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Jab Naseeb Gandu Toh Kya Karega Pandu

The Lip Lock.. Her Teeth Made of Rock..I Got Knocked

"poetry is never finished only abandoned"

The Other Side Of Bandra Bazar Road

My Morning Cup of Milk And Paneer Ka Phool Water For Diabetes

Uncle Mutton Ban ..Kab Hoga ,,

Says The Goat Is Is The BJP Party It Will Vote If It Is Not Smote

Garbage In Bandra As Art Form

Nimbu Mirchi Evil Warder Nazar Battu

Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna

Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna is a patriotic poem written in Urdu by Ram Prasad Bismil, who was involved in motivating the Indian Independence Movement during the British Raj period in India.[1]

The poem was written as an ode to young freedom fighters of the Indian independence movement.[2] It has also been associated with the younger generation of inter-war freedom fighters such as Ashfaqullah Khan, Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad.[3][4]

Metre of this poem[edit]
This Urdu Ghazal is written in hikayate hasti. This type of Beher in Urdu poetry was the favourite meter of Ram Prasad Bismil. He had written almost 35 ghazals[5] in this meter.

The Urdu arkan(formula of lyric) of hikayate hasti (Mazahif Musamman) is Faailaatun, Faailaatun, Faailaatun, Faailun. In Hindi meter it is called Geetika Chhand/Parivartit Ashtpadiy whose Hindi sutra is Raajbhagaa, Raajbhagaa, Raajbhagaa, Raajbha[6]

The Poem (English transliteration)[edit]
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai
Dekhna hai…

Now A New Cycle Has Embraced The Gate

the older one
in oxymoron
haste ..this
black beauty
robust well
braced unlike
the older one
that was badly
defaced ,,
by its owner
crazed .
the new one
more straight
faced better
taste clean
chaste ,,

When I Become A Rich Man I Will Buy A Budnitz Cycle

At the moment in my
perilous beggar poet
state I am fine taking
my ride on this rickety
old lady who loves to
whine taking me into
dark alleys where
drunkards lie supine
an aged old cycle
my sweet valentine
taking my weight
on her bent spine
a cycle rusty rickety
but superlatively
imperatively divine

when i told her i wanted to buy a budnitz cycle
she looked hurt covered herself in a hijab confessing
her sadness to her friends feline muttering the beggar
poet from garbage has got struck by beef banned bovine

Siyasat Ke Liye Gai Par Mohra Laga Diya ,,Bezuban Janwar Ko Aurat Se Uncha Bana Diya

Kehta Hai Gai Ko Mata Admi Use Zehar Khilata

Beef Ban Pe Charcha Berozgari Ka Kharcha

Mumbai is More Safe For Cows Than 5 Year Old Girl Child

In India The Cow Wields More Power Than A Helpless Woman

Indians Hardly Respect The Cow ..But Politically Place It On A Pedestal as Law

Those Who Keep Cows .. Let It Out On The Streets To Eat Garbage

We Respect Cows ..

you will be charged
with murder in haryana
if you eat beef a cause
politically espoused
but if you rape a 5
year old child a few
years in the jailhouse

 Punishment under section 302 which amounts to murder, will be slapped for cow slaughter and possession of beef will also be included as crime.