Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Gondi Tree of Progeny Taragadh

The Rustic Beauty of Taragadh

mama why have they locked us in..

being born
is it
the original
give birth
to humanity
yet they
dump us
in a garbage
bin against
a male dominating
system can we
ever win..they
burn us at the stake
laugh and grin ..
enjoying our pain
time plays violin
brutalized in body
from within our
papier mache soul
paper thin..

Dhai Djinn Ka Jhopda From Taragadh Mountains

the poetry of my barefeet

kiss the silhouette
of her dainty feet ..
her dusky smile
her silence sweet
her chubby cheeks
reddish like beet
her tender walk
her eyes discreet
on some planet
some other time
we will meet
reciting prayers
for the dead
her pearly beads
lying face upwards
a beggar poets
shadow from
within a winding
sheet .. lying
frozen on concrete

God When You Are Free Please Look Us Up

in between mortal
pain and lost illusions
our dreams stuck up
only bad time comes
our hope interrupt
the world no place
for women evil
corrupt ..the flesh
rebels the soul
erupts ,,,life once
sedate calm now
gone bankrupt
a poetic pause
limpid ..abrupt

crumbling aspirations
falling bricks of change
waiting to be re developed

The Gondi Tree of Progeny Taragadh

if you cant conceive
a child come here
barren leaves of
your womb will
disappear ..
he will give
you a child
dont fret or fear
he will add a smile
on your face
wipe away your tears '
he sees your pain
you call of help
he hears ...come
daughter be
blessed my dear

syed meeran shah baba
with his invocation your
problems of birth ,,
will clear ..miscarriage
mishaps ..misbegotten
names they smear
they will be stunned
shocked when your
new baby appears

Imambada at Taragadh

Distant Dreams - Taragadh

The Dargah Of Meeran Sab Taragadh Ajmer

Khvaab ho tum yaa koi haqeeqat kaun ho tum batlaao

der se kitni door khaDi ho
aur qarib aa jaao

The Gate Of Knowledge Is So Thin You Have To Have The Humility of A Pin To Enter Within

I Saw God Here I Swear

the blind eyes
of a poor muslim beggar
weeping through socketless
eyes in convulsions gasping for air
asking for sight through his prayers
a shadow large loomed over him
touching me too tingling my bodily
hair ..a silhouette of godliness
moved by the heartrending cries
when a beggar prays .. in silence
he says what angels dare not hear
singe their souls in their cosmic layer
when the beggar calmed down people had
sprinkled rose water on him.. his face
beatified a new glow he shared ..
a minuscule man a nano moment
that said in his lofty towers god
hears ,,, comes down he cares

The Devotees of Meeran Sab Ki Dargah Taragadh Ajmer

Once the devotees of Khwajah Garib Nawaz finish offering their tributes to the greatest Holy Saint of India .. The Messiah of the Poor And The Needy, they visit other places close to the Dargah Sharif..Char Yar where the Malanga and Rafaees have their asthana , lots of Qawaaki and kaif.. than Moti Katla vegetable market to see the hijras of India in their most beautiful avatar , one of the greatest followers of Khwajah Moinuddin Chishty their Protector and Patron Saint.
The hijras offer meals to the poor at the langar a lot of dance and qawwali...

After that it is the magnificent ruins of Dhai Dinn Ka Jhopda.. and from here through a winding road across the police chowky and the butcher shops is the path that takes the devotees to Taragadh, various Holy Shrines , the most famous of course the Holy Shrine of Bibi Jamal Bangali Baba and the quintessential Graves of the Hijra Saint and his biological son..

And finally the Taragadh Fort and the famous Gondi Tree of Progeny the food touted as manna for barren women and the Dargah of Meeran Saab..

Taragadh has a very significant Shia Sufi influence ..lot of Azadari Matam Majlis during Moharam and Imambadas too.

This year I did not go up to Taragadh.

The other famous place a shrt drive by bus or cab is Pushkar , the Hebrew Indo enclave of India with Hebrew as second most used language..lots of temples ghats and the iconic Pushkar Brahma Temple.

Both Hindus Muslims even the transgender come here for sightseeing and religios rituals.

I am not a travel blog , but this is in short a summary of spiritual enlightenment.

I stay at the House of Peersaab Fakhru Miya Hujra No6 my host guide and mentor , a great believer of Ahle Bayt and Pursadar of Imam Hussain..he has kept me in his house for several years , given me food shelter , even paid for my return journey when I was broke never charged me a dime .. he cosiders me family , he is a healer and famous in Ilm..
Most of the year he preaches the teachings of Imam Hussain at Bangla Desh and propagates Chishtiya thought of Sufism.

His sons Farid Miya Qambar Miya are his two main pillars of Hujra No 6.

On my part I am mostly at Char Yar cemetery with my Dam Madar Malang brothers all dressed n black with dread heads , and our head of this famous Sufi Order of Hazrat Zinda Madar is Peersaab Syed Masoom Ali Madariya Asqan of Gwalior , because of them I visited the Urus of Zinda Shah Madar at Makanpur near Bhillaur Kanpur.

And these are old images shot in color edited via Aviary as BW and reposted as a new thought with a new direction and hope.

Photography is Nothing..Simply Mind Over Matter and Thoughts Spread And Scatter ..to the former via the latter ...

Climbing Barefeet The Mountains Of Taragadh Ajmer

Climbing  Barefeet The Mountains Of Taragadh Ajmer by firoze shakir photographerno1

with bleeding feet 
blisters kissing 
mother earth 
paying tribute 
to her natural 
charm her love 
her care 
taragadh abode 
of mysticism 
beggars shiasm 
the chant of ya
 hussain 'echoes 
from the mountains 
out there ..
syed meeran shah baba
blesses barren women 
a fruit of the gondi tree 
he shares ,, hope 
harmony progeny 
fills the air ..

Taragadh Langurs

Shah Ast Hussain Badshah ast Hussain.. Deen Ast Ast Hussain

Shah Ast Hussain, Badshah Ast Hussain
Deen Ast Hussain, Deen Panah Ast Hussain
Sar Dad, Na Dad Dast, Dar Dast-E-Yazeed
Haqaa Key Binaey La Ila Ast Hussain
(Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti)

Taragadh Holy Shrine And Khadim Ramzan Ali Sab

Ham Gurbat Ke Qaidi Hain..

Two Dam Madar Malangs ,,,At Taragadh

The Bhatyarkhana Taragadh

I Shoot People ..

I Became A Beggar To Understand And Shoot Beggars ... Taragadh

without shirt
i hit the dirt
bleeding feet
that hurt ..
shooting peace
among beggars
a beggar poet
street expert
pain into
to convert
doomed in

Khuda Musalman Ko Aman Main Rehne Ki Hidayat De

Most Of The Wounds Are Self Inflicted - Burns Maggot Infested Wounds