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Rahebar Khan Means Business

Rahebar Khan Means Business, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Rahebar Khan our Municipal councilor supervising the gutter cleaning and upgrading the drainage network.. and he means business , he has not left this on any overseer , he is supervising it himself , moving up and down the gutters giving advise and seeing that the stipulated work undertaken for out beleaguered area , that gets flooded during the monsoons is completed in time before the rains come in.

He has done this single handedly and all the three lanes the work continues Jain Mandir Road Chinchpokli and Ice Factory Lane,..

He has done a work which should have been done several years back by the earlier councilor and the MP and the MLA of this area.. so this is the truth of the travesty of a political system of apathy and neglect on the part of his political predecessors.

Windows of Pain

Windows of Pain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. through
the windows
of my mind
lies a world
where she lives
i deleted her
from my
its pain
more pain
that she gives
a hard stone woman
a stolen moment
in her glance furtive
on the mountain peak
where we met
my soul
she held captive
mesmerized moments
poetically i relive
she is in
the arms
of another man
a thought
being human
i am ready
to forgive
falling in love
with her
was the most
fucked motive
but poets are
born bachelors
worldly pain
they outlive

Battis Shirala Nag Panchami

Battis Shirala Nag Panchami, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I was inspired to shoot this after seeing a photo exhibition of the Nag Panchami festival shot by photo journo Nitin Sonawane at Battis Shirala , Nitin was the lamp of light that shed its life on my soul, I personally have nothing against photo journalists , they are the need of the hour , they show us a world we would have never seen , my teacher was Shreekant Malushte Anil Bhartiya both photo journalists too.

What really hit me was the pompous attitude of the few I met at various photo shoots at one time I was everywhere including the train serial blasts that I shot barefeet on the tracks of Bandra Mahim and Matunga, ,

Their conceit their arrogance their heavy duty cameras man I saw it all, and at the end of the day , they might have got a picture published , but I in sheer humility barefeet had already posted on the internet an eternity on the same subject.

I have no problem in reiterating I lear…

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 99,544 items / 603,300 views
I received this as forward mail and share it with all of you..

Goddess Kali and her Avatars

In the Tantric pantheon, Kali is mentioned as the first of the ten Great Cosmic Powers, because in a certain way she is the one who "spins the wheel of the universal time".On the other hand, at the end of the manifested world, time (in Sanskrit Kala) devoured all the universes of the three plans of the creation: the physical, the astral and the causal universes.The Great Cosmic Power Kali finally devours the time itself, which is Kala, and this is the very reason for which Kali is viewed as the primordial cause of the creation and destruction of the universe.

Kali's dance signifies the dynamic, active aspect of the Divine, and the dark Color of her skin indicates that the processes of the creation are disolved in Kali.
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Kali is also the creator of the universes…

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. forward mail

99,544 items / 603,300 views

Kali is a ferocious form of the Divine Mother, who sent her Shakti, the Mother Gauri, to free the gods from the dominion of the demonic forces Shumbh and Nishumbh, who had conquered the 3 worlds of earth, the astral plane and the celestial plane.

Kali is the goddess of time and of the transformation that is death (Kala). Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri in their destructive form are known as Mahakala and Mahakali or Kali.

Kali is the Kundalini energy that paralyses the attachments produced by the solar and lunar currents (both demons mentioned above). This attachment causes fear of death. In the ignorant ones she creates fear, while for others Kali removes the avidya (ignorance) that makes us fear death, the basic insecurity of the First Chakra , a fear rooted in the brain stem or primitive brain.

The Hindu goddess Kali is the first of the ten Mahavidyas - the others are Tara, Shodashi, …

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. forward mail

99,544 items / 603,300 views

Kali (Sanskrit: काली, Bengali: কালী, both Kālī), also known as Kalika (Bengali: কালিকা, Kālikā), is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali means "black" but has, by folk etymology, come to mean "force of time (kala)." Kali is today considered the goddess of time and change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation still has some influence. More complex Tantric beliefs sometimes extend her role so far as to be the "ultimate reality" or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatarini (literally "redeemer of the universe"). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kali as a benevolent mother goddess.

Kali is represented as the consort of god Shiva, on whose body she is often seen standing. She is associated with many ot…

High Contrast

High Contrast, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

Sometimes I Shoot Flowers Too

Sometimes I Shoot Flowers Too, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. flowers that
kiss the feet of mankind
flowers that all Hindu
gods goddesses
round their necks find
flowers entwined
cleanses the human soul
the spiritual mind
flowers that will soon die
but on a hope of eternity

fragrance beauty
as a poem defined
they also see read it
who are born
broken hearted and blind

as an after thought
alas no more flowers
only currency notes
as garlands
on political necks find
with Rs 1000 notes
totaling 5 crores
artistically beautifully
a maya jal
to spellbind
politics that
kisses you from
the front stabs
you from behind

Jain Sadhvi

Jain Sadhvi, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Through 'the serenity
of Lord Mahaveera
amrut flows
a path of peace
a path
the soul
of humanity
she chose
a walk
of Life
up close
a touch
of love
all worldly

Namo Arihantanam: I bow down to Arihanta,

Namo Siddhanam: I bow down to Siddha,

Namo Ayariyanam: I bow down to Acharya,

Namo Uvajjhayanam: I bow down to Upadhyaya,

Namo Loe Savva-sahunam: I bow down to Sadhu and Sadhvi.

Eso Panch Namokaro: These five bowings downs,

Savva-pavappanasano: Destroy all the sins,

Manglananch Savvesim: Amongst all that is auspicious,

Padhamam Havei Mangalam: This Navkar Mantra is the foremost.

a mantra of life
the universe echoes
as felt seen by the camera eye
of a poet photographer blogger firoze

mantra courtesy

Street Pain As Seen Through a Poets Eye

Street Pain As Seen Through a Poets Eye, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I could write a poem here
but I will let it go by..
for me the
soul of Humanity
is Amchi Mumbai

Street Pain As Seen Through a Poets Eye

Bitiya Tumne Paheli Idd Kab Manayi Thi...

Bitiya Tumne Paheli Idd Kab Manayi Thi..., originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. bitya
kya tume
khaie thi
naye kapde
par muskuruhat aie thi
bitya tumne paheli idd
kab manayi thi

If I Did Not See This I Would Not Shoot It

If I Did Not See This I Would Not Shoot It, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I dont stalk my subjects , but they become my subjects when their fate throws itself face front on my camera , I give them money the least I can do I will pay for the picture I take of pain ..and this is not a commercial twist the poor Muslim beggars tale.

I respect her choice as a beggar , doing what is perhaps the only thing she can do, she does it with her face covered without hurting those who are responsible for her present situation , if I was a girl photographer I could have sat next to her on the street talked to her found out what blow in life bough her down tree trunk branches and all..

But god did not make me a woman, I am happy with what god made me or gave me .. he gave me foresight he gave me a mind that penetrates the pain in another persons soul..I dont take notes at all, never needed to I fill in life's bank spaces with my Sufi fortitude that I have inherited from the ma…

Slum Salons of Bandra

Slum Salons of Bandra, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. I have a great fascination shooting street barbers , street salons, I have had haircuts and shaved at these street side salons too.

And most of these kid barbers come from towns of Uttar Pradesh and apprentice themselves to a salon , finally starting their own..this is the North Indian spirit of slogging his ass of as an Indian.

While his leaders collect currency garlands amounting to Rs 5 crore this is the power of money and the power of politics.. that makes money blindfolded , see no evil do no evil,, but yes be party to evil.India may be poor but wealth abounds politically not that I envy it , but it saddens me as it saddens you.

But I digress I am non political man a cosmic poet of failed love..a failed love makes you a better than a poet who fucks his way successfully through life ..the woman I love does not even know I love her she is blissfully unaware of my cosmic existence though we pillow talk in our…