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Indians Love Taking Short Cuts ..Yes Indians Have Guts

when the train runs
over them in two halves
it cuts no ifs and buts
they call the lazy railway
cops take down details
panchnama while the guy
is dying dying dead coz
the system has all mutts
now waiting for the ambulance
as the body gathers dust ,,
if you are dying on the tracks
in cops dont trust it death
or the ambulance what comes
first ..going going gone balloon
burst ..indians with iron in their
souls bodies that wont rust .

the system only the system created
by conniving politicians system accursed

to cross or no to cross the tracks
what is worse ..the ambulance or hearse

The Inimitable Humble Late Mr KG Maheshwari With Mrs Maheshwari

That he made it to my eldest son Asifs wedding reception was a daunting task..much before the Sea Link came into existence I think..and he hardly moved out of his old home Maheshwari House Napean Sea Road. But he came accompanied by late Mr BW Jatkar he could not refuse the Beggar Poet of Mumbai.

Perhaps he blessed my son photographically that both Asifs daughters are prolific street photographers beggar shooters Canon users and wildly in Bandra.This I believe is Mr Maheshwarijis gift to my family.

Every morning in the days before he fell ill he would call me talk to me about life , guide me mentor me and also send his wisdom via email.. he was a passionate cybernetic geek.. even at his age .. and he never stopped learning .. what he learnt he would share so like me there were others he called up too be it Mr KB Jothady , Vinay Parelakar or Bhupesh Little and the great camera artist Mr Anil Risal Singh.. including late Mr Dilip Ghosh from Jabalpur .

His Maheshwari Foundation helped v…

Because I Would Not Be Comfortable Under A Photo Editors Desk.. I Became A Photo Blogger