Friday, September 24, 2010

This Is Kadak Brun All You Need Is Maska and Garam Chai

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Because of the almost back to back pictures of the various feasts I have shot a lot of things remain unposted and I am still using my sons spare laptop, my own computer crashed got sick and tired of my non stoppable blogging.

I shoot what touches me as a poet and it differs from what you or another person would see and I shoot shit I shoot crap I shoot anything that connects with my past.

When we stayed at Wodehouse Road at Jony Castle when it was called Khatau Bhuvan , and were going through a very bad patch my mom would send me across the Military Quarters to Sasoon Dock where there was a bakery and I bought brun we had with dal..

I got free fish from the Tandels and this is one of the reasons I post much on the Kolis .. they are part of my past too.

I kept stray dogs cats pigeons and treated stray animals wit respect we were late Keith Kanga Rayomand Framroze and Vimal Patacharige from Sri Lanka.

So photography connects you and the unknown zone it is a mystical medium , and a very powerful medium too..without pictures life would be dreary and drab.

But as photographer I have been lucky I moved away from Club Culture and the Print.

For me the digital era meant learning photo shop and the basics of the internet , the blogs changed my life completely ..the quality of my life too.

The print restricted me the blog gave me wings to fly and express myself without restrains but I moderate my stuff try not to hurt others so I shoot life positively be it the whores of the red light areas or the hijras on the streets or those that earn their money as male prostitutes.

I shoot garbage and I shoot it as a poet with the stink to hit olfactory senses too,, garbage is the story of man like democracy of the garbage for the garbage by the garbage .

We Indians are Gods gift to Humanity take it or laeave it and the only person who knew this was Peter Sellers and he is no more alive.
We are a loving race peaceful race we are the only race that creates something from nothing and this is neither tongue in cheek or a satire.

We are a dichotomous race we are manly and we are eunuchs too..we fuck we get fucked too.. we get fucked by a fucked system of life .

And I dont mean the CWG and this is not a Kalmadi i joke so stop giggling you girls at the back,.

I was telling a guy who asked me where do I find a good Hindu and a devout one I gave him my mobile number I am as much a Hindu as you are a Muslim.

Because I am a hardcore Indian I dont let religiosity attack the principle of my Indianess.

And even blogs are mans restlessness .. his desire to share his world and to share the other mans world too,,,

I have a good friend who is a Wiccan dont believe in it but I respect his choice of Faith and we are the best of Internet friends.

So even a loaf of bread hides the story and lets it lose on the soul of humanity as a blog.

My legs are in real bad shape totally swollen with the long trek with Lalbagh Chya Raja on the day of Immersion but they will heal I am sure..

So now you know why some blogs are pictures and some blogs are texts and pictures ..poetry or prose..some far some up close.

Story of a Facebook Love Lost Cat

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the husband
was a horny
son of a bitch
after all
he ran away with
the neighbors
feline seductress
cute and small
all male cats
are born bastards
she meowed
on my facebook wall
may his balls
get crushed
may he break
his cat bones
she cursed him
once and for all
now a single mother
two children and all
once she too was
the most fascinating
feline beauty like a
doll statuesque and tall
all the stray tabbies
called her the queen
eaves teasing her
all in all
she did sleep
but gave it up
once and for all
settled down
in an east indian chawl
met this hunk of cat
drop down crotch and balls
got conned all in all
waiting for another
soul mate from
'New Orleans
the posey cat
her facebook friend
with a cute
American drawl

No 1

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Two Street Photographers

The Blogger Bawa of Bandra Bazar Road

This Child Shot Me Without a Camera

This Was The Only Job That Required No Qualifications

Her Soul Is Wont Be Affected By The Verdict of Fate

Now Please Dont Ask Me Why I Shoot All This..

Simply because you dont have a camera and your mobile phone camera wont capture the pain of Motherhood as my camera does..

This is Mutual Coexistence as it Exists Among Political Parties of India..

With due respect to their surroundings on the political dump..

This is Another Poor Muslim Man With His Back To The Wall

Now This Is a Bit of Kashmir Begging On The Streets of Mumbai

The reason why all sanctimonious shit heads hate photographers like us is because we dont compromise on the subject we shoot a very controversial subject called Truth..

And I dont sell my pictures so there is no hidden agenda I love my country and I dont have to prove it with reciting Vande Matram like a parrot ..our nationalism is very simple we bleed for Hussain we will die for the country that gave us birth yes Imam Hussain too liked Hindustan..

We dont bow to Yazid we never will.

So before you term my rant as Shiaspeak let me go back to the street I shoot beggars but they shoot me before I shoot them..Kashmirayat flowers on the railway tracks at Bandra East too near datrgah shrines.

And my poets soul gets hit each time I shoot this pain ..I try to keep my pictures textless you should be able to read what I cant write the pain of living as a refugee away from your homeland.. a homeland where the fire burns the meals wit the family and togetherness .

And in all my life as a street photographer I reiterate I only shot the Kashmiri Muslim and his wife and his kids begging on the streets of Mumbai..

I met a poor Kashmiri Pandit family only once they were praying for peace and going back home at the gates of the Shrine of Nizamuddin Aulia in Delhi.

And I am apolitical I shoot human beings and I shoot their pain which is universal to other human beings too..

Does This Muslim Really Care Where You Build a Place Of Worship His Is On The Road

Tamatar Ke Panje

Kya Yeh Baccha Yeh Din Yad Rakhega

These Are The Corridors of A Muslim Beggar Womans Life

The Muslim Man Carries A Burden ..

Aye Shyane Phut Na

This is The Common Wealth of The Poor On The Street

But with cotton wool in the ears do you think anyone cares ..with blinkers on the eyes of apathy a future that scares with mr kalmadi glued to his chair his natty sports wear..Reebok on his feet shining pair ..while the poor open eyed empty stomach into the face of despair stare ..back to square ,, political innuendos a broken fence who will mend or repair..the only thing free in India corruption and polluted air..


Our School Teacher Ate This and Boras on the Sly

School Was This Beyond Our Homework

I Had To Buy This For My School Girlfriend To Keep My Puppy Love Alive

This Was School Memories Khatta Meetha and Namkin

Marziya Shakir Joins Flickr

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Today 24 Sept Marziya Shakir joins Flickr and gets her identity away from the shadow of the barefeet blogger of Mumbai..

The Pride of Mumbai Lalbagh Chya Raja

Lalbagh Chya Raja The King of Kings

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the elephant god
of all good things
on a chariot
of wings he swings
riding a human crest
flowers to the crowds
his helpers fling
the crowds moved
to tears of joy
they dance they sing
lalbagh cha raja
the king of kings
into empty hearts
he brings good things
removes obstacles
adds zest and zing
a fountain of peace
a spiritual spring
master of the game
ruler of the ring
his people human
loving and caring
for them
lalbagh cha raja
is the lord almighty
above all things

The Place From Where I Was Shooting Raja at The Gates

The Place From Where I Was Shooting Raja at The Gates

Jai Ho Mobile Camera Phone Photographer

Hi Shaan Konachi Lalbagh Cha Raja Chi

Kabhi Kabhi Hum Bhi Apko Bhagwan Ka Darshan Karate Hain

All These Pictures Were God Sent

The MobilePhone Camera Photographer Is Here To Stay

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however hard you try
you shout you scream
you abuse
he wont go away
the mobile phone
camera photographer
in your picture
make his way
with his mobile phone
hands held high
shoots and prays
yes this is surely
the latest craze
a rare breed
no F*** F Stops
point ans shoot
directly upload
to facebook
set your wall ablaze
with the elephant gods
world famous face
lalbagh chya raja
pucca mumbaikar
dignity and grace
he shan konachi
lalbagh chya raja chi
a reverberating
chant invoking
catch phrase
if only
the commonwealth
games had him
as brand ambassador
no broken bridges
no rampant corruption
everything in
its right place
bharat bhagya vidhata
now and always
the queen would have
been happy our
efforts worthy of praise
after the games
heads will roll
on the same corrupted
bodies new heads
the system
will replace

Lalbagh Chya Raja and The Gates Of Destiny