Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Am A Fucked Street Photographer

I shoot fucked things
that obfuscate my
vision some what
 like a foolish stupid
fisherman i wonder
what the fuck i have
caught the poor
mans fate the poor
mans  fucked lot
i sometimes add
poetry to my
fucked thoughts
like the actors
in my street skit
destined to rot
puppets on a
string ..playing
their parts ..
sometimes cold
sometimes hot
on the map of
my fucked
little dots

what god did not want me to see
i cosmically  I shot ..a street photographer
using my camera as a karmic robot ..

Bandra Is Home For Drug Addicts ,, But What I See Cops Dont See

Mehnat kar am admi jaag utha, lo dharti ke bhaag jage,

vo mitti sona ho jaaye, jismein humaara haath lage, bhai mehnat ka, har khel hai sara,  ...

Dear Arrogant Politicians Dont Take The Public For Granted

Iron Lady vs I Run Man was the
greatest mistake the common man
at Worli wisely said power corrupts
 absolute power corrupts absolutely
when you hit the underdog below
the belt you suffer the consequences
instead both power forces watching
the tortoise winning the race as at the
finish line before both the hares he sped
leaving one absolutely wounded the other
totally decimated politically dead he went
on with his soliloquy he muttered the writing
on the wall mr kejriwal the shrewd diplomat
had cleverly read apologizing hand s folded
touching the feat of the public from the front
he led with his team sweeping  both the
parties from the map of delhi ..a moment
remembered a moment delirious AK 67
was no more AK 49..the common man of
worli non committed nodded his head ..
this victory was hitting the motor mouths
for ghar wapsi love jehad attacks on churches
rapes making women as manufacturing units
for producing kids ..words vandalizing the soul
of our indianness they bled and where are the
famous twitter goons bullying abusing all
knocked out under the bed acche din delhi
main a gaye .. saying this the common of worli
allowed me after taking his picture to move ahead

dedicated to the delhi public mature intelligent politically savvy ..voted for a man who promised them hope peace
BJP  Congress free Delhi.. pani bijli vikas without fear or dread ..a muffler with the common mans name in gold thread


Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.