Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Blood Gives Testimony to Our Pain

Our Blood Gives Testimony to Our Pain
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holding the long daggar in the hands
a cry rises from a dry throat
ya hussain
our blood gives testimony to our pain
yes we are shias and shias we will remain
allah ho akbar call us heretics
our blood as we drain
ya hussain ya hussain
two words ashura and karbala
as Truth in every grain
from our hearts into the
wilderness of our brains
blood sweat and tears
snatched ridas and an Imam in chains
Bibi Zainab the Indomitable Lady
Tilawate Koran in every refrain
Tears on the Soul of Hussainiyat
Tears on the Soul of Insaniyat
a black chapter on the history
of Islam for Yazidi political gain
bloodstains of our sorrow
that come back
each moharam
again and again
reminding the killers of Hussain
that we are Shias
it is on the Soul of Treachery
our sincere complaint

Marziya in a World of her Own

Marziya in a World of her Own
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she watches the speeding world go by
through the tiny mirrors of her eyes
a world a part of her mindless ties
so much happening she cant fathom
should not take you by surprise
she sees love truth over ridden by lies
hate magnified screamless human cries
a right to live with dignity
man to man denies
the fool more wiser than than the wise
living unliving a moment that never dies
one man sells his soul to the devil
that another is willing to buy
up above a human god lets out a godly sigh
tears of anguish fall as acid rain
on earth from a crimson sky

The Hijab

The Hijab
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The hijab a womans shield
a spiritual protection of her soul
a fabric a piece of cloth mold
a woman to saintly
modesty behold
a thought worth
all its wealth in gold

Black and White

Black and White
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Yes she is a Shiite
her strength
the indomitable spirit of her race
hidden beneath layers black and white

every year in moharam
a pledge we rewrite
ya hussain
a chant
a holistic healing plaint
reverbrates day and night
karbala and ashura
corner stone of our grit determination
without borders of country or nationality
we as shias reunite
allah ho akbar
within the drop of a tear
lies abbas alamdars might
nade ali within our inner sight
mash ke sakina maksade hussain
was not a battle for political supremacy
but of Truth Justice Equality and Human Rights
he gave his head but not his hand to Yazid
Hazrat Imam Hussain beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet
through the dark chapters of Islamic turbulence
He gave us Eternal Light
Muslims love killing Muslims
Reality bytes
a curse that adds
to our collective plight
the hand that feeds is the
hand that smites
Trampling the serpent head
Of Yazidiyat
The goal of all Shiites

Marziya My Muse

Marziya My Muse
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Marziya Shakir was born on Nov 24 2007 at Holy Family Hospital Bandra.
She is my eldest son Asif Shakir and his wife Arizah Shakirs first child.
She was born fragile vulnerable but she crossed the hurdles an entangled umbillical cord to safely touch base.
Marziya Shakir is our first grandchild and the first grandchild of the Shakirs and her matrnal connection the Hussains of Kazmain Lucknow.
I have shot her pictures at the hospital and than began the shooting of her pictures at home, I must have shot close to a 1000 pictures.Some I shot while she has her daily oil massage and other pictures with her mother , and kept them on a private mode at Flickr.Having shot many kids that I met at Moharam, or even on the steets, the beggar kids, I am quite adept agile in grabbing rare emotions as it comes and goes on their faces .But I am not a childrens photographer per se.
My pictures are a gift of a pictorial divinity , I am sure of this .
I could not shoot the same moment again even if I tried it in earnestness.
I came to Flickr to talk less as a Blog and to share the emulsion of my captured vision as pictures.
I have to say that at Buzznet I was a blogger yakking away non stop, but than Buzznet community was by large emotionally responsive too..and though I have moved away and others too, who migrated like me to Flickr a larger community , we have kept in touch even in our silence.
I was never a poet , but than two stints at Poem Hunter made me write more Poetry less Blogs.. so I became a Poetry Blog.
And Blogs well its catharsis for hurt souls..there are good times bad times..but the blog is a form of scientific holistic healing...we heal each other .. through the computer screen and the touch of our mouse and the keyboard.
We all play act some part as Bloggers, and we are all different but we have a common silken thread that binds us -the Internet Wires...
I am lucky I met some great folks here on the Net , and though we have not met personally we dont let that part of lack of physicality bother us..
Now love on the Internet well thata a crazier chapter and I have far too many episodes in my own life to write an unending book on it off line of course.

Coming back to my grand daughter Marziya Shakir... through her I am rediscovering the lost child hood of my grown up kids, as when they were blessed to us, I was under the stupor of Alcoholism , a self made disease that sooner or later goes out of hand I came through my familys support and have been dry since 7 years.
I gave up drugs mostly the chillum , mandrax long before I took up alcohol..
On the way I saw good friends pass away succumb to alcohol abuse and drugs too.
I also took up Blogging to write about my friends who pre deceased me , friends like Keith Kanga, Hasan Jamadar , Ramesh Alva and many others...
So its a been a very long journey from August 2005 when I set foot as a Blogger ...
And Flickr has been a kind of Homecoming with 15511 pictures since June 10 2007...

Marziyas Mood

Marziyas Mood
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she ponders
she contemplates
the world around her
surrealistic real estates
spiritual houses that one loves
another man hates
violence mayhem outside
godly gates
thoughts of one group
to the ears of another group
man with animalistic traits
karmic catastrophe

the unborn child
on the pristine shores
of her mothers womb
waits wonder hesitates
bomb after bomb
her unfulfilled destiny detonates

Lifting a Cycle with eye ball piercer

Lifting a Cycle with eye ball piercer
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They who are but Muslims in Name

They who are but Muslims in Name
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they who call themselves atheists now
were born Muslims - are just Muslims in name
they who to gain popularity and acclaim
want to burn the hijab
and our religion and its ancestral customs defame
they who for mega -bucks play all kinds of
a machiavellian game
make all kinds of ridiculous claim
adding to their parents shame
lack of secular upbringing
wrong aim
living at the mercy of a host country
with their outbursts the sense and sensibilities
hurt and maim
adding fuel to fire ..
engulfing sectarian strife
bitterness enflame
that even the politicos
cannot tame

Marziya Goes to Majlis

Marziya Goes to Majlis
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The Shia child has one advantage over other kids , the Shia child absorbs Moharam the moment she is born, Marziyas mother , my sons wife and whom I call Bitya or Daughter, takes Marziya in the afternoon and also in the night to the ladies Majlis .
I asked her casually does Marziya cry, she my sons wife replied proudly she cries during the Massaib, the Masssaib is the sad part of the Majlis when the Maulana or the Lady Zakirah recite the tragedy of Karbala..this is expounded in such a way that the mourners of Imam Hussain cry and relive the tragic moments of the beloved grand son of the Holy Prophet.
The Shia girl child is comfortable with the Hijab as she begins wearing from the very early days , and most of the time at school she wears a head scarf.
Its not just radical religiosity but a seamless attitude to our lifes tenets and ancestral customs.
I am proud of my grand daughter - she walks tall though she is only a month and 20 days old.

I am Marziya Shakir

I am Marziya Shakir
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wearing the hijab
the sacred skin of her modesty
reflecting the right
of her womanhood and her race
marziya shakir a proud shia
showing it all on
her angelic face
the genealogy of her faith
to the ahle bayt she does trace
yes we bleed from within
and also on the surface
mash ke sakina
alam abbas
the soaked parched throat of the euphrates
some other time some other place
yes karbala and ashura always
ghame hussain no pain will ever replace
dreams of grandeur or splendour
we do not chase
ya hussain on our lips
every other sorrow we can brace
blood sweat and tears
the sinews tissue bones
in the spirit of hussainiyat
as our spiritual base