Friday, October 9, 2009

13 October 2009

In Retrospection of An Era

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When I was a little child staying at Wodehouse Road during the early 60s , I remember we waited outside our houses on the footpath as late Pandit Jawarhlal Nehru's cavalcade was going to pass towards the military area of Afghan Church.. he waved out to all of us.. and that was the first and last time I saw him...

And than last evening I took this picture next to the Little Young Master who single handedly will change the nations destiny and his own..

If Mr Shatrughan Sinha speaks highly of him , it is deserving praise , of a persons capacity to serve the nation cutting beyond party speaks highly of both, one a stalwart in films and politics and RG ...the scion of the Nehru family..touching human hearts at grass root level...a true son of the soil of India.

This was shot near the Congress I office near Lucky Hotel Bandra,.

Bachpan Ke Din Bhi Kya Din Thay

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when we were young
our dreams far flung
on the branches
of hope our destiny hung
like tarzan
from one branch
of happiness
to another branch
we swung
songs we sung
as we became older
we fell face down
on life's cow dung
of memories
tied to our tongue
old moments
frozen unsung

to monsoon lover

Punished By A School Bag

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huge rocks
of books it holds
the school bag
bending the
child's back
a child
a crucifix
of education
a story
I have
always told
a school
they beat
the child
they love
to mold
it was
done to their fathers
their fathers father
teach and scold
a bagless education
under the banyan tree
at the lotus feet of the guru
when the child enrolled
embedded wisdom
old is god

to vinod mirani my dear friend..

13 October Is Your Tryst With Destiny-Please Vote

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The Rally ended near Rang Sharda, Salman Khan had left and Baba Siddiki moved onwards , he was tired but tried not to show it, and this was a huge rally that had traversed most of the by lanes and boroughs of Bandra .

Baba Siddiki has great support of the masses and all the people I spoke to , were convinced that Baba Siddiki would win hands down..They have great expectations and hope their lives will change with changing times.

Areas like Lal Mitti, Bazar Road ,Patel compound and most of the Muslim pockets are going through trying times , and their support for Baba Siddiki is imminent.. he is their Savior..and so continues my documentary in local politics and the life of the people ,...who wins we dont know .. and this blog is not a exit poll but giving every candidates destiny a chance.. only time will tell and the best man will surely win.. the public is calling the shots .. whatever happens make sure that you are outside the polling booth on 13 October ..your vote matters .

Dont run away from your responsibility again this time.. dont skip your responsibility and your fundamental right to vote..dont make excuses and than curse who comes to power in the State.

Salman Khan Spots Me In The Crowds

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I had done a few costumes of Salman Khan in Chal Mere Bhai , and the moment my flash hit his face he spotted and ws quite surprised seeing me in the crowds..I dont think he knows I am Bollywoods Most Wanted Blogger No1.

Salman Khan at Baba Siddikis Rally Bazar Road

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Huge crowds waited anxiously to see Bandras heart throb most Wanted Salman Khan who was accompanying Baba Siddiki for his election Congress I Rally.
The venue was Bandra Bazar Road , Salman Bhai was quite surprised to see me clicking his pictures , I followed this entourage till Lal Mitti from where it turned towards Nargis Dutt Nagar , than came back to Bandra Reclamation , Salman got of the truck , while a tired Baba Siddiki continued his onward journey..

Will Her Vote Change Her Life?

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will her vote change her life
will her life change her vote
her endless struggle
her pain her despair
on her forehead
that god wrote
a muslim woman
in a male
dominated society
her hopes they smote
the politician the mullah
her circumstances
who rocked her boat
cornered from all sides
society's most
famous scapegoat
hidden in a veil
she has nothing
more too emote
her detractors
from the wings
watch and gloat
as she lets out
a screamless cry
from her throat
her angst
her anxiety
her words
that they