Monday, August 3, 2015

The Mumbai Sky

with libidinous clouds
arousing a sense of
desire well endowed
seminal showers
bursting out ..
squirting splurting
from a cosmic spout
sensually slithering'
from within without

Fucked Friendship Day

Today was the most fucked day called Friendship Day I kept away from peoples updates as Mr Rishi Kapoor said on Twitter , this day is nothing but merchandising a product.. my friends know me I know them I dont need to reassure my bonding with them on one day ,, called Fucked Friendship Day ,,

The Dabbawalas

Over the years since I began dabbling in street and people photography , I decided to shoot the Dabbawalas and I would stalk them find them and I also went to NM Joshi Marg to shoot them .
I shot the largest number of Dabbbawalas at Azad Maidan supporting Anna Hazare ,, India Against Corruption , so most of the Dabbawalas even those in Bandra know me very well.
These are my latest Dabbawala pictures ',,,they all belong to my Dabbawala set at Flickr

Protect yourself......from your own thoughts. Mevlana Rumi (1207 - 1273)

The Most Iconic Chinchpokli Garbage Dump Bandra

I have lived at De Monte Street For Many Years But This Dump Is The Ugliest In Bandra
We moved out from De Monte Street about 8 years back, but we stay close to the Bandra Bazar and we have to pass this way via Chinchpokli Street , and this is as ugly as the main bazar Garbage dump near my house close to the Chicken shops .
I have never seen this clean, if it is cleaned it is back to square one and what hits me hard it is close to the Sai Mandir yet people who throw garbage have no feelings , mind you there are no garbage bins , goats eating from this dump..
15 years of Congress could not get rid of it and be it the BJP .. children will grow play near this dump.. I dont live here at all but as a senior concerned citizen it is a real eyesore ,,

The Car Motor Cycle Snatchers ..Who Do Their Job With Lurid Viciousness

The Street Barbers of Bandra Reclamation

Firstly I hear a lot of photographers grumbling there is nothing to shoot in Mumbai and than I want to tell them if you are a storyteller , than there are a million stories to be told through pictures in Mumbai.
I am a people and street photographer I shoot a storyboard , and I think this storyboard attitude pushed me into shooting videos ..
I have been fascinated by street barbers and I shot them on all my trips , I shot them at the Maha Kumb banks of the Ganges ..I was more fascinated by religious tonsure , mundan and I shot this too at my house with my grandkids the ritual being called Akika ..I shot barbers and included them in a set here at Flickr .Barbers Barberism Religious Tonsure ,,
The largest number of barbers I shoot every year at Banganga Walkeshwar during Pitru Paksha...and this is religious tonsure to appease the soul of departed ancestors.
Most of the street barbers in Bandra know me as they also come to Banganga .. mostly the Hindu barbers and the Muslim barbers .
My most interesting religious tonsure pictures I shot of a newly married couple .. they had made a vow to the Holy Saint Of Haji Malang .if they got married they would both shave of their heads they did ,, I was lucky to shoot them.
Maybe it was my friend Cory Walia who put this fascination into my being as he used to style my hair , than Diana an English lady who nurtured my dreads and extensions .
I have over 600 sets on various people , ethnicity , religion , rituals at Flickr .

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