Sunday, January 20, 2013

my stories dont end another one meets me round the bend

Now The Beggar Kids Do Make Up Too

The Beggar Kid Bandra Reclamation

Most of the kids begging here come to supplement their parents income .. they are learning to beg.. their parents are basket weavers living near the Bandra Reclamation bridge.

There is another one leg well dressed junkie beggar too..and sometimes the blind beggar boy and his guardian come here to beg.

Shooting beggars for so many years I now them with mere soundless footsteps , I can spot a beggar before he spots me and shooting beggars is shooting life living on the edge now alive tomorrow gone reports cases of rape kidnapping molestation and some of the beggar kids are abused by their parents , elders , young kids become mothers , case not reported because her brother did it to her and the child that comes is what brings in more money, drugged rented , but than who has time to shoot them tell their story .. so enter the blogger .

I have shot beggars at Mahim , Banganga , Haji Malang , Haji Ali Ajmer Hussain Tekri Lucknow and the pain stretches from one end of the canvas to the other end.

Shooting beggars is looked down upon...but than shooting beggars , in my case is telling incomplete untold stories .. and I dont sell pictures ... nor do I do this for money or fame , this is the path of my passion, this is my genre and I circulate it as a blog .

It Was Her Eyes That Deceived Me In The End

i decided
to fall in love
on the internet
my eyes get
misty my soul
soaked all wet
i was a fish
hook line sinker
caught in her net
it was one summer
of discontent on
facebook we met
when pakistan lost
india won the test
deep fried overcooked
all the best the poet
in me rests east is
east west is west
pain on broken
wings now rides
the crest pain
blood splattered
poets chest

My Wife Is A Good Street Photographer Too

My Love Was Sealed In a Facebook Like Wall

her lilting laughter
each time she called
now sadly as a memory
i recall lost forever
fatefully embedded
in a wall a face
of a living doll
deleted doomed
deathly pall
humpty dumpty
had a great fall
crushed crumpled
corrugated all in all

shot by my wife accidentally

bandra where god tired takes rest ..

the truck knocked out a two wheeler and what happened after that ..

life is a poem hung to dry.. frozen tears only time can buy,,

the rich man and the beggar man...thats whats left ... the middle class and the poor disappeared in india

god forgive me for shooting your cherished creation...

sometimes being dead is more pleasant than living dead

i shoot the pain and poetry of life