Saturday, October 30, 2010

Made In India Rest Assured

This Is Man Enslaved To Humanity

Solving the Fucked Crossword Of Life

The Power Of Hope

This Is The Inside of a Dead Poets Head

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light comes through
as creativity added
as common sense
a wordsmiths
workplace making
poems through
a lens adding
to deathly suspense
light weighted but dense
holistically healing
the life span of a
broken fence
sensibility and sense
insanely intense
tragically torrid
tumultuous tumescent
tempestuous and tense

Indian Animal In a Zoo

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for a specie
called migrants
from the north
or a poet
like me its true in india
you are either a mosque
or a mandir a musllim
or a hindu a motley crew
you can build a tower
flout rules if you are a babu
call-it ideal or adarsh
it sounds as good as new
ministers politicians
have diplomatic
immunity from god
corruption the soul of
our blood sweat sinew
our nation is stripped
paraded naked
of the people by
the people of the few
early morning
poems are like utara
drunken delusions
of sobriety giving society
its due opaque like
a paper you cant
see through
the click of a mouse
is greater than a pen
cutting like a sword
if it is held
in your hand too
over the head of a blogger
a wingless blog
it flew

The Half Dead Poet of Mumbai

On Their Blindness

A Born Photographer Looks Like This

a nikon d 80
round her neck
you cant miss
she shoots
the soul of humanity
a single shot
pictorial bliss
a memory
with a life kiss
are made in heaven
place in a mothers womb
is the gist
recreating gods beauty
as it exists
a born photographer is
gods gift to mankind
a thought
you cant dismiss
masters the art
of living
just like this
snakelike charm
tantric kundalini
serpents hiss
unleashing a
holistic power
that wont go

Who Really Cares a Flying Fuck....

A Bed Of Thorns

Fucked The Day He Was Born

Bandra Where Hindus and Muslims Live as Brothers

He Does Not Want To Meet President Obama

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he dreams
that god has
granted him
a wish of a new
home a new hope
no more living
on the extreme
his wife smiling
his children
playfully scream
he has a regular job
everything fine
it seems
its the waking up
to the newly cleaned up
spruced up streets of sobo
to welcome the black
hope of america
martin luther kings
bleeding pledge to redeem

i have a dream
sweet bitter memories
flowing into a stream
unlike the CWG games
more money to be made
through another scheme
curds and cream
on the bind folded
soul of humanity
ever changing theme

I Am a Humble Maharshtrian She Said

memories of living
unliving to
which i was wed
less alive
more dead
good times
had come and gone
short lived as they fled
the long hours
the wrinkled hands
the domestic chores
i earned my family's bread
as i bled
to my grave
without regret
as i tread
half alive
somewhat dead

Sartorial Soliloquy of My Soul

The Diabetic Ulcer Called Life That Wont Heal

I vigorously walk barefeet , I used to wear slippers to work, but I have given-it up as it aggravates the wound that I incurred during Ganesh Visarjan while walking with the immersion procession of Lalbaagh Chya Raja.

It just wont heal.reminding me of the frailty of flesh and mortality of my memories but my defiance too , to keep them alive as images I shot of a journey that should soon end..fruitlessly

Poet of Pain Shot By Marziya Shakir On Nikon D 80

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on the viewfinder
of her childs soul
she saw what
she had to shoot
blood flesh tears
of her genetic roots
to the person
who taught her
to hold the body
of the camera
in the crucible
of her hands
she pays a poetic
praiseworthy tribute
are born
not factory made
run of the mill
for camera clubs
'she tells the truth
2 year 11 months old
solemnly cute
the worlds youngest
street photographer
beyond fucked f stops
beyond photography
teaching money
making institutes
in the name of
collecting loot
light and shade
shadows silhouette
highlights soundless
ruminatively mute
a path she takes
'she reroutes
the color chart '
the angle of confusion
she refutes
she is marziya shakir
born in humility
your blessings
her gratitude
one thing
i definitely
taught her
was not
to make her
a celebrity
or media
with fucked attitude
to be humble
to what she shot
never never be rude
crass or crude
the streets where
god lives among
the poor for the poor
like the poor
with his zealous
zephyr like zenitude

Telling Stories Through Pictures of Pain

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certifying caricatured
life in street moodiness
as it strikes the brain
visuals eating into the soul
resurfacing on the flesh
of hope and humanity
as karmic pain man
in chains wherever
he goes his pain remains
a bleeding sorrow
as it strains memories
demystified as blood stains
unreal pretentiously pedestrian
all in vain like a stream of urine
gushing down the drain
searching for self beyond
the insane in the valley of doom
atomic rain mans destiny
doomed inane

Kalicharan Shot By Marziya Shakir on Nikon D80

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Its time for me to clear the mystery of the man Marziya shot at our house.

His name is Kalicharan he is from Aligarh and is a professional masseur , he comes in place of my regular masseur Bhura also from Aligarh but on an extended holiday , he has kept Kalicharan to take care of his clients till his absence.

Both Bhura and Kalicharan are migrants who eke out a living they stay near Mumbadevi and cater to the businessmen who visit Mumbai for trade .

Kalicharan was quite shocked when Marziya took my camera and took this shot totally on target , he wants a framed copy to show to his family back home.

when Bhura comes back from his long leave Kalicharan will not call me or approach me this is part of their professional ethics.

As I am not Kalicharan regular client , but when Kaicharan goes on leave Bhura will take charge of them.

These guys are not like the masseurs you meet at the citypoints or beaches etc, these are respected , clean and good at their jobs.

They charge reasonably and they are popularized by word of mouth, I have referred Bhura to most of my close friends.

After Kalicharan finishes with me he does Marziyas head and Marziya has watched them since she was a tiny child , so marziya is a good learner and massages my legs ,Marziya makes chapattis , Marziya makes tea under the guidance of my wife and Marziya is a good inborn photographer as can be gauged by this shot of her.