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Women In Chains

Women In Chains
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 why do we chain our women
why do we cause them pain
we crush their beauty and their brain
over their minds their bodies
their souls we reign
man born of a woman
sells her for gain
a prostitute her destiny
a thought so plain
woman enslaved
manacled in chains
as she ploughs
this rough terrain
her tears her lifes story
all in vain
helen of troy
or a plain jane
being a woman
is a womans bane
the blows that rain
she wont complain
within her womb
she carries her pain
a street performer
born to entertain
in mans domain
a shattered
bleeding window pane
a mutilated hymen
she wont regain

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Who let the( Indian Fucked )Blogs Out

Who let the( Indian Fucked )Blogs Out
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 These are not pictures but memorable moments under the guidance of a Guru, today you wont find gurus like Malushte or Jatkar and Mr KG Maheshwari .
Today a child needs no guru he has it all at click of a mouse, he wants to come out of his mothers womb and get straight into the studio shooting glamour.. big bucks..
And yes you need bucks photography is not like poetry that you can write on an empty stomach, you need bucks and technology is changing every second, I was reading the Photographic Society Of Indias newsletter , that had stopped coming for several months I am a life member , I got one from their office it had all the various segments of photography , photo journalism, movies, macro, glamour, press, nature, wild life, arial but there was no mention of Photo Blogging.. because photo blogging is charitable work, you give the best of you and your pictures free.. main stream photography instit…

Lighting of Mr Kg Maheshwari

Lighting of Mr Kg Maheshwari
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 This is the classic lighting of the Master , I only shot the picture at Photographic Society of India , Mumbai this is my 300 th post at bloggerspot beta...
And when Buzznet goes Better than perhaps my photographerno1 and commentator no1 could be conjoined .. without fear of the unknown zone black zone..
only the wise magus Steve Haldane could do that for me...,buzznet support sucks does not even acknowldege the mail I send them..
This was an old post .
The person the model is Mr Pawar fatherof Photographic Society of India member Nitin Pawar.This was shot about 5 years back , Prof BW Jatkar was the President of our society .This is where I met the great Indian Master Maheshwariji touched his feet became his Chela.
I am not a studio light set up man , I have rare books on photography , studio lighting written by old Masters , I am going to sell this also along with my 225 old cameras one day.
I owe much to Psi…

KG Maheshwari s Pictorial Magic / Nikon D70 Digital Disaster

KG Maheshwari s Pictorial Magic / Nikon D70 Digital Disaster
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 I shared some great moments with Mr KG Maheshwari , one of these was a visit for a photo shoot lecture outdoor studio like photography and one light the Sun..

And this was at Nasik where KGMs son Mr Kamal Maheshwari has the largest Numismatic Institute called Money Museum, a house of study for coins and old money , also houses KGM s archives of his pictorial works , KGM took part in the Quit India Movement , wore Indian Khadi, gave up all English things of comfort of course he must have used the only American thing a Box Camera, I called him and he confirmed that it was an American box camera called Norton or something like that , America has been a partt of Kgm s life his company was partners in India of American Home Products now called Wyeth.

And I was crying narrating the unfortunate day of the blomb blasts on that unforgettable day 7th July it crushed raw metal but not th…

In My Masters Light

In My Masters Light
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My master KG Maheshwari the great eminent photo artist taught me how to unlearn photography, he taught me to see the world through the viewfinder , but read it as prose and transform it as a pictorial poetry…

This is photography , how you read a thought and how you write it down as a picture.Photography , the Brahmanic form of photography rquires that you find a guru, touch his feet , give him guru dakshina , and you have found a path.Pictorial nirvana comes with time , faults, mistakes and the guidance of the guru..

My first lesson of photography came from the Mahabharta , Donacharya shoting the Pandvas and Kaurvas archery , archery is photography, some shot the tree , some shot the fruit only Arjun shot the eye of the bird , and if in a portrait you capture the glint in the eye your picture lives forever, yes I am a Muslim and for me good photography is Hi…

Better Be Saif than Be Sorry

Better Be Saif than Be Sorry
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Date: 06/22/2007 8:39 PM
Better Be Saif than Be Sorry
Saif Shakir is my son, 23 years old , today was his traditional day so he ransacked my wardrobe , he was going dressed as Pandit or a Hindu Astrologer, of couse he got the first prize at his college.

He is quite tense these days as his mon has begun hunting for a wife for him, she visited a place to give his proposal, so lets see whats in store for him, yes he will not see his bride to be, this is called arranged marriage, my wife will do the selection, she knows my sons needs … better than my son.

April 11th, 2007

Summary 23 june 2007
My son Saif is very excited, he never much liked studies, but we insisted that he atleast complete his it was important credential for success as a yardstick in modern times..

I am almost uneducated Inter Com failed.
Saif Shakir complied today he got his report card he makes us proud he is our humble familys first…

PaxRomana And 100 Blogs At Her Feet.

PaxRomana And 100 Blogs At Her Feet.
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 I was posting at Bloggerspot old Bloggers , every time I ran away from Buzzmet with my tale between my legs ,I wrote first 50 blogs, this was the 100 .I reached upto 3750 , I dont know what happened I deleted all of them in a single click..
I still have an account with new Bloggers over a 1000 blogs.But once I went to Word Press I stopped posting here.
I needed a Word Press account as my homesite is not Blog oriented does not have feeds or whatever technically you call it.
I recently before coming to Flickr had a change of heart started two more Blogs at New Bloggers one for my Poems the other for my pictures of the Kumbh Mela..
Flickr changed every thing, I could post from here to Word Press or Bloggers.
As my homesite is overbursting, I thought of moving my main galleries here ..I had to halt my Kumbh Mela posting as I cant be everywhere at the same time..
I also before coming to Flickr rejoined Buzzne…