Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Find Gambhir ,,Music to the Ears

posted at FB

Social media the power of a single video
bridged a gap of 40 years from the cheeks
of his family washed away every drop of tear
it was not me but God who heard Gambhirs
family's prayers he drew them near ..
please dont sent me accolades I was just
an instrument it was one Manipuris love for
another Manipuri..to a love that God added
cheer ....instead of Mumbais fetid country hooch
he can now have Kubongs home made beer
essence of humanity help the poor be sincere
an ex army man of Manipur Rifles old memories
glorious career ..life gives him a second chance
back home a ghar wapsi.. from a void he appears

hugging him they tell him uncle we are here ..

dedicated to all Manipuris ,,,my humble tribute
miracles can happen any time of the year ,,