Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Kama Matam Athvi Lucknow Kazmain 2015

On 7 Rabilawal I bought this white chiken kurta from is symbolic as a kafan or winding sheet that we wear before we do kama matam..self infliction as a protest against the oppressors and persecutors of our Faith ,, this is the longest protest in our own blood ,, and it will never stop from one generation to the next.

And I first began this protest here in Lucknow during Athvi 7 Rabilwal and I was once again back at Kazmain and my granddaughters Marziya and Nerjis watched me as I did my Tandav on the soul of Shimr ..

And I had not cut myself this Chehlum.. and please use your discretion seeing these images I bled a lot and I have never in my life done the kama matam for such a long time ,, simply because no one dared to snatch the daggers from my hands I had made sure thanks to Baney Bhai the head of the kama matam anjuman in Lucknow .

I used both my daggers from Pushkar blessed at the Brahma Mandir by my Hindu friend Raj Telik who supplies me my daggers ..all he says when you bleed I will bleed too.

And fuck I dont understand the Hindu Muslim divide ,.. the Dadri page of insult to the soul of Humanity as Indians.

I would not be what I am without my Hindu friends their love support and respect ,,