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I Wont Be Cross Blogging From Flickr To Blogspot Anymore


St Michael Church Mahim Novena Wednesday

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This was short yesterday from my cab I had to go to Mahim for urgent work on my way back i could not get a cab and walked in the hot sun from Mahim to Bandra ..I could not find Appu my friend beggar without hands or legs so I came via the Marriammen Temple Macchimar Colony Mahim..shooting street pictures ..

And my link button that cross blogs my post from Flickr to Blogspot is not working I will stop posting my stuff at Bloggers .. Google Sucks anyway...

Mona Darling

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This is my only set Simran Dancers Birthday Party on Flickr that needs to be urgently updated but I do it in bits and parts .

This was the first time in my life I shot the hijras transgender and the ladyboys of Mumbai the underbelly of the third sex so closely.

And I did not stay too long but I shot without scrounging , I shot the dark soul of the Androgyne.

And my fascination for the third sex has nothing to do with their sexual orientation , it is not for titillation , my document is the poetry of their life I shot as a poet in blank verse.

I dont think I shot Mona when she was changing almost semi nude transforming from man to women ..she tried to provoke me with the naughtiness of her androgynous mind and deviousness but I was not interested.

I shoot hijra oomph , tits and all to show you their quest to attain womanhood ..even motherhood a hijra breast feeding a child that I shot at Haji was poetry and not porn or semi porn...

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