Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Fruit From West Bengal For Diabetic Patients

This is a fruit my good friend Azad Hussain goldsmith from Kolkatta bought for me he does not know the name he said to take a bit of flower like substance inside on an empty stomach first thing in the morning , he says i reduces blood sugar and is very keeping it under control .. I have not taken it as yet... will take it tomorrow ...

Will Their Life Ever Change ....

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at street corners
vaguely they stare
a path away from
home leads nowhere
people give them a few
coins is all they will share
mother and child caught
in a snare a unique pair
reliving a nightmare
muslim society has
created beggars
a pain they bare
misplaced charity
like fish out of water
gasping for air

Rights of Admission Reserved

her pain
her sufferings
held on her
wrinkled brow
a very long
even now
rows and rows
lines of
on her face
time has
is enough
she tells
her fate
she wont
be cowed
the eatery
was a board
that read
dogs beggars
not allowed
a whispered
i read

Aditya Raj Kapoor..He Who Dreams Succeeds

Happy Birthday Punamji .. Mrs Shatrughan Sinha

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photo courtesy yogen shah

I wrote a few lines of this poem , first time on a piece of paper while visiting Mr Shatrughan Sinhas house dedicated to Punamji I call her Bhabiji but I needed a picture to upload it here on Flickr and so she sent me this image shot by dear friend Yogen Shah.. celebrity photographer.

My humble poem to Mrs Punam Shotgun Sinha..on her birthday today 10 October

first she was
a super wife
of a super hero
shatrughan sinha
a super netaji
a super task
she performed
lord ganesha
lalbagh cha raja
gifted success
to sonakshi sinha
named after
goddess parvati
from a girl next door
to a no 1 heroine
the new diva
who has taken
bollywood by storm
the rise of a super
duper heroine
the rise of
a super mom
punam sinha
no 1 going
great guns
in super form
luv kush
on cloud 9
lining up at their
house like
bees in a swarm

first copy sent to her
through sheer humility
bhabiji tujhe salam
jai shri krishan
jai shri ram
luv kush
the pillars
of your success
humble sons
on you birthday
may all your
wishes be
Garib Nawaz
Pride of Islam

Every year at the Urus of Khwajah Garib Nawaz I place a Chaddar for the Sinhas humility and gratitude,,,

Beggar Poets Are Born Not Made

on the sands of time
when the waves come
will soon fade dangerously
walking barefeet on the edge
of a blade deleted doomed
destiny i could not trade spectral
light elusively seeking shade
naked angst unclothed emotions
on lifes ramp on parade .
death waits for me on the other
side of the shoreline i wade
my debts unpaid ...frightfully
seeking refuge the mind
willing the disembodied
spirit afraid ..oh my god
once just once for a
nano second come
to my aid ..i cross
the line of sanity
opening the doors
you forbade ...a foot
in purgatory the other
in Hades ...a poet
beguiled betrayed

dedicated to bernie shadowboxer


A taverna, back of nowhere
strong spirit to ease the soul
a small child with care drawing
pencil slow in motion

Just a moment of nothing
a few moments out of time
to glance at the moving pencil
and the graceful hand that held it

Such care and concentration
whatever could her picture be?
to move the head a little closer
to see what eyes could see

Eyes took in her heart was crying
for a life that would never be
hers’ only toil and birth
and the misery that is Earth

Some they bloom in springtime
the mountain crocus blooms in fall
yet this was the very first time
the eyes took in a flower’s tea

Picture of Nerjis Asif Shakir whom John loved Dearly