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Bleeding Blogs

Bleeding Blogs
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 On the soil of my fleshly existence
Bleeding to death for all to see
encrusted layers of my wordless poetry
Butchered carelessly
My body from my soul set free
My blogs running towards the gutters
Of an open sea
words clinging to pictures
of a compositional tragedy
the girl child impregnated
a child mother s depravity
the transgendered tears
of hijda their alternate sexuality
the naga sadhus ling kriya
shai snan their royal priority
the sufis cutting tongues
bulging eyeballs their
soulless sanctity
the shias
allah ho akbar
proclaiming hussainiyat
as their nativity
as for the enemies of shiasm
misplaced martyrdom
within reach of their calamity

Bham Bham Bholenath

Bham Bham Bholenath
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 bure waqt
har musibat mein
tum dete ho sath
dhubte ka tinka
sirf tumhara hath
bam bam bhole nath
bam bam bhole nath
tum base ho sab ke dil mein
na koie jath aur path
bam bam bhole nath
bam bam bhole nath
har peeda har dushman
ka tum karte ho math
har har mahadev mein basa
hai sab ka bholenath
bam bam bhole nath
bam bam bhole nath

I am fascinated with Lord Shiva , so you see my proximity with the Naga Sadhus, this has nothing to do with my inherent nature as a Muslim .. but it is part of my cultural inheritance, I always wanted to visit Amarnath and Kailash Mansorovar, but somehow lack of funds, time always alluded me..but I know that Lord Shiva will give me wings to fly, shoot him , this I am certain..
I am still unquenched as I want to visit Junagadh on Maha Shivratri but each year, inspite of a genuine curiosity, it does not happen.
My Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj of Shanti Ashram at Film City may one day take me with him..
I misse…

Boran Road /Someone calls me Psychic

Boran Road /Someone calls me Psychic
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 This is the famous Bandra Boran Road , placcid waters reaching out towards Bandra HillRoad on one end , the end facing the rain revellers , they are moving towards the Bandra Bazar Road , all knee deep , just to the right of them is an open 4 feet gutter , a red flag has been placed there last year , it is still there this year.
Stupid this is a last years picture dont you see.
My poems and my pictures are mostly off tangent I say one thing through my pictures I show another thing.

So now read my poem written last year at Buzznet ..

Someone calls me Psychic

Someone calls me a Prick

Someone calls me Burnt Out Wick

Someone calls me a Slippery Indian Dick

Someone calls me Satans Talking Stick

Someone calls me Zidanes Corner Kick

Someone calls me Poetic Ass Lick

Someone calls me Prostituted Prosaic

I scratch my Balls , my Nose pick

Such friends that I did not hand pick.

4th of July

a cracker under the stov…

Falling in Love

Falling in Love
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Life will not be the same
said the ant
to me his confidante
I fell in love
with a human Blog Goddess
my insect like love
I tried to transplant
but she crushed me
with her avowal
I cant
I am married a mother
a cybernetic agony aunt
happy with my Adonis
a heave in a pant
no you little monster
me you cannot enchant

picture google images

The Muslim Woman at Her Grave

The Muslim Woman at Her Grave
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 when she was born her headstone was a tomb
such were words written in blood on her mothers womb

the Muslim Woman
sits and begs
watches humanity as it passes by
she was born to live she will live to die
her hanky soaked in a muffled cry
allah ho akbar there is more
than sectarian hate in Islam
than meeets the eye
grandiose masjids touching the sky
madarssas bloom manafacture lies
the muslim woman
chauvinistic male Mullahdom
her rights deny
ignorance the Jihad
turned a Nelsons eye
the Crescent weeps
with eyes dry
muslims love killing muslims
a thought underlie
can we ever as Muslims unify?
our priorities that we misapply
the muslim woman
the perfect scapegoat to crucify.

A Beggars Bowl

A Beggars Bowl
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 This was a poemless picture at my homesite I shall fill it as a poem here at Flickrs..

treacherously tattered tear stained soul
a little speck of dust you made it whole
what is godiness without you
in my wretched beggars bowl
a navajo princess pride and vanity
a dead indian beneath the totem pole
stitched lips of silence words unroll

Fuck Shoes Unfuck Firoze

Fuck Shoes Unfuck Firoze
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Bandra Bazar Road

Weeps overflows...

Politicos Doze

No one knows

Pass the Buck

Apathy grows

life eunuched

to good lucked doors

To live here

Yes I chose

Me Firoze

I sneeze

the guttered

waters from my

nose flows

my grandson

yet to be born

shall walk

tall barefeet

honeyed toes.

municipal machinations

unending woes

Fuck Shoes

Unfuck Firoze

update 30th June 2007

This is a picture shot last year , this is Bandra Bazar road, today was the same , rains flooded the area, gutters weeping , vomitting filth, luckily I have taken a sabbatical from bare feet walking because of my diabetes , soaring sugar evels, one never knows what might prick me .
I shot pictures on negs on my F100 this morning

my 431st poem

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Bandra Bazar Road
flooded emotions in a swoon
from the Municipality
this is a yearly boon
open gutters
choked storm drains
unlike the craters on the moon
Oh to run away from Mumbai
settle in Dehradun
kids in Sherwood College
born with a silver spoon
but then on second thoughts
it is Mumbai just Mumbai in Monsoon
the rains seminal drops of a honeymoon
only the spolit sport municipality
keeps bursting this balloon
yet the resilient spirit
of a Mee Mumbaikar
the lovely month of June
when our beloved city
turns into a Blue Lagoon
Fuck Shangai Fuck Venice
Pedestrian cities out of tune..
no tsunami no typhoon
it is Mumbai Manoos
he whistles sings and croon
Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan
Baki Sab Lampoon.
The Whispering Venus
on the Sultry Mound of her Dune
Bollywoods Most Wanted
a poet a photographer a blogger
caricatured as a Cartoon

Slumbai Mumbai Shangaied

Slumbai Mumbai Shangaied
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Our city fathers keep unnerving us each time they want to make Mumbai into Shangai..
The Rains come we look like Venice , cars floating like Gondolas, making love in the car on the back seats during floods , with a juicy Bhuta maize in hand is the best kick, a horny guy who deals in stolen car parts at Chor Bazar was telling me...It gave an extra kick , he is already married this he was talking about his maid servant who accompanies him to buy chicken at Bandra Bazar Road..
Wife is in bed enwombed to her 9th kid expected any day like the torrential rains...
Bandra Bombil wadi, near Hill Road has sleepy East Indian cottages, this morning it was a stream kids swimming under the shadow of the Cross, Jesus watching uninterestedly , He watches this tamasha every year, this is the only Cross close to a gutter that has pigs paying homage to the Messiah.
They call it Bandra's Bay of Pigs.
I came out from this lane into…

Mumbai Chikened Out

Mumbai Chikened Out
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 This was shot last year , today I shot pictures too on negatives on my F100, the situation is te same, gutters choked, water logged , man stranded , this is Bandra Bazar Road, I did not venture any further , to my shop and bachk home.Disaster Management a total hogwash.
The Ad Guru Alyque Padamsee appealed to our Chief Minister to come lead the helpless from the front , take a dip in the unholy waters of this Maha Mumbai Kumbh.
This picture is not very far from where I stay, all these pictures are on my homesite a gallery of pain called Bandra Bizarre Road.. Bandra Bezar Road..but Bandra Bazar road all the same..
I copy a few excerpts from kind courtesy :

"Rain halts life in Mumbai"

"NDTV Correspondent
Saturday, June 30, 2007 (Mumbai)
Heavy rainfall in Mumbai has flooded the busy Andheri, Worli, Sion, Kurla, Wadala, Chembur, Borivili, Kandivili and…