Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Although I Have Deleted Her

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i have deleted her
from the fucked wall
of my consciousness
who she is you
wont guess
no not the
blog goddess
god bless
the one
i have deleted
was a soul
full of conceit
'yet kindness
no not the
she was a
mind all messed
the person
i talk
of was proud
bit arrogant
with some
her world was no
my world was yes
she loved
to play some
mind chess
word press
all stressed
now when
i look back
in retrospection
her was
better than
her poisonous
nothing more
nothing less
a moment lost
a moment
she left me
without her
that wander
when they digress
become poetic
not to be suppressed
lost love hovering
between defeat
failure and success

A Street Photographers World is Always Upside Down Downside Up

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on the streets
raising the camera
above my head
i shot this frame
pressed the trigger
i took aim
a street photographer
a pedestrian poet
barefeet blogger
my notoriety to fame
because you
who encourage me
see my pictures
a better human being
i became
believe me
i am not the same
it took me time
some sacrifice
his holy name
burning my old self
like a zenith of hope
i rose from the flame
master of the rings
master of the game
for all our shortcomings
our failures
our defeat
only we
are to blame
it takes more
than a piece
of cloth to cover
our shame
a street photographers
world always
upside down
downside up
a new file name
the fires of the soul
only time can heal
only time can tame

to a woman who touches me without reading me

Is This a Path of Peace

TEHRAN, Iran July 17, 2010, 10:36 pm ET

Iranian police arrested 40 people following the devastating bombings of a mosque in the country's southeast as funerals were under way for the victims, local media reported on Saturday.

Gen. Ahmad Reza Radan, Iran's deputy police chief, told the semiofficial Fars news agency that those detained "intended to create insecurity in Zahedan after the bombing," but all was now calm in the city.

A Sunni insurgency called Jundallah, which has carried out several other bombings in the southeast over the past few years, claimed responsibility for the twin blasts, which killed 27

Wearing a Muslim woman's hijab
blowing up a mosque in Zahedan Iran
is not a part of Islamic teachings
or Allahs plan love and brotherhood
deviously hijacked destroying
the soul of Islam and the common man
tears on the soul of humanity
by a burka clad evil man
in search of nubile virgins
to the celestial heavens he ran
is this a path of peace
from the fire into the frying pan
bleeding scriptures
bleeding prayer beads
bleeding heads
bowed in prayers
decapitated destiny
of Allahs followers
of one Muslim by
another Muslim man
yes Muslims love
killing Muslims
as fast they can
including members
of other clan
what God created
in a short span

the rise and fall of a dying man

The Eye of the Rafaee Read This Before you Add Me as a Contact on Flickr or Facebook

The Eye of the Rafaee Read This Before you Add Me as a Contact on Flickr or Facebook

For one year due to a misunderstanding with the earlier Murshad late Sikandar Ali Baba I was excommunicated and thrown out from this group , it was a very sad decision totally unwarranted and within a few months of this decision the Murshad died after the Maqdhooom Shah urus , I met Handi Sai who became Musrshad on passing away of Sikandarr Wali Baba at Sakibs sandal , we broke ice and I was allowed once again to be part of this colorful group again.

Handi Sai died too and Barsati Bawa is the new Murshad in his place , there is another Bawa Amanat Ali Bawa who heads this group at ,,Maulah Ali Dargah at Dharavi.

I have excellent equation and cordial relation with both of them.

But what really saddens me this group once Barsati Bawa took over has disintegrated completely Hassan Ganda , Fayaz Ali, Jamat Ali have started their sub groups and bicker and carry on ill will towards each others , my efforts to see them united failed..

But as they say politics has entered in every part of life and even among the acetic big money is involved , and ever patron wants his pound of flesh, the patrons are local dons drug dealers and businessmen too.

I keep away from their internal power play shoot pictures and am fine with all of them.

I had problems with a few local guys at Mahim Dargah shooting the pictures of the Bawa but it was bought to an end mutually.

They know I mean no harm and I avoid shooting the local kids who smoke hash with the bawas unless they ask me to shoot them .

Of late security measures at the dargah and the dhuni are extreme but luckily I am allowed to shoot without any hassle as the Mahim cops know my bonafide intentions and I have covered their sandal efficiently and regularly year after year.

From Maqdhoom Shah Babas dargah once the Urus gets over the Bawas move to Mahim main road and park themselves at Chote Sarkar or Fakhruddin Shah Babas dargah.

And so their nomadic journey continues from one dargah to the next.

They also go tp Gaiban Shah Babas dargah at Andheri and their own urus at Chand Shah Wali Marol Andheri.

Than up the mountains to Haji Malang at finally I catch up with them at Char Yar Ajmer.

And last but not the least I have an imagination a treasury of words that metamorphoses my poetic pain.. but I have to struggle at both ends ..I cant write what others write I cant force to shoot to the demands of the market my pictures are waves that lash the soul of indifference of man made society.

I am my own editor I moderate my stuff and I cant think the way you think I cant think in terms of segregated society or make my thinking yours that is why my pictures are in sets at Flickr and respective albums at Facebook..

I block people the only tool I use effortlessly and efficiently because if you find fault with what I shoot remove me my from your friends list my pictures are public my profile says everything about me and as a Shia even if you are a bigot dont ask me why I shoot what I shoot my parents were human they made me human my Shiasm is my personal equation of my faith in God it has nothing to do with you or your bigotry.My Shiasm is a product of my surroundings and my parentage I dont have to carry it as a arm band the marks are their on my head my back and on my soul .I cannot be a Shia as you are if you are not human enough to respect the other people who live in your country and neighborhood too.. this does not include Wahabbis Tabliqqqis Salafis are other Muslims in name..is my personal prerogative as my thinking..goes.

Years back we had a Marathi lady working with us at Wodehoue Road and we always called her Aiee which means Mother in Marathi..so what credentials are you seeking from me if I can call my house servant Mother what else must I prove to be Human.

So I dread to add Shias without offending them once they read my pictures or view my thoughts , I remove people without notice from my contact list once I sample their words ridiculing the people I shoot or my Indianness or my Shia faith.

I am saddened that once you go to join a website they enforce you to read their terms and regulations and abide them , so it fucks me dry why people dont read my profile before adding me to their woes.

And these last lines are for all the cross dressers the trannies the gays who love to expose and opportunistically see other peoples genitalia why shove it up my as beats me.

So call me a racist I DONT add hijras tannies crossdressers transgender to my contact list at Flickr.I am sick and tred , I might make an exception if the person sends me a message and not have dirty picture on his favorites or his photo stream.

Even what disgust me is fucked guys hiding behind an image of popular actors why insult them with your love for being who you are not , and honestly you need balls to show who you are and the cross dresser is caught between a NO Ball situation..to have or not to have.

I know a dick head who added me Halla Bol I asked him why he did not have his profile and his picture on his profile page he said he liked it this way my reply to him and those like him before you add me Go Fuck yourself..even the mirror will shun you..

The manic curiosity to add me by this group that personally I have no problem I respect the alternate sex and the gay community but on my stream I call the shots.

They think by adding me they get access to private pictures the kind they have of fornication and other lewd acts , to confess my private pictures are of women in my family kept as records and they do not want to be exposed on the net.

So sometimes you post a picture and your thoughts are cttle driven towards a pain that is adding friends at Facebook or Flickr,.

People are insensitive they add you without sending you a message or saying something about themselves..and Really Why must I add you if I dont know you my family pictures are at Facebook and some privacy not meant for strangers .

I am not interested in having 5000 friends on Facebook I am an ordinary street photographer and blogger .

But I would certainly want Facebook developer dudes to increase the album size to 500 even a 1000 pictures for incorrigible photo bloggers and photographers like us who give entrainment to to everyone free of cost..I dont sell my pictures goes without saying and my Text the newspapers are too sanctimonious as yet as Fuck is my freedom of Expression sometimes and Fuck off is another creative outlet for those who love bashing photo bloggers made in India or because this particular blogger belongs to the erstwhile Shia community of Mumbai.

I will now get ready to go to work.

Fire Power- A Thought of Peace

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the chillum
of peace
their angst
held in captivity
they release
on the soul
of humanity
the freeze
they dont
promote hate
they dont
ask one man
to kill another man
they too
want terrorism
to cease
which has
a new order
of people
who use
allah ho akbar
as war cry
do what
they please
as mosques
come tumbling
get bombed
by men in hijab
such as these
suicide bombers
as the human
soul weeps
does it really
to the rest of
the muslim world
fast asleep
the womb
of a mother
in eternal pain
to see her child
in death throes
his last azan
to allah
a pledge
he did keep

to sukhi hontu and joel

Hash - The Rafaee Path to Peace

The Rafaee tradition is of smoking the chillum, and passing it around, because of this they have many hanger ons who are nothing but hardcore dope addicts, getting their smoke free..

They sit at the periphery, they get food from the Bawas too.

The inner circle has rich patron, real loaded cats who give the Bawas free dope and ample money for the upkeep of the Dhuni..

In the evening a few of the Bawas under Barsati Baw go and beg from the shop keepers.

Close by near the Dhuni a goat is tied given by some other patron , it will be sacrificed before the Bawas move out from here to the next venue which is the Dargah of Fakhruddin Shah Baba they will be here for 5 days.

In Feb they will move up the mountains to Haji Malang they have their Asthana known as Rafaee Chowk...

I will wait for Dr Glenn Losack MD and move up with him, the owners of this mountains the Ketkar brothers Abhijeet and Kumarsaab will be our host including Sakib..

All the Hijdas transgender eunuchs will be here in their pomp , grandeur and glory.
Shooting the Rafaee is a high , shooting the hijda is a greater high..

And the greatest of greatest high is Ajmer Sharif..the Land of The Khwaja Gharib Nawaz.. the Domain of Spiritual Peace.

All the malangs, all the rafaees , all the bawas all the sadhus all the hijdas eunuchs and transgender come here to pay obeisance to the greatest Saint of India.Khwajah Moinuddin Chisthy al Sabri..

Hassan Ganda or Don Jaun Baba

The first time we met many years back at the same location, he was pretty upset because I took his picture,he gave me a verbal volley of abuses, later Handi Sai the head of the Chancawalli Rafaees and also his head told him to apologize to me, and in that instant we became mutual friends till date..

He is an expert swordsman uses two swords to pierce his eyeballs he is very stylish too..women cant take their eyes of him, many have approached him directly with an offer of having his child , they will pay any amount to bed him..

He is a great storyteller too..does not mix with the other rafaees stays to himself..

He hails from a Holy Shrine in the jungles close to Ajmer Sharif,..he is a sight to see leaping in the air in his long robes cutting his tongue with the sword..

I could have cropped this pictures to make it more appealing , but Hassan Ganda is a foot note you cant miss even if you read the entire epistle.

Handi Sai May His Soul RIP

Handi Sai loved me and nobody at the Dhuni could fuck around with me he called the shots..loved being photographed by me ..

I met him before he died at Haji Malang he was in very bad shape and died at Kota Rajasthan.

I was like a in house photographer with this mendicant group , I begged with them barefeet and learnt lessons in humility , we mostly begged from hotels or went door to door shop to shop , the money I as given as alms I returned to Handi sai.

I got good money as the crowds were attracted to me , my colorful attire and knows as the Beggar Bawa or Camerawale Bawa.

Of course this was by people who came from far flung areas and did not know me at Mahim I am well known by everyone ad sundry.

I dont smoke hash or chillum , my high is shooting pictures and showing you a world that you wont see in travel brochures or in photo streams of other photographers.

And mind you it has taken me over 7 years to become part of them but also with due respect to my Shia identity.

And I once again thank Fajhad Khalil Pathan from Mahim Dargah , who introduced me to them.

Later it was Sakib and Firoze Rafaee and I have tried not to miss Sakibs sandal at all.

The Chancawalli Rafees introduced me to hard core body piercing Haji Malang Nizamuddin Aulia and Ajmer. Sharif.

I have lived with them and captured their life style their angst and ethos .

Without showing off most of the Rafaees from India know me and I have shot most of them at Ajmer or Haji Malang thi inspite of being manacled to Mumbai..

I am a self made entrepreneur and hobbyist photographer addictive barefeet blogger of Mumbai.. connected to the papier mache soul of Bolywood.

Updated 19 July 2010