Friday, June 3, 2011

I Wont Be Cross Blogging From Flickr To Blogspot Anymore

St Michael Church Mahim Novena Wednesday

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This was short yesterday from my cab I had to go to Mahim for urgent work on my way back i could not get a cab and walked in the hot sun from Mahim to Bandra ..I could not find Appu my friend beggar without hands or legs so I came via the Marriammen Temple Macchimar Colony Mahim..shooting street pictures ..

And my link button that cross blogs my post from Flickr to Blogspot is not working I will stop posting my stuff at Bloggers .. Google Sucks anyway...

Mona Darling

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This is my only set Simran Dancers Birthday Party on Flickr that needs to be urgently updated but I do it in bits and parts .

This was the first time in my life I shot the hijras transgender and the ladyboys of Mumbai the underbelly of the third sex so closely.

And I did not stay too long but I shot without scrounging , I shot the dark soul of the Androgyne.

And my fascination for the third sex has nothing to do with their sexual orientation , it is not for titillation , my document is the poetry of their life I shot as a poet in blank verse.

I dont think I shot Mona when she was changing almost semi nude transforming from man to women ..she tried to provoke me with the naughtiness of her androgynous mind and deviousness but I was not interested.

I shoot hijra oomph , tits and all to show you their quest to attain womanhood ..even motherhood a hijra breast feeding a child that I shot at Haji was poetry and not porn or semi porn...

At Flickr I am blocking people who innocently add me as friend or contact because they read me wrong in spite of my profile picture my profile status my likes my dislikes.

I am not a poster boy I am not interested in the collection of your genitalia pictures your kinkiness your fetish.. I am not interested in how big how small keep your masturbatory stuff for your kind I am not interested...and yet they keep adding adding me.. luckily my comments are off .. only for my very selective friends.

And I have updated this post now , I shoot people like I shoot the streets I am a street photographer and the hijra is a one way street of pain a cul de sac of chaos and utter confusion on the soul of humanity.

Perhaps in all humility I might be having the largest collection of hijra pictures but I never got them easily I took risks I took my chances and I shot the hijra angst...everyone likes my hijra pictures it keeps them entertained my hijra poems and hijra stories but I took real pains to capture them hijras are like flamingos in mudflats and I shot them in mid flight broken rhyme broken wings.

People steal my pictures use it as their profile pictures to con the gullible who loves hijras hijra sex and hijra flings , here at Flickr and at Facebook too, it hurts me and with my picture as their profile avatar they send me friend request that fucks me dry with my clothes on..

I am not a chutiya for gods sake I have seen more life than most of you.. I mean it..

I dont sell my pictures my text my poems or my blogs I am free for all a whore on the internet myself I give it to you without holding anything back..

And I hope this time someone out there buys me a pro Flickr membership when my membership ends In I am fucked and flat broke..a whore is a whore is a whore even in the guise of a photo blog...

Thanks for stopping by...reading the poetry of my soul too... Flickr wont give me a Pro free account that is for sure..not even a good camera courtesy Yahoo ... and Google Search uses my pictures too without even having bought me a cheap second hand lens..

This is known as one side fuck on the internet.. the bloggers ass is always there pants down ...