Monday, January 4, 2010

The Shia Blogger From Mumbai

I am posting the last lot of pictures shot at Imamwada and at Moghul Masjid on the eve of 7 Moharam.

This will complete my entire backlog of pictures I shot before leaving for Ashura in Hyderabad.

After I returned from Hyderabad I shot portion of the Bandra Mehfil Juloos 2Jan 2010 and last night a private house majlis of Qamar Mirza I was taken to this majlis by my good friend Abbas Kazmi......this majlis was recited by the scholar Maulana Hassan Karari..but the noha recital and the Matam e Hussain was simply outstanding .

Thee Niyaz of Dal Ghost rice chapatti was too delicious and memorable.

I have done a lot of street photography ever since I came back.

This picture was shot by Munna Bhai photographer at Imamwada .

Eve of 7 Moharam Imam Wada Road

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This was the night I came to shoot the Kaisar Bagh majlis matam and juloos.
I had to pass this road , and the ladies are seated here to listen to the majlis of Maulana Mirza Athar Saab that is telecast live from Moghul Masjid.

These are pictures I could not post as I was leaving the next morning to shoot the Ashura in Hyderabad.

Last night I shot a house majlis at Khar I was taken there by my good friend Abbas Kazmi.

This morning at 7 am my son Asif arrived from Karbala Iraq , he had gone there for Ziyarat, and It was Marziyas day, bonding with her father after almost 3 weeks..

The Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation

Happy New Year 2010
living under an umbrella
at bandra reclamation
waiting to be captured
by my American friend Glenn
a click of a mouse
more powerful than a pen
she sends her regards
to anthony posey aljie
bernie big benn
beneath the umbrella
lies paradise of her den
a virtual pigpen
when she dies
in her squatted sleep
they will bury her here
the rise the fall
of an ill fated