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The Hijra Vardan and the Blogger

The Hijra Vardan and the Blogger, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,768 items / 1,059,777 views

Hijda Vardan means gift , God has been extremely kind in gifting me the presence of a Hijra on the soul of my Blog.

I may not meet them for months and than all of a sudden they appear from nowhere...they are nameless without hope and these are the poor beggar hijras of Mumbai , an ethnicity that implores to be understood with compassion and rationally.

But Mumbai is ambivalent to anything and everything, we join hands only when we are hit below the belt by calamity, other wise issues that concern all of us have no meaning I thank the Mete Jam people I came to shoot the influence of their campaign at Bandra Station , instead I shot the Dabbawallas and this lone Hijra vying for attention on the poetry and drama of Mumbai life.

There is some connection between the hijra androgynous angst and me as a photographer , I tell their stories through pictures and without any ulteri…

The Dabbawalla Dude

The Dabbawalla Dude, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,774 items / 1,059,844 views

He is the quintessential new generation Dabbawalla young, versatile carrying the heritage of prompt service as his mantra of survival.

I asked him a few questions and without any journalistic pretensions , I am a street photo blogger , free service to society even Google does not pay us but yes it pimps our angst our words and our images ..

Well let me get off the beaten track I asked him who was his favorite actor ..he replied without beating around the bush..Only Salman Khan.I asked him Why he answered Bole To Sallu Bhai Insan Hai Jat Pat ka tension Nahi, Khan Hai Musalman Hai but Insaan hai..
And he added before I could pose my next question ,..Lal Bagh Cha Raja bhi unko bahut chahta hai.

I asked him his favorite film .. he said Wanted second best film he said Veer and third best film he said Dabbang ..I told him it was yet to release ,, he said Promo main paisa Usul ho jata hai.


The Dabbawallas Sigma 6

The Dabbawallas Sigma 6, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,768 items / 1,059,777 views

I shot well over 100 pictures of the Dabbawallas while I was at the Bandra Station , I had come to shoot the Meter Jam effect on the people travelers , there wasn't any , so I shot the Dabbawallas instead.

And I have just opened my first Ramzan fast of the day, as the uploading of my pictures continues at Flickr.

The Dabbawallas of Amchi Mumbai

The Dabbawallas of Amchi Mumbai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. wikipedia

A dabbawala (Marathi: डबेवाला, Hindi: डब्बावाला), also spelled as dabbawalla or dabbawallah, literally meaning person with a box, is a person in the Indian city of Mumbai who is employed in a unique service industry whose primary business is collecting the freshly cooked food in lunch boxes from the residences of the office workers (mostly in the suburbs), delivering it to their respective workplaces and returning back the empty boxes by using various modes of transport. "Tiffin" is an old-fashioned English word for a light lunch or afternoon snack, and sometimes for the box it is carried in. For this reason, the dabbawalas are sometimes called Tiffin Wallahs.

The word "Dabbawala" in Marathi when literally translated, means "one who carries a box". "Dabba" means a box (usually a cylindrical tin or aluminium container), while "wala" is a suf…

Happy Meter Jam Day

Happy Meter Jam Day, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,672 items / 1,059,547 views

does the public
really care
without demoralizing
a noble cause
the angst of the public
i share
on the somnolent soul
of mumbai just another
meter jam day
by evening will outwear
a brilliant brain
child of an idea
a protest
in every way
but the mubaikar
in terrible hurry
takes a cab
hires a riskshah
moves away
will also bear
the brunt
of the next
hike in the fare
we are totally
we love to be
taken for a ride
by a system
created for us
as we curse and swear
it is the poor
the middle class
who suffer the rich have
fleets of cars to bare
public transport
not part
of their doctrinaire
the paisewalas the
crorerpatis the billionaires
it took three people
to make mr rr patil
get off his chair
he has promised
to the grievances
of the public
he will be fair

A Message of Meter Jam At Bandra

A Message of Meter Jam At Bandra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,666 items / 1,059,521 views

Today 12 August 2010 was the call given to wake up the soul of a somnolent city called Mumbai again the rude behavior of the cabbies rickshah guys who refuse passengers and dont ply short distances.the continuous demand for fare hike and the dadgairi of their bosses to bring the city to a halt for any flimsy excuse.

Three working people came up with an idea called Meter Jam and decided enough is enough and gave a call for a peaceful protest for 12 Aug called Meter Jam.

The idea their brain child deserves praise and accolades , this is the task of those who run the city who have done nothing but appease the cabbies the ricksha guys and the union leaders for political survival and nothing else.

The public well they can be damned.

On the Internet there was great support as well in the media , and I support them too I wrote a blog on Flickr and Facebook and cross blogged …

The Curse of The Computer On The Soul of My Blog

The Curse of The Computer On The Soul of My Blog, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.
136,665 items / 1,059,236 views

she looks at
me with her
i try
towards my computer
my usual sitting place
she barks out
when will
you change your ways
your pictures poems
blogs your prolific pace
why dont you sit
long hours busy
at your work place
so it goes on
every morning
every afternoon
every night
had the digital camera
not been invented
i swear i would have
not discovered the
the internet
in the first place
giving my slides
to vishal bhende
my black white rolls
to mahindar patil
my color rolls
to foto center at fort
no madness
or computer craze
all changed overnight
buzznet blogspot
i embraced
fell in love
wanted to migrate
to alaska
a second wife
in place
till my children
tied me up
beat the shit
called my brains
the rolling pin
as mace
than came flickr
facebook twitter
this bloggers life
phased poems
belched and laced
6 years as blogger
dreams i have chased
a journaler she
called me on…

Ramzan Mubarak

Ramzan Mubarak, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,664 items / 1,059,052 views

I began my first fast of Ramzan a few minutes back, I am a frugal eater a pizza made by wife , some kheer sweet dish, a cup of black tea..before I began eating I took my insulin and diabetes medicine.

And as I began my fast I come to terms with myself my dehydrated fate and the cosmic reality of my existence within a drop of tear.

And I shot this to show you my table within the proximity of a blog..

I have downloaded new street pictures to my comp,I shall upload it later in the day.

And with this my last blog before I hit my head on a boulder of a pillow I wish all of you Ramazan Mubarak.. and a thought for all those buried in the cloud burst all over India Pakistan and China.

May they find immediate relief help and sustenance from God and mankind.

Smoking Out Corruption In High Places

Smoking Out Corruption In High Places, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,662 items / 1,059,007 views

robbing the nation
cheating the exchequer
the coffers of our country
in the name of politics
good governance
is their only aim
whoever they are
we the people
who voted them
in the first place
are to blame
the buck
does not stop here
calling it the
common wealth
generating game
mother indias
agony and shame
as ii see it
as you see it
she lies
from the corridors
of their conscience
the ex boss
our once upon
a time queen
is upset
but our own
are asleep
chalta hai
our notoriety
to fame
yes we are
a monster
which grows
in girth size
our independence
we could not tame
for those
in high places
gharibi hatao
a slogan
they proclaim
out corruption
in high places
lost illusions
on the soul
of our collective
to reclaim

In a few minute I begin my first fast of Ramzan and I pray as an Indian..for peace prosperity unity and hope harmo…

Jab Zindagi Ko Kisi Aur Ki Zindagi Ke Sath Jodne Jate Hain

Jab Zindagi Ko Kisi Aur Ki Zindagi Ke Sath Jodne Jate Hain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,663 items / 1,059,023 views

I wrote this before beginning my first Ramzan fast as a Facebook note but deleted it I hate Facebook notes it does not serve any purpose specially as a blogger I find Facebook notes over conscientious struggle with words and reality.

I am a picture and text man.

This is for Ash Hussain my daughters best friend.

Jab Zindagi Ko

kisi aur ki

zindagi ke sath jodne

jate hain

toh rote rote

hai kya kya manzar

yad ate hain



ma ka ghar

bachpan ki dehleez

bhul jate hain

jab ham

apne shauhar

ke sath

ek naya ghar basate hain

aur apne naye ghar ki dehleez

ma ke ghar se behter banate hain

I have written thes few lines as the first drops of tears in Ramzan before I begin my fast head bowed in humility to the Almighty..

I dont much like Facebok notes as I am a a point and shoot blogger .

This is for Ash Hussain in reply to her note to me..

Will There Lives Ever Change ?

Will There Lives Ever Change ?, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,663 items / 1,058,816 views

forget the mother
for the moment
but will any politician
worth his grain
remove the basket
of vegetables
from the daughters
head crushing her brain
will he give her
a better education
a computer a
good future
in exchange
sorry unlike
their compatriots
in the villages
the urban
women s life
is out of range
will come
political hues
home on
the grange
will the poor
vegetable woman
ever change
her hopes
re arranged
but than
just bashing
any community
not giving your
their rights
the fruits
of their labor
very strange
take their votes
but give them
life of dignity
as a fair

Chand Mubarak

Chand Mubarak, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 136,663 items / 1,058,759 views

the rain swept clouds
open up their hearts
a new moon reveal
chand mubarak
ushering in a month
of piety devotion
Allah's omnipresence
on the soul of humanity
we feel a month
of gratitude humility
a month of introspection
a month all humanity heals
a pledge head bowed we seal
give to those who dont have
solemnly it appeals
lay down your arms
let them be only for prayers
dont rob kill pillage or steal
be a part of another
persons sufferings and ordeal
in the silhouette of the hijab
our motherhood our ideal
peace brotherhood
love for humanity
a thought we must
not conceal
we must collectively
fight evil ignorance
through the only jehad
for Muslim unity
to sectarian strife
a death blow
we must deal
on the soul of Islam
another Muslims
blood should
not congeal

my humble personal