Sunday, January 3, 2016

Documenting The Rifai Silsila At The Dhuni Of Makdhoom Shah Baba Mahimi 2015

I think I miraculously reached the Dargah of Makdhoom Shah Baba miraculously .. it was not crowded as such.. I had butter tea made on the holy fire of the Dhuni,.
From here I went to the Dargah Of Fakruddin Shah Baba on Mahim main road ,,

Bonding With The Rafaees at The Dhuni Makdhoom Shah Baba ..2016

It has been ages since I visited the Mahim dargah of Makhdhoom Shah Baba Mahimi ,,and I am uploading those pictures now at Flickr over 300 shot in about 2 hours ... the Dhuni the Rafaees and the Food lane .
This picture of me and Gunhegar Baba was shot at the 100 Urus of Abdul Rehman Baba Dongri last year , Gunhegar baba has stored our images on Whats Up ,,and we go a long way back .. he was very rude to me and would not allow me to click his pictures when I first him 20 years back but now we are good friends .
We respect each other he calls me Firoze Bhai Malang and you cant miss him .. he is at every Urus in Mumbai or Ajmer ,, he is a mystic a shaman an exorcist and a healer ,, he mostly lives at the Kurla cemetery ,, he is an expert in oils and herbal medicines .
I missed Hassan Ganda last night and the Chancawalli Rifais have splintered up ,, joined other Sufi orders or groups ,,, I document them when I am in Ajmer at Jalali Chowk.
Once a lot of hijras thronged the Dhuni not anymore ,.. the Chancawalli rafaees have invited me for their sandal but I dont know if I will be able to make it..

Two Iconic Street Photographers Of Bandra With Twitter Handles Marziya And Nerjis

Two Street Photographers of Bandra
Both have their own Twitter handles since several years

Learn Tennis Under Coach Surendra Pawar MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation

For those of you who want to learn to play Tennis I recommend Coach Surendra Pawar ,, MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation..he is absolutely reasonable and at the courts under his training are very young kids and guys much older than me ,, he supplies the tennis rackets if you dont have one ,
The team of his instructors are dependable and lead from the front polite courteous and teach very well.. Sundays off ..
I joined his tennis coaching to get my blood sugar under control..
And I now play more tennis than before ,,, the people who come to play here are from all walks of life and we have now become one big family .