Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Christian Lady Who Begs At Bandra Reclamation

Muslim Man Selling Hankies At Kurla Station Overbridge For 60 Years

The Dalit Beggar At Kurla Station Walkover Bridge

Very Happy Mothers Day ,, To Fucked Children That Make Their Mother Slog Every Day

The Municipal Conservancy Staff At The Ugliest Garbage Dump Bandra Bazar Road

Our Bandra Municipality or our local representatives that won because of the Modi Wave only do not care whether the Municipal  conservancy staff have safety shoes masks or gloves , and these foot soldiers who carry on Modijis Swach Bharat dream suffer in silence ,, it is ironical the presstitudes go ga ga showing a celebrity sweeping streets or a politician using a broom I challenge them to come to this garbage dump and clean the garbage here ,, I will kiss their hands in humility and gratitude ,, I will shoot their videos and pictures to and glorify them honestly ..