Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year Mr Akhilesh your "Saifai Mahotsav" is an Insult to the Riot Ridden People of Uttar Pradesh

saifai mahotsav
khushiyon ka
anubhav ..
rotee hai atma
main kaun
bhare ga ghav
dhoondo khazana
ek naya unnao
netagiri se is desh
ko aam admi
jaldi bachao
ka paigham
na bhed na bhao
is desh ke rehbaron
ko yeh disha dikhao
mera desh mera gaon

get well soon mr arvind kejrwal

Happy New Year 2014

the camera was
willing ,, the spirit
neat and clean
imagery evergreen
untalkative but always
seen.. pictures never
lose their sheen
welcome to 2014
held by two pillars
a beggar poet
in between
but the grass
on the other side
is never green
prodigious articulate
a mountain a molehill
genes ..they shoot
better than me
very clear very keen
a grandfather guru
they wont demean
shooting bandra
this poets fairy queen

Get Well Soon Happy New Year Mr Arvind Kejriwal.. From The Living DeadAam Admi Of Mumbai ...

waiting for you
to come touch
wake up the
living dead
aam admi
of mumbai
hidden within
a shroud
of silence
he calls
mr arvind
aj ka cm
 kal ka pm
an update
on destinys
future wall
your shadow
on the soul
of our nation
very stately
very tall
by the
will of the people
for the people
of the people
etched by time
never under estimate
someone small
says the wise hand
after all
you can now
never fall
its not just
free water
you have
them with
your humility
your sincerity
all in all
you are not
just a brick
but you are
the wall
good bad
ugly want
to join your
party ..from
sinking ships
for your help
they crawl
beware sir
of them all
in mumbai
your presence
is needed
good governance
law order
an alternative
to scams
with adarsh
vichar you
need to
jai maharashtra
amchi mumbai
next on your
list desperately
needs to be

Stay Safe Stay Indoors

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