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Pitru Paksh Pitru Visarjan 2009 Banganga Walkeshwar

Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Pitru Paksha (Sanskrit: पितृ पक्ष), also spelt as Pitr paksha or Pitri paksha, (literally "fortnight of the ancestors") is a 16-lunar day period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors (Pitrs), especially by food offerings. This death rite is known as Shraddha or tarpan and is considered as an inauspicious ceremony. In southern and western India, it falls in the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada (September-October), beginning with the full moon day (Purnima) that occurs immediately after Ganesh festival and ending with the new moon day known as Sarvapitri amavasya or Mahalaya amavasya. In North India and Nepal, this period corresponds to the dark fortnight of the month Ashwin, instead of Bhadrapada.[1]

The period is also known as Sola Shraddha ("sixteen shraddhas"), Kanagat, Jitiya, Mahalaya and Apara paksha.[2][3][4]

According to Hindu mythology, the souls of three p…

Pitru Paksh Religious Tonsure

Pitru Paksh Religious Tonsure, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The road from Walkeshwar moving towards the narrow path of Banganga Tank becomes an open air barbers haunt , a winding line of saloons on the roadside.

The guy who used to sell peanut and gram at Dadar Chowpatty today wields a razor , he has become a barber to fill in a demand here on Pitru Paksh day, when on a day before Navratra the Bhaiyya population of Mumbai, or North Indians as they are politically called, or UP migrant comes here to appease the soul of his ancestors and pay tribute to their memories with religious tonsure.

I have a set on Flickr Barber Shots , and another one called Religious tonsure , my tryst with tonsure began at Haji Malang.

The guys who have their head , and face shaved including their armpits , sit on the rad for this ritual, the barbers charge over Rs 101 or more depending on the Bakra..or sacrificial lamb.

On the way ahead there is a salon that does brisk business with two c…

The Hijra Vardan

The Hijra Vardan, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I shot these pictures on the day I was going to shoot the Durga workshops of Lalbagh.
Invariably whenever I have ventured out for an important photo shoot I have encountered hijras on my path.

My hIjra guru told me this is a Hijda Vardan, my destiny interlinked with the angst of the Hijras.

On my way to shoot the Pitru Visarjan yesterday I again met a Hijra begging in the train that was taking me to Grant Road.

Otherwise I have not met hijras since a very long time.

Born In Maharashtra

Born In Maharashtra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 95,610 items / 584,252 views

born in Maharashtra
daughter of the soil
broken legs
despair and disparity
on her soul recoil
the only way to toil
her single vote
the destiny of a
any state machinery
could foil
a curse
on the boil
the hopes
of any party
could spoil
a new dawn
with adulterated oil

to vinod mirani my very old friend who has always remained young at heart...

Durga Blesses Me

Durga Blesses Me, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. touching my soul
my inner solitude
diverse divinity
as an image
i have pursued
my perilous angst
she has rescued
hope and hindutva
a message of peace
i conclude
my cultural inheritance
my roots my heritage
pictorially reviewed
the essence
of all godliness
a closed comment box
breached by hate
they have spewed
your views on my
photo stream
highly valued

95,610 items / 584,248 views