Sunday, November 11, 2007

Samjautha Expressed

Samjautha Expressed
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Times of India Feb 20 2007
Headlines Attack on Samjhautha
Midnight blasts in Train to Pakistan.
Kill 67 Lashkar hand suspected

Tragedy of Panipat no less
Peace and a peace process
God is willing but man won’t bless
Bomb blast on the Delhi Lahore Samjhauta Express
Terrorism tearing humanity once again in an Islamic dress
India and Pakistan a game of political chess
How can you have peace when hearts of both nations in a mess
Feelings emotions guilt under duress
“India-Pak peace talks will remain on track “says the Indian press
Whose hand it is you don’t need to guess.
Will we after the Partition ever as humans’ progress
Cross border terrorism a cancerous abscess
Soft pedal pushing won’t bring no success
Each time our sovereignty by hoodlums transgressed
A thought mileage seeking politicians suppress.

Picture of the serial train bomb blast I shot in Mumbai 7/11 at Mahim station