Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Camels Hump

they are born
just like this
it was a hop
skip and jump
they survived
the foetal stage
when in
garbage cans
they dump
or live on to
 be swallowed
as sweet sugary
 lump either way
they are stumped

Our Beggar Kids Live Life King Size

no home
to call their own
by society as
frail bodies
blood sweat
bones .
a picture
in muted
as i shot
them from
a ricksha
all alone
traffic signal
kids children
of a lesser
god busy
on his mobile
phone  what
he created
man will clone
seeking hope
in an unknown
zone fire hell

This Cycle Bites The Dust ..Gone From Bad To Worse

the owner
left if chained
to a gate
so the poor
cycle waits
kicked around
pushed around
in very bad state .
dogs come
sniff it piddle
on it a cycles
woeful wretched
cosmic fate
wheels within
wheels gyrate
the cycle
why does he not
sell me as junk
or to a poor
child donate
as a soulmate
so helpless
lying serpentine
poor health
as it loses
weight getting
rusty the cycle
morbidly mutates
wishes if only
to budnitz cycles
it could migrate
a loving boss
a cheerful boss
a yogic with whom
it could relate
over a good cup of
coffee that does
not suck ,,satiate
lonely in the wilderness
of urban decay  as
its wheels rotate

to a beggar poet on #ello a story it narrates

The Cow - Wonders What Now

will they ban mutton
 chicken fish pork make
everyone vegetarians
she utters our aloud ,,
a bill under the cloud
says a board in the
building complex
meat eaters sorry
simply not allowed
political appeasement
the butchers protesting
raised eyebrows
jobless unemployed
wont be cowed down
from a corner comes
the voice of a drug addict
please bring back meow
meow ,,the lady slaps
him with her bag
a badgering hausfrau
raised eyebrows
trying to get the taste
of kheema pao switching
over to carabao

bhai desh ko bachao
swarg bharat banao

The carabao is a swamp type domestic water buffalo

Who Will Protect These Kids ,,,

who will ban
the beggar mafia
that forces these kids
to beg on the streets
if they dont bring in
money they get nothing
to eat ..innocent children
robbed of their childhood
running after cars at our
traffic signal in the heat
barefeet ..however hard
they try their fucked future
the cannot cheat ..drugged
child on the waist of another
child begging from the elite

When Will We Ban Chicken Mutton Pork... Also Ban The Children Bearing Stork