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Signature Smoke

Signature Smoke, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,507 items / 690,346 views

During my college days while in transit at Elphinstone College we smoked the chillum behind Rhythm House close to the Jewish Synagogue lane..or at my friend Syeds joint behind Taj Mahal Hotel..close to Royal Yacht Club..

Another place was Rajas joint next to Mandlik House near to Salvation Army..

I have smoked the giant chillum at Shuklaji street close to the opium dens..but my love affair with drugs came to an end once I got married about 31 years back..

I have never touched it since than at the dhuni I shot pictures of Chillum smoking a subject most unique in photography as every guy has his own signature style ..

The most mundane , the shiitiest was smoking a reefer but some guys laced it with other hard drugs..some friends would take brown sugar gulping with huge draughts of beer..

No Smoke Without Fire

No Smoke Without Fire, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,507 items / 690,346 views

no love without desire
what you could not sow
someone else
will come and sire
supply and demand
seller searching
for a buyer
what you could not
get at home
from the streets
you take on hire
a virgin
by a liar


I PIMP MY PICTURES, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,500 items / 690,336 views

on google search
flickr twitter facebook
as a poet
with my camera
I took
so you too
could as a poet
have a second look
photo blogging
is addictive
like picking pockets
for a crook
our caste
color or creed
death the common
that swallows
us in a brook
god sneezed
the earth shook
a terrorist attack
they mistook

A Message of Peace Through Pictures

A Message of Peace Through Pictures, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The guy standing next to me is Shakil Bhai he owns this prime place and the dhuni too, he organizes the Ali Maulah Dagah urus with a committee ..

He was a pefect host , offering me tea and dinner too.. but I was just interested in shooting them , unfortunately their sandal procession was on 5 December and I missed it.

I shot this dargah on 9 th and 10 th December.

I prefer this place , Dharavi its quaint lanes and kind and friendly people.

And my orange clothes have been put to rest for 2 month eight days , I wear only black no whites no grays.

Because I am very close to my inherited Hindu culture and because I am a Shia ... they began calling me the Shia Pandit..and it does not offend me at all, I take it as my pride of being born a Muslim in India..

I am what I am in the eyes of the beholder , a Muslim mam once asked me if I was a Hindu, I said I was much as he was a Muslim..the strange thing is…

Hassan Ganda - Don Jaun Bawa

Hassan Ganda - Don Jaun Bawa, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Over the years my visits to the few dargahs I have been to during Urus time I met a lot of weirdo bawas , kinky bawas crazy bawas , but none like the sauve sphisticated Hassan Ganda bawa.

He is delight to watch and shoot , his encounters with women who pursue him in the nights in the fields to sleep with him , just to father a child is unbelievable , but Hassan does not lie and man woman nature has its shortcomings too..

Hijras he keeps at arms length , he is a peacock a conceited pigeon , and because I listen to his stories that he has repeated so many times he likes me.. we bond well ..

He is a perfect model for the kind of pictures I shoot.. I told him I would take him to my shop dress him in an Italian cut suit and he was furious as though I had insulted him..he cooled down immediately...the bawas are like little children you handle with kids gloves.

He has taken my visiting card and come what may I am …

Amanat Bawa at Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi

Amanat Bawa at Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. Amanat Bawa too is the murshad of the Chancawalli Rafaees , he is always smiling , but seeing me he goes into spasms of mild friendly laughter, it is his way of acceptance and I interpret this with the language of my soul.

He likes me a lot and deliberately poses for my camera that waits on him.

Honestly I think its my fate and my wild spirit my lust for freedom that endears me to the bawas.

I dont ask questions , I am not journo material...I dont poke my nose in their personal life nor am I curious about their past.

The same rule of thumb applies to my relationship with the hijras..I was offered money , future by a very rich hjra to be her companion , I refused I am just a photographer and blogging is my only vanity..I have been poached by hijras to shoot them in the nude I refused..not my cup of tea.

I am a poet I read the poetry of life and by shooting it I give it another dimension.

I have see…

Clawing My Way Out Of Madness

Clawing My Way Out Of Madness, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. the normal world
is a house of madness
in which we live
we just take
what is not ours
pain sorrow hate
in return
we give
like Prometheus bound
to karmic chains
we are held captive
to destroy
this planet
our collective motive
a heritage of our
doomed fate
our children may
masters of their destiny
no more submissive

to randy my best friend

Crazy Bawa Makes Butter Tea

Crazy Bawa Makes Butter Tea

Crazy Bawa at Ali Maulah Dargah

Crazy Bawa at Ali Maulah Dargah, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,389 items / 690,046 views

This dargah is a token of tribute to Hazrat Ali..and is in a very congested Mumbai slums called Dharavi..I had come here once with late Handi Sai many years back..a liitle distance away from here is the famous chilla of Ghaus Pak much venerated by Sunni ladies.
The dhuni here is owned by Shakil Bhai I was told.

Coming here barefeet is a tough choice the tiny filthy lanes ,but it is a place of peace once you reach within.

Crazy Bawa is a nice guy , recently he used the sword on my belly at the Sandal of Fakhruddin Shah Baba as a body piercing act...he knows I can with stand pain.

Crazy Bawa makes the most exhilarating butter tea , you got to taste it to believe it, it is solemnly divine.. he speaks to me in bad American drawl, as he thinks I am a foreigner.

This is a hardcore area , you meet all kinds here good the bad and the ugly.. it comes with the territory and these are pi…

Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi Urus 2009

Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi Urus 2009

Ali Maulah Dargah Dharavi Urus 2009, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,388 items / 690,036 views

This was a dargah at Dharavi where another group of the Chancawalli Rafaees sat under Amanat Baba..

I was invited to this place by Hassan Ganda..This Dargah is in a very congested area of Mumbai.

Budhapa Ek Darauna Khab Hai

Budhapa Ek Darauna Khab Hai, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 106,280 items / 689,209 views

hamari badkismati ka jawab hai
gardish mein behta hua sailaab hai

I miss my old shop with its red door , the red door taken away by the bhangar guy, , what remains only pictures and nothing else and the stink of dead fish and prawns yes Bandra Bazar Road is a curse on the Queen of the Suburbs .

Now the elections are over each one sits on a saddled horse but not a tear dop for Bandra Bazar Road that saved the sitting minister from imminent defeat, winning by 1600 votes is no achievement to write home about.

.I see this man on Bandra Hill Road and it saddens me , and do I really need a camera or a camera eye to shoot picture backdrop has changed , but pain is common denominator as it touches us all in one way or another.

I was in a cab a few days back and shooting pictures of the beggar old lady of Mahim , the taxi driver asked me , what would I do with the pictures , I tol…