Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hey Dudes Dont Mess With Mr Shatrughan Sinha

Lord GSB Wishes You A Very Happy Diwali..

Saikdon Phool Ek Mali ... Apki Zindagi Main Sada Rahe Haryali

Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahin Na Kahin.. Koie Na Koie Toh Ayega

This Diwali
if you are a Loser
if you are unmarried
if you are single
dying to mingle
if you have been
rejected dejected
dont give up hope
in the wishing well
a lot of good fortune
waiting for you at
the end of the rope
even if her father
hates you ,dont worry
you wont have to
elope ,, life is nothing
but a filmy story
seen through the
beauty of a Bioscope

much better than an idiotic soap
learn to be positive learn to cope

dont hit the bottle dont take dope