Monday, October 4, 2010

Marziya Shakir Street Photographer Of Mumbai

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Marziya has returned recently from Lucknow and has added zest to our lives that had gone bland.

Marziya is a competent mimic actress and drama queen.

And we discovered she is a born acrobat with a rubber body.

Marziya is a street photographer and we shoot beggars on Bandra Hill Road..

I showed Marziya a picture of a little kid shooting me with a Mobile phone so now she is shooting everyone with her mothers mobile phone too.

But she prefers the Nikon D 80 a heavy camera and she is a sight to be seen on the streets she shoots without being bothered by crowds clustering around her orwithout getting intimidated.

Last night it was Big Boss she watched because she loves Salman Khan who once held her in his hands he may have forgotten her but she has not,

She might shoot him too one day.

So strangely she is my only Shishya so to speak and we get along pretty well as she understands me as I understand her .

Her drawings coloring s continue.. and she reads books without knowing what she reads in an alien language.

Marziya Shakir Shoots The Soul of Humanity On the Nikon D80

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Marziya has not forgotten the lessons I taught her shooting the streets of pain , though the camera is heavy she holds it with a inner strength and takes a shot what she sees is what God shows her here the lady was not aware Marziya was shooting her the first step to candid photography.

Marziya will be three years old in November, the street photographer of Bandra.

Facebook Khichda And Update

Khichda and Facebook Status Go Hand In Hand

Khichda At Home For Lunch Today

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Today wife made the most glorious mutton khichda , the meat succulent tender melts in the mouth , I thought I shoot the pictures and share it with all of you , I had two servings but I know before evening the cooking vessel will be empty.

The Only Time Human Beings Are At Peace With Themselves and Their Surroundings

Fear Of Flying Without Wings

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pressure powered
as poetry embedded
as images or fotothings
something or nothing
fear of flying without wings
the spirit was willing
the flesh was jinxed

My Photography Skills As Art Form I Owe To Guru Assad Dadan

I mean the vitalizing aspect of digitalizing what I post .. tweaking or photoshopping..

On The Verge

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If Facebook and Flickr merge
17000 Links
on the Soul Of FB
I would not need
to scourge post one link
no other urge
my pathos my passion
my poetry through
images i shall purge
doomed destiny
doleful dirge

The Lords Chosen Chronicler

Man Was Born To Sorrow Forgotten Today Forgotten Tomorrow

Life Pelts Me With A Shoe For Going Barefeet

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in dust and heat
kissing the
muck of the earth
earth so sweet
karmic connection
between mind soul feet
few steps forward
only time to cheat
every single moment
my life incomplete
my fucked fate
seeing the silhouette
of impending defeat
cowardly retreats
life an illusion
of a dead heart beat

Life Is a Showroom Of Goods You Dont Need And Cant Afford

Hindus And Muslims On A Peace March On Visarjan Day

Mr Javed Shroff and Mr Kripa Shankar Singh Ganesh Visarjan

Mr Kripa Shankar Singh On Gauri Visarjan Day Juhu

Even When Your Feet Are Bearly Fucked

Sometimes You Bear Life With a Grin

If Only Instead Of Books There Was a Camera In His Bag

This Is Life With a Do Not Disturb Sign

This Is One Poet Recognizing Another Poet

Street Photography Is Mind Balanced On Matter

I Am Now Uploading Some Of My Back Log That I Missed Out On

Kicked And Framed

My Fucked Legs

Why The Fuck Cant We Live In Peace With Each Other ..Beats Me

Salman Khan Ko Dekh Kar Big Boss Khush Hua

We All Hunger For Good Things In Life

I Am A Muslim But Jesus Has Stalked Me From School Till My Adult Life

I Am A Muslim But Jesus Has Stalked Me From School Till My Adult Life

Hijdon Ki Malka Chakkon Ki Hoor

kaha usne mujhse
milna zaroor
pairon se kuchal dena
tumhara mardana garoor
tumhari chahat se
main hoon majboor
kuch pal ke liye
mujhe aurat samjho
mere huzoor
badkismati ka alam
main uski chahat se
tha koson door
mere mathe pe tha
meri nakab posh
biwi ka noor

beware said my wife sometimes
prevention is better than cure
your poets angst your pictorial imagination
you must learn to endure
what looks pristine is not always pure
all that glitters is only allure

The Slithering Silhouette of the Androgyne

an enigma
a confusion
a conundrum
an aberration
neither man
nor woman
her skin
a prick
nor a pin
anal anomaly
corrugated tin
from out
and within
a top
anti cockwise
on a spin
clean shaven
prickly chin

Neither Man Nor Woman

Now dont ask me why I meet them but we are connected through an astral path the androgen and me..

she said your place or mine
i said where we were
it was fine she
looked me up and down
resting her eyes
on the folds
of my loose trousers
she said
you look hot and divine
my thoughts had
hit rock bottler
i told her i was straight
i had no evil designs
on facebook
i was entrapped
by a transvestite
from lahore
slithering and supine
water she turned
into seminal wine
giving me head
on facebook chat
when the clock struck nine
but this one i met
at the September fair
held on too me
passion pathos
hook sinker and line
she begged me to
come with her
on the roller coaster
ride of my life
sexually entwined
i told her
i had
of flying
i was scared
she would
bite off more
than she
could chew
i was certainly
not lying
but this one
had a spiel
i was in no
way buying
she pleaded
kept on crying
eying and sighing
from one
end of the
road i could
see my trauma
my tantric
on my fucked fate
of getting into 'trouble
a cosmic chaos
i was not underlying

Fr Drego and Me

The Black Chana of Mount Mary