Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chal Mere Bhai..Jail Yatra

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jail walls do not a prison make...two 50% Muslim born burnt at the stake

For possessing an AK56
Sanjay Dutt
Munna Bhai was caught
Duly sentenced 6 years
At Yerwada Jail to rot
Making cane chairs
Rs 12 a day one who is paid
In crores for each film
Rise and fall of a big shot
Salman Khan Sallu Bhai
Followed suit for a black buck
He shot
All said and done
Justice should
Take its course
Such was Destiny’s plot
Can’t we show leniency
For first time offenders
Redeeming their life
And the life of their loved ones
A thought
Criminals who do worse
Kill maim rape sodomize
Terrorize the laws of the country
Mock justice
Move about freely
Here and abroad
Never ever caught
On the soul of our
National consciousness a blot
Says a minister the savior of animals
Haughtily he Salman deserves what he got
So much hate emanating from a beauty spot
Sometimes animals are saved
So what?
The world of mankind that
Desensitized demoralized Men swat
A cruel world of human being
That even a God who created them forgot
Politics of criminalization in the hot seat
Takes prime time slot
The moral of the story
A hate filled kettle calling the pot black hot

Thank You AJS

Thank You AJS
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Thank You AJS
Mate I seek your forgiveness
I realized you are the only one at
Poem hunter
Who loves me more than anyone else
You read all my poems
You see all my pictures
at Bloggerspot Flickr and Word Press
Inspite of your wilting wantonness
We could have been soul mates
But unfortunately
You hate my Indianess..
Can we start all over again
White spy v/s Black spy in
Total playfulness,,lets
Make up and get over this madness
Lets write poetry of love
And human kindness
Thank you A JS
You have made me a better poet
This I must forcefully stress
Breast infatuation is passe
Now its cute ass none the less
You must come to Mumbai
I will make you a beautiful dress
Now don’t blush like a coy chicken headless
I am yours
You are mine
Aussi-Indo friendliness
Together holding hands we
Will read Siddhatha by Herman Hess
Me your Indian Rope Trick Man
You my Crocodile Dundie
In a new found wilderness
Thank you AJS
The hate management pills
That you suggested were not at all poisonous
God Bless I am a changed Man
My multi colored ass you don’t need to caress
My attitude to you in keeping with your wicked

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Comments on Man O Man Weeping weed
losackmd says:
Why is Flickr filtering this photo out????
this is not pornography
this is photojournalsm at is best
this is actual documentary photography not photoshopd
it is an important depiction of what humans still must do in this wonderful fast paced materialistic MTV crapola world..

this world needs a reality check!
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flickr photographerno1 says:
Flickr has lost it completely, I am under restricted guidelines because of frontal nudity, come on Terence give me a break . I came here to Flickr posted the best of me , to expose a part of human culture, Naga Sadhus are not Porn , God you guys are Tom Thumb minded, I dont show cock sucking, or other sexual trivialities or titilating porn , you guys needd to do a rethink, sites like Bloggerspot, Word press only two years old , Ipernity are more mature than you...
I am really shocked .
Why dont you put an age check on my Naga Gallery?
Let the viewer make his decision?
Even Buzznet is leagues ahead of you guys in maturity...
or are you instigating me to write another poem
Sink Flickr Sink
you must get your collective minds checked and do a quick rethink..
we are all grown ups...

Naga sadhus is not porn
Beggars at Haji ali is not porn
Where have your minds gone
Catch the bull by the horn
restricted viewing to phhoto
journalism pictures
a new censorship
at Flickr spawn
Come on Terence
give me a break
dont behave love lorn
frontal nudity well that
is the natural born ethos
of the Naga Sadhus
dusk to dawn
Think Flickr Think
Misplaced Censorship Reborn.
I gave my time 9804 pictures
poems my creativity you scorn
yes you going brain dead on me
here at Flickr I mourn.

photo from net..
slightly altered with due aplogies ..