11, 2013

Why I Hate Posting Pictures At Facebook..

My bakra eid picture was reported for Graphic Violence ..and I posted it among Friends ,, the person that has issues with my blood related pictures Bakra Eid or Moharam should remove himself from my friends list ,,, I have no issue and as a photo journalist blogger I dont post or shoot porn.. or promote hate or intentionally or unintentionally try to hurt anyone . I follow Facebook guidelines ,,,that is why I hate posting pictures at Facebook ,, it does not have the fine tuning controls like Google

I also honestly hate adding people I dont know ..whether from my community or mutual friend it is not necessary you like what I shoot ,,,
I type with one finger so I have removed most of the people from my News Feed barring a few very old Flickr friends and those I know personally ,,

It was because of all this I deactivated my Facebook account twice ,,,guys here some of them are bigoted , narrow minded and totally immature ,, I am not into politics porn or promoting graphic violence .. sacrifice is part of our creed , we bleed as Shias is part of our creed .. piercing cheeks etc is part of the Marriammen creed now I have told you what I feel about Facebook It Sucks from Asshole To Eternity ,,, I deleted all my bakra slaughter pictures to keep an asshole among my friends list happy..

Firoze Shakir
11 October 2013

She Will Be Waiting There After The Namaz On Bakra Eid

her life
to enslaved
held captive
till death sets
her free from
is not part
of the decree
expensive goats
cattle dumbas
will be slaughtered
a feast now turned
to pomp show
big money,..
for all to
see ..
no sorry
no bakras
for the orphanage
widows home
only the left over
skin given
i shoot today
another eid
that others
will shoot

she waits
in a corner
year after
year under
the same

Bakras, Kurbani ,Street Life Before and On Bakra Idd 2009

The Story of the Injured BakraThe Story of the Injured BakraLife Is Nothing But Body PartsOn Death RowBecause Muslim Kids Cant Keep Dogs As Pet They Get Attached To The Sacrificial Goat ,,,The Bakra Has The Last Laugh...
Before Bakra IddBefore Bakra IddRs 45000 For 2 BakrasRs 45000 For 2 BakrasMarziya Shakir Loved Jimba DearlyMarziya Shakir and Sweet Memories of Jimba The Friendly Goat
Marziya Shakir  and Jimba The Friendly GoatThis is How Much Jimba Loved Marziya ShakirMarziya Shakir and Jimba The GoatMarziya Shakir Was Born To Street PhotographyMarziya Shakir and Jimba The GoatThe Street Photographer of Bandra Marziya Shakir
Before Bakra IddBefore Bakra IddBefore Bakra IddBefore Bakra IddBefore Bakra IddBefore Bakra Idd

Man Woman And God

we have come a long way through thick and thin..when god created man - he created his first sin..when he accidentally created woman he sent us all on a god is glum the devil grins ..

poetry of life
poetry of death
on a scale like
twins always
lose even when
you win,, beauty
is nothing a layer
of illusions feasting
on the last
breathe fuck death
as i turn in

dedicated to fred and roland

Nerjis Asif Shakir Street Photographer From Bandra

My Friend Mohamed Bhais Flowerhorns

These are pictures I shot of a Flowerhorn at my friend Mohammed Sajjad Aquarium shop at Kurla East,, he has one of the best collection and all his stuff is hand picked by him from Bangkok,,he has the best range of flowerhorns for the beginner and the professional hobbyist..

Mohammed Bhai is a very straight forward person , I have not been lucky with flowerhorns , somehow they dont survive in my tank .. though I am making another last attempt ..I bought a short body and a baby flowerhorn ..I washed my tank with potassium put hypo and kitchen salt.. in a partitioned tank ,,

I am doing this for Marziya my 6 year old grand daughter and Nerjis and Zinnia my other grand daughter both 2 years both love fish.. Nerjis can spot name black ghosts , suckers , ottocinclus and other fishes ..

Marziya has 2 cages of Java finches all colrs..

Happy Birthday Mukul Ji..

Khuda Gawah Hai Ke Mohabaat Ap Se Dil O Jan Se Thi..
Kal Aur Aj Bhi ...Ap Ki Birthday Par Is Garib Ki Shradanjali
Ap ka Sarah Parivar Sada Khush Rahe ,,,Mere Pyare Bhaiji

Welcome To Kurla East

living a life
before they
came accidentally
to this planet
they were deceived
totally peeved
misplaced hopes
fate bereaved
waiting anxiously
in the departure
lounge of life
from this transitory
state of inertia
to immediately
leave ...a poetic
pain of elusive
i believe

Bhag Dada Bhag

main gusse
ka rag.
tere kanon
se nikle gi
ag ,,
bhul bhulaiya
ban jayega
tera dimag..
aga mir
dedi jaldi
ishq ke
tere dil
pe dag..
rani bag

Welcome To Kurla East ,,,,,

kurla east
people piddling
as a lady passes by
not bothered in
the least..the dirtiest
filthiest railway property
backtracking a picture
i put together pieced

the beauty and the beast
do what you want to do
lethargic railway - useless
railway police ..
welcome dengue other disease
a little ahead the sounds
of garba .. navratri feast

I Was Born Crazy ,, It Is An Accident Of My Cosmic Birth

i took
an oath
i shall
a religion
of peace
wear black
clothes .
i loathe
i stay away
from controversy
diatribe that wont
ever add to my
inner growth

my god
does not
live in
please note
he lives among
the persecuted
oppressed homeless
beggars with whom
he emotes god
god of the poor
his life devotes
my metaphoric
assumption poetic
personal both
it is this god of
the people for
the people by
the people i