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from wikipedia
Hinduism (Hindi: सनातन धर्म; Sanātana Dharma, which means Endless Religion/Eternal Law) is a very old religion that is still practised today. It was one of the first religions that had the idea of reincarnation (that people can be born again after death), karma (one event invents another), and more ideas. Hinduism is the federation of a number of faiths (a group of sub-religions or sects (Sampradaya[1]) joined together, which have evolved from people who lived in the Indian subcontinent (land near the Indian Ocean). One group accepts varna, another declines. One group accepts vedas, another declines. One group accepts god, another declines god itself. But they are all called Hindus. According to the Indian constitution, the definition for a Hindu is whoever who lives in India and is not a Muslim or a Christian.

In Hinduism spiritual practice (such as praying) is very important.
Hinduism encourages tolerance for what other people believe. Hindus believe that there is …