Monday, August 16, 2010

The Youngest Indi Blogger of Mumbai

two and a half years old
waiting in the wings
marziya shakir
street photographer
indian by birth
indi blogger
by choice
way ahead
picture and poise
with the Nikon D80
she shoots
street urchins
girls and boys
at age when
other kids
are breaking
their toys
a decisive moment
the birth of a girl child
a gift we rejoice
the click of her camera
on the soul
of photography
she makes some noise

Neighbors Envy Grand fathers Pride

The Indi Bloggers Tech Guru and Blog Poet

Two Friends For Life Renie and Me

Watching Marziya's Pctures Big Rock

The Indi Bloggers Mumbai Meet In Conclusion

Another 21 pictures and I finally complete the Indi Bloggers Mumbai Meet set here at Flickr.I think I shot over 300 pictures in a few hours I could have shot double the amount if it was an outdoor event as my mind works better on the streets ..I hate flash I use the sun as my main light and the clouds as my reflectors..

Thank you all the Indi Blogger meet connected us through an offline event and we saw bloggers without their masks their fictitious avatars ..we some as blood bone and flesh and this what it takes to build a blog blood bones and flesh..

You will be read if you have something to say , even if you have nothing to say your blog will be read through the nuances of light and shade in your picture.. all poems are poems provided you learn to read them like poetry..

Than you Renie I am bad with names and all your team mates the bloggers the floggers and the hoggers too.. and the sloggers well they are faceless and work without names.

Thank you Gul Panag..


The Greatness of a Blog Lies in the Humility of a Blogger

Indi Bloggers Meet Mumbai 2010

This is A Bloggers Hand

137,648 items / 1,065,635 views

with a click
of a mouse
a keyboard
internet wires
he makes the world
see the other side
of the moon
his sincerity
his integrity
love passion
for humanity
the media hardly
blogger bashing
on his ethereal soul
the poetry of life
pre planned
the blog
is a holistic
healing tool
a magic wand
giving you hope
when newspapers
offer you meals
stale and totally
bland the blog
is the newspapers
at a cab stand
thank you
Google God
Broad band
a world without
a cyberspace as
withering wastelands

dedicated to Gul Panag

Indi Bloggers Meet Mumbai 2010

137,395 items / 1,064,434 views

the empty chairs you see
is the vivacious spirit
of the Indi Blogger
blogs on humanity
the answer to a world
a better tomorrow
for our children
'our children s children
in gratitude and humility
have a picture or words
will travel at speed of sound
is a blog in all its veracity
holistically healing
a sea link over silent waters
via a computer internet wires
mankind's hope beyond
pain despair remorse
depravity a blog heart
beats in every Indian city

Dedicated to all at Indi Blogger

Magic Eye and Me

137,485 items / 1,064,919 views

I met Magic Eye in 2005 at Fotothing , those days I was new to blogging and though I deleted all my old accounts due to someone hacking of my site , the hacker had done a great job posting porn on my religious Muslim posts that upset some right wingers in Lucknow where I had gone to shoot Moharam , I was new to blogging , and a bit scared too with the fatwas on me I deleted all blogs 11000 in one night both as Photographer No1 and Commentator No1 at Buzznet and Blogspot.

When things died down , I got back to blogging on Word Press and a new account at Blogspot, the only blog I did not delete was the one at Fotothing , my oldest presence on cyberspace and my archives

I had deleted my old Flickr accont and it was Deepak who introduced me to Flickr and the fine tuning of blogs.

We kept in touch but we had never met all these years and Indi Blogger bough us together yesterday at Sea Princess hotel .

I took up a new account with Flickr being prolific photographer shooting religion culture and Hijras or transgender .

I began my tryst with Flickr in June 2007..for me Flickr is my home where my pictorial dreams are born , all my blogs originate at Flickr...

I have till date posted 137,485 photo blogs at Flickr / 1,064,919 views in humility and gratitude to all you without your presence my presence would be nullified ..

So friends like Deepak Ambebal and my blogger friends at Buzznet helped me all the way., and if you read my Flickr profile you will get the gist of my life on cyberspace.

The most important lesson I learnt as a blogger was to moderate my stuff , not because I wrote it but at the other end somebody was reading me , I use F words but I have toned down my anger , after the birth of my grand daughter Marziya Shakir and my rants too have become minimalist..

It took me time and I realized because I blog because you Blog the world lives ..we are because of our Blogs.

I type with one finger due to a sword injury during Moharam, I am a Shia Muslim I participate in the events of my faith so my picture are bloody gory use your discretion , but I cant change my views my heritage or my cultural back ground because you dont like it so to keep hardcore insulting biased Shia baiters Indian baiters I strangulated my comment boxes everywhere save Facebook ..

I cross blog to Twitter and my other sites through Flickr I dont access them by logging in..

I use Twitter and Flick to pimp my blogs period..

And this post i have written or the young friends I made at Indi Blogger , brilliant brains with human hearts and the future a of my country and the pride of or Nation..

The Bloggers of India..

What happens a day after Independence day,well we are back into the murky world of life back to breaking news back to Common Wealth games back to mud slinging back to apathy.. back , yes our back to everything..

But here the blog keeps us alive we may not have answers but our pictures show you the dark areas and the texture of the tragedy of Time..

I will upload another batch and go to sleep again.

Thank You Deepak..and all of you at Indi Blogger .

The Story Teller

137,477 items / 1,064,845 views

jab ham chote se the
ma hame bahlati thi
dher sari khaniya
sunati thi
buri ghadi
door ho jati thi

aj ham bade ho gaye hain
wohi khaniya hame
bar bar yad ati hain
main ansoo
leh athi hain
man ko guzre we
kafi arsa ho gaya
kiis aur ki kahani
man ki
ki yad athi hai

I am crying as I write this in a few seconds I begin my fifth fast , this a blog it lies suspended in mid air on my cheek and the girl in the picture is a story teller too..

We are all reliving the story of our Life and if a Blog could change my life at the age of 58 than I am holding my grand daughter Maziya s finger and taking her on a journey across blogosphere.crossing the sand dunes of Wordpress moving towards Facebook and entering into a world of sprinkling fountains call Twitter..

Thank you all at Indi Blogger.

Renie Ranvin and Me - Indi Bloggers Meet Mumbai

Renie Ranvin Indi Bloggers God of Blogs

137,392 items / 1,064,417 views

a mind
that seldom clogs
to renie ranvin
this poetry prologue
he barks less
but works
like a dog
with his
indi blogger
team he slogs
with his mind
a passion pirouetting
on his soul
friendly feed
no mind blocks
by Google
a solid rock
a blog
the gates
of knowledge

Indi Bloggers Meet Mumbai 2010

137,386 items / 1,064,296 views

I was given this T shirt by the Indi Bloggers for having attended the Indi Bloggers Meet at Hotel Sea Princess , I was there from 2pm till about 7 pm..

When I returned home I was already late but broke my fast I handed over the felt pens given to me by Big Rock dudes for Marziya they had seen her on my Flickr photo stream..

She kissed my hand when I gifted her the pens but she wanted the Tshirt too that she wore in such a way that it looked like a Muslim hijab , the dress code her grand mother and mother adhere too.

So the Indi Bloggers Meet is my new set on Flickr I dedicate it to a two and a half year old youngest street photographer from Bandra Mumbai..

Marziya Shakir my grand daughter

She makes a statement loud and clear, she has her blogs at Word Press her Facebook page , Twitter presence and her own e mail Id too.

If the Indi Blogger meet was at Bandra I would have bought her for a short while to introduce her to Renie Ranvin and his Indi Blogger team and the other bloggers.

Renie is one hell of brilliant net savvy dude , human kind and blog loving..

I had to meet him , we had never met before this..

I was perhaps the oldest blogger 58 years , and the youngest was 16 so I include Marziya as a honorary blogger waiting in the wings the corridors of Indi Blogs...

I spoke a bit as we were asked to introduce ourselves turn by turn..

This was one of the best time I have had among all the bloggers from Mumbai and all over India..

But Gul Panag the guest was the cynosure of all eyes , her panache her knowledge on blogs her beauty brain and wits had all the bloggers eating from her hands literally..

She is the first Bollywood actress that made me salute her for charm her dignity and her grace..

There was a promo of a yet to be released fil Soch Lo being promoted by Indi Bloggers..
Sea Princess hotel, Big Rock ,Jet Lite were the other sponsors for this exhilarating blog meet..

There was a constructive debate hosted by Gul Panag regarding the future and influence of blogs in our daily lives.

The Indi Blogger Mantra is We Blog Therefore We Are.,.

This is my prologue Introduction to the picture I shall be posting at Flickr without text in most cases.

I met a fellow blogger we have been friends online but we have not met so this meet was a a great place to met him Magic Eye or Deepak Ambebal a prolific photographer and photo blogger...

Man is the Dirtiest Animal of All

he shits all over the place
makes my skin crawl
man dirties his
the shit hits the wall
man in stature very tall
is the smallest
of the small
mindless brainless
only brawl
born from a womb
of a deathly pall
man the name
of this planets fall
his hate with blood
screaming bullets
bombs on the soul
of humanity scrawls
man the greatest curse
to the unborn child
a future mangled
manacled mauled
doomed destiny
on all sides walled

Thank You Indi Bloggers

Marziya kisses my hand if she is happy , and now she is very happy and the reason is I have just returned from the Indi Bloggers meet and one of the sponsors of the meet gave me some felt pens for Marziya he had seen her pictures on my Flickr blogs....

I wrote this on their forum just now ..

I have just returned from the Indi Bloggers meet at Hotel Sea Princess Juhu, it was one of the most fascinating creatively entertaining day I spent with my blogger friends , I thank Renie and his Team and Gul Panag the only Bollywood Siren with Beauty Brains and Wit.

I will soon be posting the pictures at my Flickr photo stream, I thank everyone who wrote on the placard on my back the inspiring comments and their love and concern.

And for young bloggers for having accepted this 58 year old blogger as their own,,

I firmly believe only the Blog can save the world from incessant hate and self destruct.

For me the Blog is the Life and the Resurrection...

I hope we have such meeting in the future too..

Thanks also to Indi Bloggers sponsors too..

I have just broken my fourth fast of Ramzan and pray for success peace for all of you..