Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cages of Mumbai Wingless Birds

Cages of Mumbai Wingless Birds
Originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1

At Peela House
Red Light area Mumbai
Cages of Ignominy
Hovering broken
Wingless fate
A girhak (customer)
An endless wait
A nice young
School going kid
Or some Baniya Seth (rich man)
Destinys date
Or a drug peddler
With womanly hate
Will scribble blood
Seeping graffiti
On her already fucked slate
Her innards rotting
Her crumbling gates
Roulette wheel
Some more mates
Penile crookedness
Testicular traits
Her white clothed pimp
Clients baits
Dreams in broken crates
Food for thought
Twisted spoons
Battered steel plates
Society insatiates
more misery old age traits
fatherless kids
motherhood berates
tuberculosis , coughing blood
business as usual the client waits
a new killer condomless aids
the police hafta some more raids
they call it the flesh trade
eating house third grade
where man womanhood degrade
the flesh was willing
the spirit forbade
what you cant get home
buy and try ready made
the cages of Mumbai
an oasis of forbidden fruit
in Godless shades
yes like burning fires
of hedonistic Hades