Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Long Tie Beggar Of Bandra Hill Road

The Long Tie Beggar Of Bandra Hill Road

these were
his good days
at bandra hill
road near
the police station
was his begging place
a letter in his hand
a long tie silently
he asked for money
dressed in clothes
blackish gray
than came bad
times very bad time
gangrenous legs
near bhaba hospital
bus stop he sat
on a chair ,, his
pain his drowsy
stare ..in very bad
state in need of care
i dont see him
anymore perhaps
he died ,,, a body
beyond repair
his white tie
his fuzzy hair
an icon
a landmark
a unique
like him

Our Parents Make Us What We Are ..

not bigots
or narrow
but wholesome
without scars
our parents
plant the seed
where hate has
no place ..by far
hindus muslims
at peace all
time the essence
ethos beauty
of being a
on pitru paksh day
at banganga ..
ek dil do tar
na nafrat na darar
om namo narayan
om namo ashta vinayaka
ek naye kal ka intizar
sab ek na koie bhuka
na koie bimar,,
ap ka dharm ap ka karm
desh se bada koie nahi
dilon pe na koie border
na koie takrar..
hindu muslim sikh isai
dalit aur sab kaum,main
bhaichara . behad pyar

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2013

Pitru Paksh 2013 Banganga WalkeshwarGod Saves Pratik Koli And Me At Banganga Walkeshwar TodayIMG_6273IMG_6235Going To Banganga In Share A Cab From Grant RoadGoing To Banganga In Share A Cab From Grant Road
The Street HawkersIMG_6239Street Side Barbers At Teen BattiSOBOReligious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013
Armpit ShavingReligious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Armp Pit ShavingReligious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013
Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013Religious Tonsure Banganga Pitru Paksh 2013

Pitru Paksh Banganga 2013, a set on Flickr.

One Hand Rocks The Nation The Other Hand Begs

babuji dheere chalna ..

please sir i want some more

Lost Childhood At Banganga

Mother And Daughter Of Aam Admi ,,, Begging On The Streets

Pyaas kab tak rahegi adhoori

The Beggars Of Banganga

beggars worship
all gods as all gods
love beggars both
bound by each
other via cosmic
despair ,,karmic
destiny brings
them to banganga
where barbers
cut the devotees hair
squatting on the ground
barbers everywhere
pitru paksh prayers
to departed ancestors
they all share ..
the north indian
bhaiyya offers
puja items
to the gods
sold by
the marathi
manoos ..
no ill will
at this
the banganga clean
giving the fishes
a chance to breathe
fresh air ,,,

yes we care

Ham Bachhe Ek Dal Ke

Meri Ma Bhikari Hai

yeh khatranak
dardnak bimari hai
darinde zinda kha
jate hain iska
balidan nari hai
is bimari ka
sudarna bahut
kathin bhari hai
ab yahan se
dam ghuta
wapas ghar
ki savari hai

meri ma bhikari hai
ghabraie si kyon
ki uske kokh se
janamlene wali
kismet puthi
nari hai kal
raste pe khadi
bhikari hai
meri ma
kunwari hai

dil uth gaya jahan se le chal hamein yahan se.....

Jinhe naaz hai photography par vo kahan hai Kahan hai, kahan hai, kahan hai

My Street Photography Is Inspired By Dickens Balzac And Dostoevsky

I read Dickens ..I read the same books after I finished reading them Great Expectations made some relevant sense , and David Copperfield ,, those images characters are now replaying as I take my street shots ,, for many years I was hooked to Comedie Humaine Balzac.. and Dostoevsky Prince Idiot ... so I recapture those streets characters I encounter in real life..

For me street photography has played the greatest influence at camera club level they would say.. First Does It Make Money.. Next What The Fuck is Street Photography,,,

Club level photography has yet to change its stinking diapers help on to a safety pin for a long time, same images same look and same depressing degeneration of life and times,,,the same great masters calling the shots ... and less said the better ,,,

I am happy teaching my grand children the Art Of Unlearning Camera Club level photography, the shameless copying of old masters that makes Mr Unwala Mr Bhardwaj Mr AL Syed and others .. squirm in their graves.

Even the creative lot tends to bring back that imagery and it is a faltering failing exercise .. I chose the break away path and I am happy .. I love my school but I dont want to go sit on the back benches all over again..I survived being stamped as 3 R ... no more .. for the uninitiated 3 R means rejected by 3 professor looking judges at Camera Club salon judging..

And what I write is what I saw felt experienced I still get camera club newsletter so I know what shit is being churned out.. newness is dead at camera club level photography..

I write this so when the new generation of photographers take over the reins from old trembling hands they will at least shoot straight into the heart of a new tomorrow.

And these words just came I dont grope for them in the dark..photography has to come back from the dark ages of camera club level gloom and despair ,, the same outings the same scenario,umbrella .. upside down pot shots and the mother breast feeding her child to the ugly camera stare..

Jinhe Naaz Hai Photography Par Woh Kahan Ha

Ye purpech galiyan, ye badnaam bazaar

Ye gumnaam raahi, ye sikkhon ki jhankaar

Ye ismat ke saude, ye sanso ki taqraar

Zaraa mulk ke photographeron ko bulalvo

Ye tasviren ye galiyan ye manzhar dikhavo

Beggars of Banganga

Beggars at Banganga

The Lepers Of Banganga Revisited - Pitru Paksh

The Lepers Of Banganga - Pitru Paksh

Pitru Paksh Revisited

Pitru Paksh Banganga Revisited

The Golden Dawn At Banganga

Pitru Paksh Banganga Revisited

Pitru Paksh Banganga

Pitru Paksh

The Greatest Insult To Indian Nationalism Is Hindu Muslim Riots

Pitru Paksh