Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Was Never a Poet You Made Me One

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it was
falling in love
with you
that had me done
there may have been
so many others
mistaken moments
but now you are
the only one
I quench
my thirst
from your
in my soul
of soul
your name
a million times
I mention
once bitten
twice shy
I still love
your poison
behind your
slithering shadow
I run
you body my soul
a poetic reunion
a cosmic poet
a raft in an ocean
barefeet blossoming
in your hearts prison
sometimes dressed
in black
sometimes in saffron
style never
goes out of fashion
fragmented genius
brains hidden
in a turban
my hell
my loneliness
your thoughts
my heaven

Yeh Sochta Hoon Main

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ke kore kagaz
par kya likhoon
sochta hoon main
hum kab kahan milenge
yeh sochta hoon main
apko fursat nahi
yeh kyon
sochta hoon main
apki angdai se
subha ho gayi
yeh sochta hoon main

soch soch ka fark hota hai
kabhi kabhi yeh sochta hoon main

There Is No Time Only Eternity Exists

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There is NO TIME. Only Eternity exists.

words of wisdom
fate likes to twist
Time and Eternity
with man and god
a god of love ...
a god of poetry and wit
a god who creates
on his creation wont spit
marks of faith on his head
with a sword he splits
blood gushing like a poem
an eternal fire transmits
a cosmic lover of pain
a loser who is not
ready to quit
barefeet bald head
in a strange outfit
he has deleted her from
his consciousness
outside her closed
doors he sits
she loves him
she loves him not
she wont admit
her own pain
his throat
she slits
to a
suicidal love
she wont commit

Yeh Zaroori Nahi Tum Jise Chaho Use Paogi

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khoob kaha
ab ap ko
shayeri ajayegi..
chand lafzon
main mohabat
sama jayegi.....
woh bat aur hai
ke aj nahi to kal
dhooba jayegi..
yeh zaroori nahi
tum jise chao
use paogi
do kadam
chal kar
apne pinjare
main phir
laut aogi

The Endless Wait

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in the winding
of her heart
outside her gate
an endless wait
another mans name
on the door plate
the cosmic poet
of mumbai
his bearings
trying to locate
a memory
lane now crooked
once it was straight
she has found
a new roommate
i have deleted her
from my consciousness
my hopes my aspirations
she loves to frustrate
through my poem of life
my misery narrate
love an emotion
ostentatiously ornate
what was once positive
it now wants to negate