Sunday, December 2, 2018

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

He hatefully says I am not an original Musalman

Perhaps myopic he night be right My forefathers might have been children Of Shree Ram.. Converted head bowed to Islam. My Sunni Grandfather found a Shia Wife he found love devotion calm He was once a Mogul Pathan Jai Bharat Jai Hindustan. My religion my personal prerogative My faith my Iman... I try to be a good Insan My wife's family from Iran Hussain is Humanity Our eternal chant.. Seeds of Hussainiyat Into the soul of our children. We plant much before They are born.. We may die But our Hussain Lives on..

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Jai Shree Ram

Please build your Ram Mandir Go Ahead Please Than get back to your Promise of Progress Development Let there be Eternal Peace Between Hindus Muslims Life at ease ..Hate is a terminal disease ...Mutual Coexistence Tolerance are the key open a constitutional Democracy...a golden
opportunity let us seize
children of the same
family tree ,,,Indians first
such as these ..

Man maketh clothes part of his sartorial growth

I styled my own clothes ,,, as Designer no 1 I took an oath a mystic a photographer I was both

Monday, November 26, 2018

To the YouTube Troll

Who called me a Qadiani Which I am not .. I am a Shia born he forgot .. i dont mind being a rafiddi a heretic but not a Wahabi Salafi Jamati Tabliki Brelvi bot ,, on the soul of Humanity a blot I deleted his comment reported him for harassment cyber bullying a wrong man in his net he caught ,, may in the fires of his apostasy he rot this is what his vile Shia hating Sufi hating Ahmediya hating madrsa to him taught his comment sayed abdul rohman Qadri 2 hours ago • Potentially inappropriate Qaadiyani hain aap joabi kucha bi karo orijnel mussalmaan nahi ho sakte sayed abdul rohman Qadri sayed abdul rohman Qadri 2 hours ago • Potentially inappropriate Tu pehlebi jahnumm ta abi bi jahnum hogaya sayed abdul rohman Qadri sayed abdul rohman Qadri 2 hours ago • Potentially inappropriate Mannhuss Qadiyani

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Qatal-e-hussain assal main marg-e-yazeed hai, Islam zinda hota hai har karbala ke baad..

posted at You Tube Discussion Forum I am trolled the most for all that I post ,,,I am mostly abused by radical thinking Muslims who hate Shias and Sufis ..

My reply

To Those who follow me here read my stories see my pictures and videos. Many thanks. To those a motley group of distinct Muslims who keep wrapping me on my knuckles as comments to be a good Muslim and he'll bent on imposing their Islam and branding me like them.. It's not possible to be a good Muslim like you my parents gave me the gift of life. They taught me somethings that your honored parents did not teach you and that you learnt at your local Madrsa. My parents made me human made me respect all faith I did not come from my mother's womb to hurt peoples religion or spiritual beliefs though different from mine. I am certainly not a. Wahhabi Salafi or a Barelvi or Ala Hazrat or a Jamati or a radical or fundamentalist. I would rather not be like you. I am happy to be a heretic rafaddi a follower of Hussain and Humanity I am not a preacher I don't proselytize or shoot pictures videos to convert. I could never do that.. So as a photographer I become a Sufi I showcase Peace of Sufism. I shoot Hinduism as a cultural inheritance and I am an Indian.. I am certainly not a Pakistani or a Bangladeshi.. I have nothing against them my Islam is different from their culture. My Islam is is not the kind where Muslim love killing Muslims. So in short I am happy with the version of Islam I follow I don't tell people to follow my ideology I don't even watch those kind of videos that spread vitriolic hate for Shias or the Chishtiya. Maslake I would rather live die as a Shia. Shiasm is my faith personal prerogative I don't promote it here as ..those who promotes their preferences. So stop spamming me. Stop posting your vile abusive comments.. They get deleted automatically. You don't like my views my videos my thoughts it's OK.. But go shit your dump elsewhere. And I hope you understand this as simple polite English. Qatle e Hussain asal main Marge Yazid hai Islam Zinda hota hai Har Karbala ke bad.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I am a Street Poet

I feel the winds as they blow 
the golden sunset glow 
like a little paper boat 
into the waters of an ocean 
I flow 
my destiny 
not yet ready to kiss 
dollar littered
 American shores 
I am happy shooting 
hijra beggars
eunuch kids 
 hijra whores 
my karma 
my dharma 
my bare feet 
my diabetic sores 
my camera like vision 
to a deaf and dumb god 
above implores 
when it rains it really pours 
man two legged animal 
crawling on all fours 
open windows of my mind 
my future stares at me 
a shut door 
a whimper held 
to this leopards roar 
a chant of my faith 
blood sweat tears and gore 

nothing less 
nothing more 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy World Toilet Day ,,

there is no toilet
where he stays
on the sands
his presence
holds sway
swacch bharat
ki jai,,,
this is his ac
toilet metaphorically
you may say
to the sulabh guys
money he does not
need to pay ,,,

waiting for acche din
2019 is not too far away

as the waves come and spray
memories of open air defecation
his bowels come here to pray

Sunday, November 18, 2018

If I was not a photographer would you have known me

I am an accidental photographer
a tailor my line is custom made clothes.
A photographer a tailor both
I shoot original content only
that lazy people addicted
to What's up Facebook loathe..
My photography is only a hobby
please note.. humility is the essence
of your all round growth..
Flickr gave me prominence
Flickr added the finishing touches
Kept my mystique afloat..
I smiled the cybernetic seas
Flickr was the boat..

Photography made me human
Compassionate a street poet
a storyteller it was your love
encouragement I sought

I thank you all

this poem dedicated to a grieving
father my best oldest friend
Benn Bell aka Dog Ghost
may he overcome his irreparable
loss.. losing a son is the greatest
pain that hits you utmost..

Often to all my photographer friends
in Mumbai It is Benn Bell my good.
old American friend I boast.

Lord God of the Hosts
Om Mani Padme Hoon
Humanity beyond caste
color creed.. to live as
humans in a democracy
isn't that why we vote.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

My @Flickr photostream has gone viral ..

Thank you

My 15 November Flickr Stats

Ever since @SmugMug took over @Flickr there is a huge boost to my timeline  more views ..second time I crossed 100 thousand views 
Thank you @DonMacAskill this month.


My Chhath Puja Documentary 2014 Juhu Beach

As a Muslim and as a hobbyist photographer I have shot Hinduism showcased it as a Message of Universal Peace .
My  only aim as an Indian is is to see Hindu Muslim amity...
Jai Chhath Maiya

This my tribute to Sun God and his daughter Shasti.

And my tribute to the Biharis of Mumbai.

#chhathpuja2014 #juhubeach #firozeshakir


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fake News. the only news

This world
where hate dominates
in all the news..
dividing people
of all caste color
a thought
creating animosity
mental torture abuse
create fake News
to diseminate what
they choose..
madmen holding a noose
a war loving prince
a murdered journalist
a famine stricken country
the world watches amused
the innocent in jails of Turkey
battered and bruised.
so whom does one accuse

if you accidentally mention CNN
the president looses his fuse

Chhath Puja 2018 Juhu Beach

For years I have been shooting the Chhath Puja I was introduced by this feast thanks
to Mrs and Mr Shattrughan Sinha and Mr Sanjay Nirupam,

All my images are at Flickr and my videos are at YouTube

I am the only Muslim shooting Hinduism as a message of Universal Peace