Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kashmiri Beggars

I have completed the Fakhruddin Shah Baba Urus 2009 series here at Flickr 558 photo blogs.. it was shot before Moharam , but delay in uploading took time..

And the life of the Kashmiri Beggar has not changed now wearing black clothes you will find them appeasing the soul of Humanity near Moghul Masjid or near the Shia mosque at Bandra Bazar Road..

Blogger Bawa Blesses the Little Masseur Kid

He wanted me to bless him more than the money I gave him, and you can understand his plight his inner angst giving massage to roughnecks, drug addicts to all kinds of people with all kinds of intentions.. man its not easy being the little boy masseur at the Mahim urus circuit..Competing with adult massage men , paying protection money or hafta.. and that is why I shot him giving me a massage so you can easily identify his pain..his boyish charm and vulnerability..

I shoot kids without any ulterior motives , recently got a friends request from a guy at Flickr also into shooting kids , but I checked his pictures and saw he was more into barely dressed kids, I dont have to read further I blocked him.. child porn is not my subject but child pain is...and can you stop these masseur boys mostly from Bareilly coming here with dreams in their eyes to make it big...I am not a journalist I shoot pain as I it on the viewfinder of my soul.. I saw this I share it with you...

And the greatest travesty of Indian justice is molesting a girl 14 year old , abetting her suicide destroying her family's self respect and after 19 years getting away with 7 months imprisonment speaks about the malaise in our corrupt society.. where money talks and the criminal walks..and political patronage further adds salt to injury..the police force of India should cower in shame at this heinous act I write this not as a blogger but as a father of a girl child..

The Little Masseur Boy Gives Me A Foot Massage

This was shot much before the Fakhruddin Shah Baba sandal ,I had seen this masseur boy at Makhdoom Shah Babas dhuni, here at Baba Fakhr I called him to massage my tired legs and my head I paid him Rs 50 all in all.. I shot most of the pictures but those with me in the frame were shot by Sakibs 15 year old cousin..

Baba Fakhr is a peaceful place and does not have the crowds or the cops swarming down your neck, and my colorful presence always creates a crowd problem.

The cops at Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah is more for security reasons other than anything else the local guys are in control any untoward situation..the volunteers and Munna Bhai of Sangam decorators keep strict eye on strangers and their activities.. I am well known face at this Dhuni and the dargah..

Me at the Dhuni of Baba Fakhr Mahim

This is perhaps the last segment of the Mahim Urus all this was shot before the Sandal of Baba Fakhruddin but I kept them on hold..I would get a lot solace peace here at this Dhuni..but I did not turn up as often I did last year ...I was busy with work and that was a good excuse.

The Nikon D 80 is a hardy camera and if a two year old can take a picture on it than any dick head can take a picture too..and this is my only surviving camera after I sold my comatose Nikon D 70 body for a mere Rs 5000/ the cops at JJ never found my Powershot G9 that was stolen from me on 9 Moharam last year..this was a gift from Dr Glenn Losack MD..

I have been invited to a Majlis at Cafe Sahil Bombay Central today 11 pm where the majlis is recited by a Sunni Maulana but my chances of making it are very bleak.. I leave on 7 Moharam to shoot Ashura out of Mumbai.. will tell you once I reach there in one piece..

Death Rides A Car

Nothing remains
by far
a single shoe
that gives
life and death
on war
only your
fate knows
whats in store
you are
what you are
that takes you
on a journey
across the shore
from the cradle
to the grave
just another door

Death on Display

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crushing those
that accidentally
come in his way
as you drive
so you pay
was certainly
not your day
he had you
in his spiders nest
you could not
get away
people pass by
without a cursory glance
death on display
the only reality
on earth
your short stay
your soul made
of paper
your feet made of clay
nothing lasts
they dont
even remember you
you have gone away
the void of your presence
with a few candles
some stray tears
they repay
rest in peace
they pray

Majlis at Cafe Sahil Bombay Central

Hassan Irani a friend who owns the Sahil Cafe at Bombay Central has a majlis where a Sunni Maulana takes the platform to narrate the tragedy of Karbala....this is a majlis attended by a lot of Iranis and local kids from Moghul Masjid area.. there is a Busheri matam to in the end..this was shot last year but the majlis is on tomorrow at 11 pm onwards..

23 DEC 2009

The Little Masseur Boy

with dreams
from their eyes
to mumbai
they come
deft fingers
champi malish
your head
like a tabla
they drum
full body massage
on mahim beach
god save you
as your soul
goes numb
kingdom come
ganja smoke
no need
of coke and rum

The Blogger Bawa of Mumbai

living in bandra
who the fuck
needs dubai
or hong kong
or shangai
mother earth
a nasha
some high
a shia born to cry
a camera strap
as neck tie
a vision
by shiva's
third eye

The Kalma

The Kalma, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

A Turbo Vehicle that Does Not Fail
From here to Akhrat you sail

Muslim Beggar Woman's Pain

This is a set on Flickr - Muslim Beggars of Mumbai..

Call me what you like I shoot pain , whether it is in a veil or exposed it cannot escape the karma of my camera camera is unforgiving it shoots despair sorrow as I see it unfurl on the streets..the case of the beggar Muslim woman is bad , totally neglected but we really care to see women begging we dont..

I will give you an example it might be a bit shocking but yes I have a picture to corroborate it.. a milder one ..

This morning while walking to work outside the closed sandal shop , part of the Tata Agiary was a young man , strapping in built, asleep and wearing a Tshirt and totally nude beneath, his privacy overexposed on main Bandra Hill Road .

As a photographer I could have taken the shot as mans fall from grace, but it would shame me as a blogger , women passed him , school kids girls passed him they just giggled and moved by.

I went to the Bandra Police Station , and told the Inspector on duty,he looked as though I was crazy , but finally walked with me and saw the nude man , he said ..Koie Bhikari Hai and went back.. I was sure he would do nothing..

Later I walked back the same way after a long time and the guy was still there nude , but his privacy was covered by his leg I took a this is Mumbai.. who cares our conscience and that of our society is dead to all these issues , we notice North Indians beat the shit out of them..we notice guys dressed like me at Nakabandis and let the terrorist dressed as a policeman perhaps hypothetical ,get away..

This is Mumbai and the fate of the beggar Muslim woman is worse than a cracker lit up a dogs tail and nobody hears its shrieks..

Yes I am a blogger and I story tell life in pictures as it passes me by...

Khuda Ke Bandhe

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nakab posh
khuda ke bandhe
inke gale main
waqt ke phande
25000 hazar ka
bakra kharido
idd mubarak
ankhon se andhe
inke liye paisa do paisa
kuchle hue phool
dikhne main gande
padai likhai
nasib nahi
muflisi ke dhande

Kambakht Gharibi

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zindagi bhar
ki badnasibi
kambakht gharibi
baccha aur bibi
miya hain palang par
unko hai TB

Important Notice of Faith

Important notice of Faith
for lovers of Ahle Bayt

The Bandra Worli Sea Link Killer Cab

This was the killer cab that collided with the black car of Ojhas Mehta on the Bandra Worli Sea Link it was lying outside the Bandra Police Station..for a few days not anymore..

needed a morsel
to add to his flab
the passenger
seated at the back
of this cab
he did grab
killing two
with a hook and a jab
memories covered
beneath a slab

The Bandra Worli Sea Link Killer Car

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Parked outside the Bandra Police Station, blood splattered on the wind screen, a black shoe gives testimony to the life of Ojhas Mehta cut short by Fate ...people pass by this car some give it a glance , some wonder at its metallic mortality..I shot several frames I dont know why , perhaps because I am a street photographer and perhaps because I defy death and intrigued that it hits and runs..the flesh more than the soul it stuns..

where is thy sting
hopes of parents
out of this car
gone for a fling
bandra worli sea link
an armor
with a disastrous chink
made for the rich man
for the rich man is king
sometimes sorrow
it brings
death riding
on borrowed wings
dust to dust
ashes to ashes
above all things
a funereal song
the breeze sings