Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Chana Shops On Mount Mary Steps

Chana means gram is the main memory of Mount Mary feast the black gram and sugar pellets ..

Mount Mary has changed a lot over the years the Catholics living in this area , the socialist kind are fed up of illegal stalls noise etc part of a fair or mela culture .

And it is the poor who are the victims of their ire, and all this is only for a week which can be tolerated but than a few Catholics are up against this culture , nuisance as they call it.

I was depressed and thought I would come to the Mount and get rid of my depression , but seeing the stall guys grumbling no sales etc I got more depressed,, and this is the worst of a series I have shot because it shows us as selfish people we dont give space to others..
Anyway as it is not my issue and I am merely a poet a photographer blogger I tell you the peoples feelings at ground leve grass root level.

I wanted to wish Monsignor Neris Roderiques the Basilica head but he was not well.

And these are stalls on the Mount Mary steps and all part of my street photography..

Barefeet Bleeds The Soul Of Humanity

The Mother Of All Good Things

Mother The Essence of Mankind

145,720 items / 1,118,907 views

from the womb
of the mother
man by
his mothers
once he steps
her shadow
tuns blind
to religious aggression
religious terrorism
spiritual hegemony
rekindles hate
to destroy mankind
a bomb on his waist
he leave
the teachings
the purity
of his mother behind
creating chaos
anarchy animosity
a chapter
of his venomous
he unwinds
bringing down churches
mosques mandirs
his soul
with evil aligned
man born saint
a sinner maligned

In The Mandir Masjid or Church Lies The Heart Beat of Humanity

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barbed wires
of hate animosity
religious bigotry
lies peace hope
one god
one people
one nation
or creed
or charity
live and
let others live
as equals
on parity

Thee Fountain Head of Peace Hope and Humanity

Said My Wife

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year after year
feast after feast
you shoot the same
thing again and again
dont you get tired
her usual refrain

now my wife being
a simple soul
attached to my rib bone
by a karmic chain
i tried to explain
i told her i shoot
mutual coexistence
the core
of mother india
i shoot pain
that registers
on my cameras heart
my viewfinders brain
barefeet i follow
lalbagh chya raja
the govinda mandlis
durga id namaz
14 stations of the cross
good friday pain
micchami dukkdham
of the jain
respect humility
in every grain
all various religiosity
part of a single lords
territorial domain

than a tear fell from my eyes
in silence and my wife
said yes you shoot
humanity you shoot hussain
karbala ashura
our heritage
our ancestral pain
har bandha
har shaks
har cheez
allah ki den

Now You Know The Difference Between a Photo Blog and a Picture In The Newspaper

From the Humility of My Street Soul

Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena

If Shooting Pictures Was Easy We Would All Be Photographers

Why Are You Cross With Me Said The Blogger

Women of Jerusalem Weep Not For Me .. But For Thyselves and Thy Children

This is One Series I shot in a Very depressed state of Mind in Anguish and with Molten tears as a poet and as a beggar ..where even God has shut his doors to me ..

I Am A Photo Blogger I Shoot Hope More Than Pictures

The Mobile Phone Photographers Are Here To Stay

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are an intrepid race
a camera mobile phone
they thrust at kihladiyon
ke khiladi
akshay kumars face
guts courage no fear
they deserve this
street photographers
praise shooting
the gods the ganpatis
govinda visarjan
the unique
spirit of india
they embrace
you find them
at holy shrines
in every place
religious dignity
grace sab ka malik ek
their collective ethos
their catch phrase
actually more than
mortar cement or bricks
it is in in human hearts
that a human god stays
we are his grain his husk
from the womb of peace
hope humanity our
ancestry trace
but yes we have
mutated evolved
one man killing
another man
the unborn child
we amaze
house hopes
with our hate
we raze
we are muslims
we are christians
we are hindus jews
shades of gray
more important
than our flesh
is the soul of man
we bomb in cars
or around waists
we place
all gods pathways
is this our goal
or just a phase
history of blood
will give testimony
of this world
we inherited
with our animosity
hatred we completely
deface disgrace
acid rain
purple haze

The Silhouette of The Christian Hijab

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the nuns habit
is like a hijab too
over the cuckoos
nest it flew
a dress of
on the
of Christianity
it grew
a religious attire
by sarkozy
its true
the racists
want only to
traditions of
the muslims
or the jews
no turbans
for the sikhs
dont build
they tell
the hindus
the white mans
supremacist racist world
spreading the gospel
the only excuse
supported by the church
bad news humanity
is one color no
black brown yellow
or tinted blue

This Is Hope

Good Luck Black Tea

One Day You Will Find Nostalgia In My Pictures When The Gaothan Will Be Gone

I Hate Facebook Notifications

The East Indian Fisherwoman of Bandra Gaothan

The End Of The Road

Crying On The Soul of Mount Mary

The Lucky Girls At The Back Are Watching a Dickhead Shooting A Model On A Street Ramp

Martyred Motherhood

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one night
heavily drunk
fucked in the head
he bought the guy
whom he owed money
to the streets where
his daughter
slept stone dead
he held his daughters mouth
while the money lender
took her to bed
pushing it
in shrieks of silence
she was pinned completely
only 14 her dreams all dead
sometimes the interest
on the loan is paid
besides begging for bread
she was the girl selling flags
now she is fucked mother unwed
commonwealth games
corruption political anarchy
peace a whore on a war head
everyone undraping draupadi
gang raping mother india minting
money power racing ahead
yes this is the way nation
is bled the rich get richer
the poor underfed
tears on the soul
of the Mahatma
a land of peace and plenty
from where sanity has fled

The Only Wealth That Accumulates In Mans World is Sacks Of Pain

Old Bandra Near Mehboob Studios

Old Bandra Near Mehboob Studios

My Mount Mary is a story board as I make you walk with me up the Mount

I Asked The Kashmiri Waiter To Shoot Me